Does the Face Disc Really Work?

Does the Face Disc Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does the Face Disc really work?The Face Disc by Lauren Hutton is basically a tray with different colored products on it that are supposed to be used in tandem to create the look you want. It’s developed somewhat of a following of fans that swear by it, but can it really make that much of a difference to your daily makeup routine.

The Face Disc looks simple enough, because it’s basically your average compact, with a few tweaks added to it that set it apart. Every woman knows that having a trusted copact makes life a lot easier when it comes to putting makeup on. There are several flaws and drawbacks to using conventional makeup kits. For example, it can be hard to know which brush to use with which type of makeup, and also how to coordinate the different areas of your face so that it turns out looking good.

The Claim
There are several claims made by Lauren Hutton about her make-up kit. She says that it’s designed differently than other kits, and it includes everything that you’ll need in order to get the look you want for you face. She says that if you’re the type of person that doesn’t want to look like they’re made up, or that they have a lot of foundation or concealer on, or even if you don’t want to use a lot of blush, this is for you.

She also claims that if you’re the kind of person that puts their makeup on in a hurry this is a solution that can provide fast results in one compact. The reason you can use this quickly and get good results, according to her, is that each component of the kit is color matched to her separately sold brush set. This way you always know which product is applied with which brush and it takes the guesswork out of putting your makeup on. It’s so fast, she says that it only takes a few minutes to apply.

With her “Rainbow Application System” as well as the guidance she gives from her years of experience with makeup, she claims that it’s a foolproof system to looking good.

The Hype
The Face Disc basically follows your normal advertising protocol, without generating too much self hype. It’s getting a lot of word-of-mouth credibility from users who try it and like it, but there are also those that don’t like it so it’s basically getting your average amount of exposure. They don’t make a lot of outlandish claims as to what this product will do, and never go as far as saying you’ll get guaranteed results, or that this will change your life forever.

The Cost
You can get the Face Disc Plus, the latest edition for just $60 from the main website, and there’s usually some sort of free shipping special going on. In a world of cosmetics this is not a bad price considering all that you’re getting, but we would like to see them package it together with the brushes so you don’t have to make a separate purchase. If you include the brushes in your order you’re looking at $89 total.

The Commitment
If you’re already a woman who uses makeup regularly then you won’t have to change your routine or commit too much to using the Face Disc makeup kit. It should dovetail nicely into your current habits and might even free up some extra time so that you don’t feel so rushed in the morning.

After testing out the quality of the makeup used in The Face Disc makeup kit we can tell you that this is high quality stuff. You may or may not like the way it’s designed or packaged, or maybe just personally don’t like Lauren Hutton, but she has a quality kit which many women will find does the job for them in short order.

Some of the best features are the color matching between the brushes and the different makeups. This does make it easy, and you really feel like a professional makeup artist on your own face. Rather than wondering which brush would be the best tool for different parts of your face, this makes it really easy.

We also like her training videos that show you step-by-step how to use the kit, and how to give yourself a professional looking makeup job without looking like you have too much makeup on, or sometimes any makeup on at all.

An actual user weighs in on the Face Disc:

Final Face Disc Review

Face Disc is great for those who want an easy solution to common problems associated with your average makeup compact. It takes the guesswork out of which colors go together, and also about which brush to use for the different types of makeup, so you can look good in less time and with less hassle.

If you’re something of a whiz when it comes to makeup, this kit might be a little too basic for you. By taking out the guesswork it also takes out some of the creativity that you have when you get to choose your different colors, and different combinations of products.

Our Recommendation
That being said, almost every woman could benefit from having a Face Disc in their makeup arsenal. If you’re a newbie or seasoned pro you will find some sort of benefit from having this on hand, and it could turn out to be your new favorite makeup kit.

What do you think? Does the Face Disc work or not?


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