Does the SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner Really Work?

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Does the SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner work?Steam is a very powerful cleanser, and the SteamMax Steam Cleaner SF-275 by SteamMax might be one you should take a look at. The thing with steam cleaners is that they either work really well, or totally flop, so you have to be particular about which one you get, and make sure that it will deliver on its promises once you get it home.

Although it might sound easy enough to make a machine that produces steam, the art is in getting the steam pressurized enough to be effective. The other factor you want to consider is how well built the machine is, and if it will stand the test of time. Many people complain about steam cleaners breaking down after only a few uses. This is because they have to get so hot in order to heat the water, that they can’t handle the pressure of being heated and cooled so often. People have said that the SteamMax SF-275 holds up well over repeated use.

The Claim
The claim made by SteamFast about their SteamMax Steam Cleaner SF-275 is that it uses ordinary water in order to get rid of things like grease, dirt, grime, and even allergens. By using pressurized steam you are basically sterilizing the area. You’re also able to loosen up hardened stains due to the combination of moisture, heat, and pressure. If you have things in your home that you’ve long wanted to clean up, but no matter how hard you wipe they don’t budge, this could do finally do the trick.

The Hype
The hype comes from just how easy they make it seem to clean up things that usually take a lot of effort, a lot of elbow grease, and still end up looking just as dirty as when you started. By saying you don’t have to fight so hard to keep your house clean, many people will be wanting to try this one out.

The Cost
The cost of a SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner is $100 on Amazon right now shipped to your door.

The Commitment
The time you spend cleaning up your home will probably be about the same, because although this will make it easier to clean up built up gunk and worn in grime, you’ll end up finding more dirty things in your home than you thought you had. Armed with the solution, you’ll find that you now go around your home seeking out the dirtiest places so you can steam clean them into cleanliness.

The SteamMax Steam Cleaner gets resoundingly positive feedback from those that have used it, and they regale us with stories about how easy it was to get things clean that they couldn’t quite get clean before. Of course with any cleaning product of this nature there will be those that aren’t impressed with what it does. After delving into some of the negative feedback, we can chalk most of it up to excessively high expectations. Obviously this can’t work miracles, but people think that it can do things that it just can’t, and any other steam cleaner can’t either. Some stains are just there for good.

Reliability and longevity is really what you’re after here, as well as value for your dollar. At the $100 price point you’re looking at something that should last you 2-3 years at a minimum, and so that breaks down to around $30 a year to keep your house spic and span. Of course, you’ll still need to combine other cleaning products into the mix, but with this as your foundation, your house should be cleaner and more sterilized than it ever has been before.

The Power of Steam
What makes steam so special? It’s something that is used to sterilize things in hospitals. It’s the combination of very high heat, the moisture from the mist, and the pressure caused by the machine that work together to create the cleaning effect. If you take away any of those three features, it wouldn’t have such a synergistic effect. For example, just shooting high pressure water on the stain wouldn’t do much. Simply steaming a stain would only result in a wet and hot stain. Another good aspect of the SteamMax are its attachments, which let you scrub off really stubborn spots, adding yet another dynamic to the cleaning action.

Final SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner Review

The SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner can’t be ignored. In the world of steam cleaners, it’s clocking in at the right price, and is winning over fans left and right. It’s not every day you find a moderately priced steam cleaner that is a crowd pleaser. You definitely owe it to yourself to give it a try and see if it gets the job done for you as well. Just remember that it’s a steam cleaner, not a miracle worker, and you’ll be just fine.

Our Recommendation
If you don’t already have a reliable steam cleaning unit in your home, you’ve got to get one. It’s a great tool to have in your kit of things to clean your home with. If you’ve got young ones in the home it’s even more important, and if you have a big family, this is the answer. The SteamMax model is a pretty good route to go with, and should make your short list of steam cleaners to buy.

PS: If you’ve got grout stains that just won’t budge, you might need to get something like Grout Bully to handle them.

What do you think? Does the SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner work or not?

112 Customer Reviews on “Does the SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner Really Work?

  1. Do not buy, do not waste your money. Real POS garbage. Only after about 3 uses, steam started to come out from the push button on the handle. If I was not careful, I could have badly burned myself. Steamfast refuses to do anything except sell me another one for 1/2 price. Who in their right mind would buy another one knowing the first one has a major problem with it that could cause injury?? You would think they would be concerned about the issue and look into it and create a fix that would not cause potential injury – nope! You have been warned!

  2. I was looking for a steam cleaner to clean my car and the bathroom, but I had no idea that you could clean couches as well. I have an old fabric sofa that has lots of disgusting stuffs on it built up over the years when my children were still young. I was going to throw it out but since I’m getting one these anyways, I’ll try to see if I could clean it up with steam.

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