Does Family Self Defence Really Work?

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Does Family Self Defence Work?There are occassions in life where we simply have to take matters into our own hands, and for some this occurs when a need arises to protect themselves and their families with some form of self defence. Not everyone knows how to do this so could a program like the “Family Self Defence”, written by Frank Bell be helpful?

This program package, that is available for purchase on line is being promoted as being the solution to help you defend yourself against an attacker. It is based on simple but what is considered to be effective movements of defence, that are designed to give you the insight of where your attacker or even attackers are most vulnerable.

The Claim
The promoters of the product claim that if you utilize the information provided to you in this program that you are going to be able to successfully ward off the efforts of a would be attacker in a matter of minutes. They are indicating that what is being taught can be used by any size individual, and it’s success doesn’t rely on brute strength.

The Hype
You will note that the Family Self Defence book, uses the word “family” in its title and that creates the first attraction to it right there. Most of us are very protective of our families, and if there is something out there that could potentially increase their safety then we are all for it.The promotional material focuses on all the arguments that the average person would raise when it comes to learning self-protection. Arguments like, I am too old, it takes too long, I am too fragile, it’s too expensive, I don’t have time. Once you are convinced that all of these arguments have been adequately addressed then chances are you just might want to give this program a try.

The Cost
It would seem that the marketers were going to offer this product for $67. which is in a download form, but for a short time they are offering it at $37. Along with your order you are also going to receive three bonus books, (1)Mental Toughness, (2)Fitness-Simple Exercises and Stretches, (3)Things Hit the Fan Scenario.

The Commitment
The real commitment here if you are going to purchase this product is to give yourself a reality check by not getting caught up in the hype that centers around this product. Let’s face it, in order to sell anything on the web a promoter is almost always compelled to use the standard selling format, which is what you see when you review the marketing info.that is getting this product out there. In order for any self defence tactics to have any effect at all, they have to be learned and practiced. No doubt there will be some good advice in this program that you can utilize effectively, depending on your personal situation should you run into a problem that calls for self defence. There could also be tactics that will be unlikely to work for you. In a case where you or your family is under personal attack anything that can help is well worth having. So your commitment will be to review your newly purchased self defence product with an open mind, and common sense.

Conducting some research into the author himself, Frank Bell, didn’t turn up anything except a lot of very similar type reviews of the Family Self Defence program itself, with no new information outside of what the marketing material possesses. If we are to take the promo material as being truthful, all indications are that Frank’s interest was fueled as a result of a personal attack on him and his family. He also promotes himself as being a self defence trainer who works behind the scenes related to protection for celebrities. We are basing our support of his credibility based on these two factors.

Final Family Self Defence Review

We are going to give this product a solid Try/Buy. The reasons being because not everyone has the stamina, strength, or interest in taking full and often complex self defence courses. Yet, everyone should be able to protect themselves and their families if the need arises. We like the idea that Frank seems to have simplified the process of self protection which makes sense. In the heat of any dangerous personal harm moment it is unlikely that the new graduates of any martial arts program would be able to remember everything they were taught. Now, the reason we are not giving it a solid Thumbs Up, is because in the promo material it almost reads as if there is also a membership involved along with the purchase of the Family Self Defence progam. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, our focus here in our review is centering on the Program being covered in the promo material where there has been no indication of a membership. Our final conclusion is that if the program delivers all that it says it will, then it should be helpful to any user of it to some degree, depending on the situation they may find themselves in.

Our Recommendation
When it comes to personal safety there is nothing that you can rely on that you can say is 100% protection. It depends on the circumstances you are in, and what you are up against. Having said that it certainly is to your advantage to arm yourself with as much knowledge and expertise as possible to help you in a possible personal threat. The price of the Family Self Defence program is reasonable, and even if only a few of the tactics being taught in it are beneficial to you, then it is well worth your small investment of money and time. If you really think it’s time to broaden your defences then you may want to see what we had to say about martial arts in general.

Official Website: Family Self Defense

What do you think? Does Family Self Defence work or not?

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