Is Flawless Brows Going To Enhance Your Appearance?

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Flawless BrowsWomen pay a lot of money when it comes to maintaining their attractiveness. They do this through both products and services. One of many concerns is the upkeep of beautiful brows. Again, there are a lot of resources available to help with this, but one of the newest ones and perhaps one of the most effective ones is Flawless Brows.


What Is Flawless Brows?

Flawless Brows


Flawless Brows is a small handheld device that has been developed specifically for the removal of eyebrow hair and the shaping of them. Flawless Brows is made by Finishing Touch and is designed for facial hair removal and specifically for the brows. It is important to read the marketing material carefully as they use certain buzz words that really determine what this product is capable of


Marketing Discrepancies

brow waxing


In their marketing materials, they state that the Flawless Brows is for maintenance purposes. They also go on to say that it is perfect for using in-between hair removal like waxing, shaping, or threading, which are the traditional methods for removing unwanted brow hair along with tweezing for those who like the old fashioned way.

Some may find that Flawless Brow landing page is a little different compared to the information provided on the Amazon offerings for this product.

The Landing Page for Flawless Brows says:

No more tweezing • No more waxing • No more pain

But on the Amazon promotion, it says

“Flawless Brows is the perfect, clean up tool. There is no better or painless way to upkeep the time between shaping, waxing, or threading your eyebrows.”

The bottom line is that Flawless Brows is used for maintenance and NOT for the shaping of brows. It is used when the brow hairs are becoming noticeable but are too short to respond to the conventional shaping methods. Understanding this may help to eliminate some of the disappointments that some users have expressed.

Easy To Use

The claim being made for Flawless Brows is that it is used just like an eraser. It is claimed that this hair removal for the brows is painless and super easy to do. It contains no heat, so it is safe to the touch. For those who have sensitive skin the 18K gold plated head helps to make hypoallergenic.

How Do Flawless Brows Work?

brow care                                                      YouTube

This device does not pull the hairs out but cuts them instead. The device has one spinning razor head that is built into the device. There are other types of brow products that you may want to look at as an alternative.

There is an outer mesh screen that gently lifts the hair then the spinning wire built within the razor head cuts the hair.  The Flawless Brows device is powered with an AA battery, which does come with the device but will need replacing when it has lost its life as it is not a rechargeable battery.

The Flawless Brows Device

Flawless Brows


The device itself is quite attractive. The exterior looks much like a lipstick tube, with a white casing, and when the lid is removed, it exposes a gold plated tip. According to its makers, this is not just for looks either. The head is plated with 18 Karat gold, which is supposed to be hypoallergenic.

Cleaning And Maintenance of the Device

Like any type of razor based product, they do tend to harbour bacteria. But, the good news is that gold has antibacterial properties, so this will help to ward off the bacteria. It still won’t stop clumps of hair accumulating. The Company indicates that the head can be removed to clean those hard to get at areas. Also, over time, the head will need replacing when it comes dull, and replacement heads can be purchased.

Precision Work

Brow Care


It can be hard to find good lighting that allows for eyebrow maintenance. However, the Flawless Brows has a built-in LED light.

The Cost of the Flawless Brows

At one time the promo material stated that the product was not available in stores however this has since changed.

If you are buying through the promo page you can expect to pay $19.99 and additional shipping and handling charge of $5.99. However, if you are buying more than one with your order then the shipping and handling is free.

If you are going to buy from a store, there are options such as Shoppers Drug Mart that are selling it for $29.99. or there may be offers on Etsy or eBay. You may get a better deal at Amazon depending on where it is going to be shipped to, but without shipping costs, you may be able to get it for $19.88 directly from Finishing Touch.

What do Flawless Brows Users Have To Say?

Flawless Brows Product Rating

This is a product that has been on the market for awhile and, as such, has received some substantial reviews which are mixed. Amazon is a favorite shopping platform for many and also one where customers tend to leave reviews. For the Flawless brows the stats are as follows:

  • There are 703 customer ratings as of Oct 2019.
  • It has received five stars from 46% of raters
  • 8% have given it a four star and the same for three stars
  • 10% have opted to give it a 2 star rating
  • Then 28% have seen fit to give it a 1 star rating
  • Averaged out the ratings are giving the Flawless Brows a 3.3 out of 5 star rating.

When Looking at ratings by Features, it has been rated for ease of use, a good gift item, and value for the money. All of the rating are just over 3.

Some Favourable Findings

  • Some users are using the Flawless brows on other facial hair areas like the lip area and the sides of the face and are very pleased with the results.
  • Others say that it is much easier than using tweezers and completely painless which is a big plus
  • Some of the older users say that its all they need to keep their brows looking good.
  • Most of the users who have found the product favorable are stating that it is easy to use, although some say there is a bit of a learning curve.

Some Negative Findings

  • There are some complaints about the quality of the product itself. Stating that it fell apart on them.
  • Some clients are not happy with the results stating they have to go over the area several times before they get the results that they want.
  • Others say that it is like shaving your eyebrows
  • So there you have the yea and the nays. Keep in mind that brow hair can be a different texture on different people, so results may vary.

What it comes down to is whether you want to risk buying the Flawless Brows or not. It is a reasonable price, and depending on where you buy it, you may be able to capitalize on the money-back guarantee.

Be sure to share your findings with us if you are a user of the Flawless Brows, or inform us if you have found something better.

21 Customer Reviews on “Is Flawless Brows Going To Enhance Your Appearance?

  1. Don’t waste your money on this hoax. It’s a piece of crap. If you see positive ratings for this hunk of junk, they’re fake.

  2. Bought mine at Walmart and it doesnt do anything. Dont waste your money. I bought the brow, the face, & the leg. The only one worth buying is the flawless leg.

  3. I also found this to be completely useless. Does not remove the hairs under my brows. Have not requested refund because I received it as a gift.

  4. Does not work, it lights up but nothing happens. I removed the cap exposing the blades, but does not spin. I cleaned it with included brush & put in fresh battery, but blades do not spin. I ordered it from Amazon. Buyer beware, if you get one that works, wonderful for you, but the one that I got is useless.

  5. Very poor doesnt work and they didnt even send a battery but it says battery included but that’s not important the fact remains that it doesnt remove hair as it should.i still used my tweezers because it’s not removing everything and it takes way to long for any hair to be removed.not happy at all with this product.i dont recommend it to anyone.

  6. Ok, so the face one works great, the leg one works OK, but the eyebrow one does nothing. Is there a part that goes in the tip. Is it possible the blades fell out when I attempted to clean nothing. I puled the tip offf and I cannot see anything that resembles a “razor” type thing like the face one.

  7. I can’t review the product because like a dummy, I ordered it online from the Flawless Brows /Final Touch website. I ordered it on December 23, 2018. Not expecting to see the product (for my wife) until her birthday (1/14/2019), I didn’t think much about it until they shipped it (DHL of all services), on January 2, from Reno, NV. Flawless never told me that the product was on back order. I would have just gone to Walmart and picked it up after waiting that long. Bad online inventory system. The package was routed to Union City, CA from Reno, NV. I live in TN of course. That makes perfectly good sense. Right now, this thing better do everything it says it will do!

  8. I, too, was highly disappointed. No it doesn’t work the way the commercial describes its capabilities. It doesn’t clean the designated area, like its described to do. Even after going over the brow several times, you still don’t get that smooth clean arched look that they promote on the commercial. I actually want my money back. The end result comes off as another scam.

  9. I love it. Easy to use. Removes hair painlessly in minutes. Take it out of the box and it’s ready to use in less than 1 minute. It looks like an ink pen so I can decretly keep it in my purse during overnight trips. Satisfied Customer.

  10. I love it. It does exactly what’s it advertised to do. It’s quick, easy and effective. I hate taking the time to pluck and this little gem makes it so easy to get rid of those little hairs that are almost transparent.

  11. For me this product was useless. I was hoping to remove fine hairs that grow below my brow and it did nothing for it. I stretched the skin tight as the instruction directed to no avail. I am going to seek a refund.

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