Does Freshn Crisp Really Work?

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Does Freshn Crisp Work? You may be thinking here comes another food saver gadget but if you are not a gadget type person you may not realize how some of these mini type products can save you loads of money. Let’s face it, fruit and veggies are not cheap yet we often end up throwing out a portion of them every week vowing that next week it will be different. Maybe a small item like the Freshn Crisp may help, but before deciding that let’s compare it with some alternatives.

The Freshn Crisp is a small gadget that is supposed to absorb the ethylene gas which is a leading cause of our fruits and veggies spoiling quicker than we anticipated. You can use this small compact item in the drawers of your fridge or even in the bags or containers that you are going to store the fruit and veggies in.The ethylene gas is emitted from this type of produce as it ages. This gadget uses ingredients within it to attract and absorb this gas so it can’t affect the foods.

The Claim
The company claims that the Freshn Crisp can extend the freshness of the fruit and veggies and in their promo video shows comparisons of fruits and veggies looking yummy and fresh up to 18 days after being kept with the product. They also say that their bonus product which helps to keep your fridge free from odors is far more effective than baking soda.

The Hype
Nobody likes to throw fruit and veggies away because they just are not cheap. Besides many of these items are seasonal and ideally you want to enjoy them when they are in season. So you may tend to buy more than you can really use right away and that’s why they end up getting tossed because they have spoiled before you can use them. The hype for this product really is promoting the perfect solution for this.

The Cost
You are going to get two Freshn Crisp units and the bonus freshn fridge for an investment of about $17.

The Commitment
You are going to have to remember to use it then make sure that you order replacements at the end of the 6 months which is the length of time that two of these units will last you.

If this were a brand new innovative product with a new idea then it would add to its excitement. However there are other products that help to preserve foods as well and they have already built up their credibility. For an example take a look at what we had to say about the Debbie Meyer Green Bags which also help to preserve these precious foods.

Final Freshn Crisp Review

We’re going to give this product a risky Try/Buy not because we don’t believe it works, but simply because you can purchase similar items like the Bluapple that also function on the ethylene gas concept. Except they are cheaper priced, and you may not have to pay for shipping plus its an easy resource for getting the refills as needed.

Our Recommendation
It is really important to not get over zealous about gadgets as although they are often inexpensive the price can add up if you buy a lot of them. This is okay if you are really going to put them all to the uses intended for and they work well. All too often though they end up being fad items that receive a lot of attention the first few times then get tossed in a drawer and forgotten about. When a gadget has the potential to save you some money in some way then really is worth taking a look at and perhaps buying.

What do you think? Does Freshn Crisp work or not?

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