Does the GoJo Hands Free Headset Really Work?

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Does GoJo Hands Free work?The quest for a good hands free unit is surprisingly a hard one, but the GoJo Hands Free system is trying to change that. No one seems to have gotten the proper mix of convenience, clarity, and true hands free ability all in one unit. Using a Bluetooth device is a popular choice, but it can be awkward and can come off your ear when you don’t want it to. A speakerphone is also a potential fix, but many times the other person can’t hear you very well, and it’s not good for privacy.

Most hands free devices require attaching a headset into your phone, and using that instead of holding your phone up to your ear. The GoJo system says nuts to that and just straps your phone right to your ear. This way you don’t have to worry about the sound quality, or the other person hearing you, because it’s just as if you were holding your phone to your ear. One day we’ll probably have implants embedded right into our audial canal so we don’t have to worry about this at all, but until that day comes we’re forced to try just about anything.

The Claim
The GoJo Hands Free headset claims that it is the only truly hands free way to hold your phone. They say that you can put it on and take it off with just one hand, so you don’t have to take your hand off the wheel while you’re driving. They demonstrate someone working at their desk, and answering their cell phone, installing the GoJo device, and then quickly uninstalling it and using it to hold up their office phone so that they can continue typing.

The Hype
The hype comes from so many hands free headsets being sold, and none of them truly hitting the mark. It seems like by now some company somewhere should have come up with the perfect way to drive and talk hands free, without anyone saying it doesn’t work.

The Cost
The total cost of GoJo is $28 and you’ll end up with a total of four of them, plus 2 non slip grip mats. Most of us won’t have trouble finding a home for four of them, but it’s not sold as a single unit anywhere. The best you can get is a 2 pack for $20, so the $28 isn’t bad since you’re doubling your order and getting bonuses and having it shipped to your door.

The Commitment
They say it’s easy enough to attach your GoJo Hands Free unit to your phone, so you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time fussing with it. When you compare this to the commitment level of putting a Bluetooth headset on and taking it off, it seems to be a better choice. In regards to putting your phone on speaker mode, it might be more of a hassle, but would provide you with better sound quality on both ends.

When you first see the GoJo Hands Free concept, it looks a little silly, but when you let it sink in, it’s actually a pretty logical fix. It’s the next best thing to holding your phone to your ear with your hand, but the only problem is people are saying it doesn’t quite work the way you’d expect it to. We think they’re on to something here, and perhaps they will study the complaints they’re getting and re-release a new version in the future. Or maybe a competitor will capitalize on the situation and debut something that improves on the design.

Some common complaints are that it is too hard to use, that it breaks easily, and that is not not comfortable to wear on your head. Just by seeing how it works you can tell that it probably won’t be comfortable. It’s got to be tight enough to keep your phone stuck to the side of your head, so it would be hard for them to keep things cozy when it is trying to apply enough pressure so your phone won’t fall. If you’ve got a smartphone, forget about it. Even though the guy is shown with a laptop stuck to his head, you know it had to be killing him.

Final GoJo Hands Free Review

Although the concept of GoJo is pretty clever, the follow through and execution seem to be lacking. For something this simple, it should have been easy enough for it to gather enough positive feedback, but overall people have been complaining about it and saying it doesn’t work. However, everyone is different, and you might find that it does the trick and is comfortable to wear. Other people’s opinions are just that, and it might turn out that it works for you.

Our Recommendation
Our search for the best hands free headset solution continues. We will keep our eye out for the next clever invention and see if some company out there can finally get it right.

What do you think? Does GoJo Hands Free work or not?

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