Does Grill Daddy Really Work?

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Does Grill Daddy really work?If you like to cook barbecued foods you’re probably no stranger to baked on grilled on messes, and would love to know if Grill Daddy works or not. It’s designed to use the power of steam to loosen up all of the charred mess and scrape it right off, all with one action. But can it possibly work the way it’s shown?

One inherent flaw of using the BBQ grill is that food will get burned onto the grill rack. This can be nearly impossible to clean, because you first have to let the grill cool before you can clean it. By this time the mess has hardened, and all the scrubbing in the world won’t take it off, or get all around the wiring and crevices.

You could use spray cleaners that are designed to break up the gunk on your grill, but do you really want to use chemicals on something that you cook your food directly on? What the Grill Daddy promises is to clean your grill using nothing but water, so that you aren’t introducing any harmful substances to your cooking area.

The Claim
Grill Daddy claims that by using the power of steam you can give you grill a an easy, perfect cleaning using their machine. The steam is meant to loosen up all of the charred on mess, by adding heat and moisture. Then with the attached scrubber it can easily remove all of the mess, without you having to get your hands dirty.

The Hype
Everyone that loves to use their grill but hates to clean it will add their own hype to this product. But the ad shows the Grill Daddy making the process almost effortless. If people believe it will be this effective for them at home, that could be considered hyping people up into an over-expectant state.

The Cost
You get to decide how clean you want your grill. You can get the basic Grill Daddy for $15 plus shipping, the deluxe model for an extra $10 or their best model for a whopping $60. The product that is reviewed here is just the basic model.

The Commitment
Toss out whatever method you currently use to clean your grill and start using Grill Daddy instead. If you make a big chore of the process each time you cook food outside, you will no doubt see some time-saving with the Grill Daddy.

If sometimes you don’t use the grill because you don’t feel like cleaning it afterwards, or you didn’t clean it the last time and it still has a charred mess all over it, you might find that you start grilling more often now that it’s easy to clean. Bonus!

When you consider that there aren’t many alternatives when it comes to cleaning off the grill, Grill Daddy makes a lot of sense. You could use a standard grill scrubber, but that doesn’t loosen the mess, and only acts to scrape it off. Most times it doesn’t even scrape anything off, it just flakes some of it off, leaving an ashy residue behind.

The Grill Daddy was put to a real world test on a dirty grill and it was able to quickly remove the mess with minimal effort on the part of the tester. It therefore gets a passing grade and is recommended.

Does Grill Daddy Really Work?

It works pretty well. It didn’t let off as much steam as it does in the commercial, but as far as getting the grill from a very messy state to a very clean state in a short period of time, it’s better than anything else we’ve tried.

If you’re not playing around with your grill cleaning, you might want to go for the big daddy model for $60. This will provide more steam and a larger cleaning surface to make the job go even more smoothly.

Our Recommendation
If you’re one of those people that just loves to grill all during the summer, you’ll want to get yourself a Grill Daddy. You might end up having just as much fun cleaning your grill as you do cooking your favorite summertime foods.

What do you think? Does Grill Daddy really work?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Grill Daddy Really Work?

  1. If you barbeque a lot, then I recommend the Grill Daddy. We use our grill several times a week during the summer months. My husband tried everything to use to keep the grill clean. We never seemed to get it completely clean. You don’t want to use grill spray as it can stay on the racks and can be on your food, but the Grill Daddy allows cleaning with water. It’s easy to use and your grill is clean. You don’t have to wait to clean the grill and the steam breaks up the burned off food on the racks. The racks don’t look like they are brand new when you are done cleaning, but they are clean. The Grill Daddy works great. I paid twenty dollars on Amazon for ours and I’m glad I did.

  2. We BBQ loads throughout the year and always end up having to scrape the grill with brushes/tools etc
    Bought myself a Grill Daddy and love it!
    as per the review the advert seems to show more steam than mine puts out but it still works fine.
    Much easier than before. Go get one!!1

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