Do HD Vision Readers Really Work?

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Do HD Vision Readers really work?Reading outside is fun, but can be a strain on the eyes with all of the brightness and glare, which is what HD Vision Readers aim to help with. They have the same features as the HD Vision Ultras, but they come with a bifocal lens so that you can have some magnification when you look down to read. But do they really work like they say in the commercials?

A nice summer day is made even better with a good book.

The Claim
The makers of the HD Vision Readers claim that you’re going to be able to see the world around you in crystal clear HD, just like an HDTV, plus you’re going to be able to read things more easily, without holding them right in front of your face.

They claim that you won’t have to fumble with both your reading glasses and sunglasses while you’re outside in the sun.

The Hype
The hype comes from the exaggerated acting on the part of the people in the ads. They are shown to be trying to read outside and switching back and forth between their reading glasses and sunglasses. It’s used to prove a point, but not many people would actually do something like that. They’d either read inside, or just sit outside without reading.

The Cost
The cost of HD Vision Readers shouldn’t stop most people from purchasing, if indeed they work. They originally retailed for $20 with a 2nd pair if you just pay shipping on it. Now you can buy them from Amazon for $6 plus $7.50 shipping for a total of $13.50. This is less than you’d pay to buy a cheap pair of sunglasses from the grocery or drug store.

The Commitment
They’d love for you to believe that you won’t have to mess with both your reading and sunglasses at the same time and just use your HD Vision Readers. In reality, you should be able to replace your sunglasses with these, and if you aren’t reading just don’t use the magnification.

Because they are tinted, it isn’t obvious that they are bifocals. Many people are self-conscious about needing bifocals, so this is a great bonus for those that are.

These glasses come with the same HD lenses as the standard sunglasses, they’ve just taken them a step further by adding the bifocal lens to it. This was a great idea on the part of the manufacturer, as more and more Baby Boomers will need products like these.

Our previous review of the HD Vision Ultras showed that they performed well for sunglasses at this price, and got our recommendation. Even though there is too much hype by them using the term HD, and comparing these glasses to the revolution that HDTV made in the television world, they still hold their own as a quality piece of eyewear.

Depending on what your eyes need you can pick these up from 1.0 magnification all the way to 3.5. This will keep you from squinting when you do such things as check the gauges on the dashboard while driving, keeping score while playing golf, and using your cell phone or smart phone, offering the same UV protection as the originals. These are all perfect examples of why you’d need this product, and it’s nice that they mention these and don’t come up with some far-fetched reasons why you’d want them.

Do HD Vision Readers Really Work?

This is a two part question, with just one answer: Yes. Both the sunglasses part works to reduce glare, and give a clear yet yellowish view of the world, and the magnification works well, after all it’s not rocket science. The real magic occurs when you combine the magnification with the sunglasses, and you can now see fine print clearly, even in the glare of the sun.

Our Recommendation
If you have trouble reading in the sun, and hate having to choose between wearing your reading glasses and your sunglasses, these were made for you. Pick up a pair of HD Vision Readers, you are the exact person that they had in mind when they made them, and you should take advantage of their dual benefit.

What do you think? Do HD Vision Readers really work?

2 Customer Reviews on “Do HD Vision Readers Really Work?

  1. I have been using HD readers for quite some time. In fact I purchased 8 pairs and they’re great for driving or use on the computer.
    Now I cannot find HD readers anywhere! I purchased from Glo-Mail in Bloemfontein South Africa and well they are out of stock.
    any help?

  2. The HD Vision Readers are a non-prescription bifocal pair of sunglasses. They’re hardly going to make your rather average vision high definition, but they’re also really cheap. If you have trouble reading but otherwise can see fine, this product probably works for you. My neighbor has a pair and likes them. I make fun of him because I still have my 20-20 vision. I’ve never been one to buy expensive sunglasses and usually keep a stock of cheap ones. You can get a couple of pairs of these for under $20, so why not flesh out your collection? They can go in there with the Blue Blockers.

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