Does Mr. Steamy Really Work?

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Does Mr. Steamy really work?Mr. Steamy is a gift from above for those that hate to iron. It’s designed to get out wrinkles from clothes without having to break out the ironing board. Great for bachelors or when you just don’t have the time to iron your clothes, can this product actually work as described, or is it a big flop?

Ironing is one chore that is widely known to be despised by all who do it. When a product like this comes, it triggers all of those negative memories in people and gets them into a buying state. But only after you stop to consider what it’s actually doing, do you realize that you can do it yourself at home using items you already have around the house.

The Claim
Mr. Steamy claims to take away your ironing woes by releasing wrinkles in all types of clothes. It shows the ball rolling out the clothes in the dryer, and releasing large amounts of steam to give them a fresh pressed look in just minutes.

The Hype
The hype comes from the infomercial. They get a little carried away with demonstrating just how bad ironing is, and just how fluffy the towels come out thanks to Mr. Steamy.

The Cost
Amazon is pretty good at delivering products at the reasonable market price, and they have Mr. Steamy for $20. If you add just $5 more to your order it all ships free with their Super Saver shipping.

Buying from Amazon allows you to bypass the 2 for 1 scam they have going on at their website. They don’t let you order one, they make you order two and charge you for shipping on the second one. You probably don’t need two of them, so just order from amazon and get one with free shipping.

The Commitment
You’ll need to put this product to use to get the benefits. It’s not really a set and forget kind of situation. It’s pretty easy to use, just add water to the Mr. Steamy ball and toss it in the dryer with some wrinkled clothes.

For best results, don’t use the Fresh Shot liquid that comes with it, and do not add too many clothes at once. Most negative feedback coming in on this product is that the Fresh Shot liquid leaves spots and stains on the clothes.

If you are putting in clean but wrinkled clothes there’s no need to use this liquid. Your clothes will come out smelling good, because the heat and steam will reactivate the smell of the detergent you used to clean them.

A second complaint is the nose generated from the ball bouncing and clunking around in the dryer. This can be a problem if your laundry room is close to your living room or bedroom. For those that have a laundry room in the basement or away from common areas this shouldn’t be a problem.

When used with just water and with only a few items, Mr. Steamy does what it claims and the clothes come out wrinkle free. The only thing with steaming clothes instead of pressing them with an iron is that the wrinkles have been known to gradually come back as the clothes lose the steamed effect. Because no pressure is being applied to the clothes to keep their form, they revert back to their wrinkly ways.

So in this regard, Mr. Steamy gets mixed reviews. It’s not a very innovative product, as people have been adding wet items to dry loads to get wrinkles out. It may state that the balls is actually pressing your clothes too, but this seems to be an exaggeration, and there is not really any extra benefit to using Mr. Steamy over using a clean and dampened sock or t-shirt for similar results.

Does Mr, Steamy Really Work?

Does Mr. Steamy replace your iron? Not exactly. Can it work in a pinch when you don’t have time to iron and your clothes are wrinkled? Kinda. If you forget about a load of laundry in the dryer, can Mr. Steamy be used to salvage it and get it back to being unwrinkled? Maybe.

Our Recommendation
You don’t really need a Mr. Steamy to use this technique. You can use a clean article of clothing, get it wet and toss it in the dryer with your dry, wrinkled clothes. You’ll get the same effect of a steamy environment being created, and the dryer’s rolling action provides the tumbling that will loosen out the wrinkles.

What do you think? Does Mr. Steamy really work?

12 Customer Reviews on “Does Mr. Steamy Really Work?

  1. Guys don’t forget that the more noise you have the more the item is jumping around, when people put a ball in the dryer it fly’s around hitting everything, thus breaking the suspension of the dryer.

  2. Hey, here’s an idea: READ THE DAD’-GUMM INSTRUCTIONS! These dryer balls work great when used CORRECTLY according to the instructions. I have used them for years, along with other non-steaming dryer balls, and have found that in fluffing and steaming a FULL LOAD of laundry, this technology is superior to dryer sheets. This product is not for a less ambitious person who thinks these dryer balls can be used in a cold dryer on a single item for two minutes. It ain’t like those “turn your dryer into a dry cleaner” sheets, baby. It is not a substitute for ironing, it just helps your clothes come out of the dryer less wrinkled, softer, and needing only an occasional ironing touchup. If you think otherwise, and choose not to follow the product’s simple instructions, you’re simply being foolish.

  3. I bought Mr. Steamy because I hate ironing clothes. The concept sounded great. When you put it in the dryer watch out. It is so loud and annoying that I couldn’t stand it anymore. Its unbelievable that this little ball can make so much racket. It works okay, but if you put your dryer setting on low and add a damp towel you get the same results and it is free. I used my Mr. Steamy for five minutes and in the trash it went. If you can stand the noise, then go ahead and try it, but I would never recommend it.

  4. I´ve tried Mr. Steamy and it worked as you said, I only put a few items of cloth and they came out wrinkle free but it did make a lot of noise, I think it is not an item you really need if you can just iron it or use one of those steam irons, all in all it works, not as it does in the infomecial of course.

  5. I think that this Mr. Steamy device is really great. I would love to have one. I always have problems with my wrinkled clothes. And $20 is not a big price.

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