Does the Xpress Redi Set Go Really Work?

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Does the Xpress Redi Set Go Really Work?The Xpress Redi Set Go is the most recent generation of cookers and the follow up to the GT Xpress 101. This unit would appeal to most that don’t already have something similar, like a George Foreman grill, and after watching the infomercial most would have to wonder if it really works as well as they show it working.

Mini cookers like these are really popular, and there will always be a new one hitting the market. They appeal to many people because of their small size, and because they make it look fast and easy to make foods that we’re already making. By cooking food from both sides, it’s easy to see that this will speed up the cooking process on things you’d normally have to flip.

The Claim
The Xpress Redi Set Go hits you with so many claims and possible benefits it will make your head spin. They start off by saying that their machine can get you out of the fast food rut, by making healthy foods just as fast.

They claim that their unit helps you make quick and healthy meals, and you can use it for all of your meals throughout the day like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a quick snack.

They rattle off all of the things you can make with the unit, like personal pizzas in just 7 minutes, gourmet meals in under 10 minutes, and even a personal-sized pie in the same amount of time.

You can even make full course meals, so you won’t have to settle for just quick and small side-sized meals.

You can make things like Panini sandwiches because it presses down on the food from the top and bottom. You can also makes things like beef burritos and turkey meatballs and you can use your own ingredients so you get to control the quality of what goes into what you’re eating.

They claim that their insert-able pans are non-stick and easy to clean. They also bring up the comparison to using the Express Redi Set Go instead of using your oven. Because of it’s smaller size and heating area they claim that you’ll be able to cook foods twice as fast, and you’ll save on energy costs because you’re heating a smaller area.

And finally, they claim that you’ll be able to do frying, grilling, and baking all in the same unit. With its built-in timer you won’t have to babysit the device, and you can go do other things while it cooks.

The Hype
The hype comes from the use of Cathy Mitchell in the commercials. She can make anything look easy to use, and makes all of the food look really delicious. It’s not her fault, she’s just got the perfect motherly or grandmotherly look and voice to her.

The Cost
This is where things get really messy. You are going to pay nearly as much to have the Xpress Redi Set Go shipped as you are for the unit, and you are forced into buying a second unit and paying shipping on it.

Your total cost will come to $70 when it’s all said and done and you’ll have 2 units shipped to your door. If you go in on it with a friend you can each pay $35 to get this product.

The Commitment
You’ll have to go out and buy the ingredients necessary in order to make the foods that are suggested in the recipe book. If you’re strapped for cash, or barely making your current food budget work, this can be a juggling act. Although it is claimed in the ad that you can make budget-friendly meals with the Xpress Redi Set Go, you’ll still have to adjust to buying different food than what you’re used to.

Once you make this adjustment though you may find that you can cook foods for yourself and your family at a fraction of what it would cost to go out to dinner, or grab fast food for everyone. Plus, since you choose what goes into the recipe, you can select healthier alternatives, like ground turkey instead of ground beer, and low fat items.

In a real world setting the Xpress Redi Set Go was put to the test on numerous recipes that are included in the cooking guide. It passed each test and the food came out better than expected. A little finesse was required, as well as a little bit of tinkering, but that is to be expected when you are using a new device like this. You have to budget some time to learn how to use it, but once you get it right it works like a charm.

Does Xpress Redi Set Go Really Work?

After seeing things like the George Foreman or the Big Boss Grill, the Xpress Redi Set Go isn’t so remarkable, but it does work as shown and after learning how to use it and a little trial and error you’ll be on your way to quick and healthy meals as they claim.

Our Recommendation
Find a buddy and pick up a pair of these cookers if you don’t already have a unit like this. They are great to have around when you can’t think of what to make for lunch or dinner and you can’t be bothered with going out.

Plus it can be fun to make personal pizzas, and if you have picky eaters it’s great to let everyone have their own toppings. Since it only takes 7 minutes it’s not that long of a wait.

What do you think? Does Xpress Redi Set Go really work?

100 Customer Reviews on “Does the Xpress Redi Set Go Really Work?

  1. I used this one time and chicken stuck to inside, disaster. and I clicked 1 star and it changes it that you cant really rate this product.

  2. id like to know how hot exactly does this unit get, 450? 500?
    Also what age would you suggest for children to use?

  3. We had one for a long time until the teflon just flaked off and things would stick. It works very well for reheating things like a slice or square of pizza. True you just have to gauge the temperature and time according to what you are doing with it.

    I found another one just like it, practically new, at a thrift shop for $3.95 and it had a broken knob. I just tried to superglue the pieces together, but I think it is unlike to withstand the twist of the timer. I think I can find a replacement at a hardware store if I take the old one along (metal shaft diameter is 5.9MM). Even without the built in timer, it works fine. Just use a different timer.

  4. I have used this for years and I couldn’t do without it. My family (3) use it every morning for our
    breakfast( we all cook out own). We have an extra in our vacation box that we take to condo.
    They are fabulous! (corn bread, biscuits, from freezer to table in 20 Min) hamburger patties, sausage.
    The uses are endless and clean up just means filling it with hot water and let it boil, wipe and you
    are ready for the next time.

  5. I don’t know reading peoples experiences with new products is like renting a movie everybody wants to watch but there opinions are always different my neighbor was going to get rid of one of these with all the pan inserts It was still new I have watched many infomercials since i have insomnia I guess it is t.v is why they make it look so easy I am looking forward to using this I have always been bad about using the wrong stuff on non stick surfaces and there may be a problem with these overheating since you cannot control the temperature and everything is suppose to cook in so many few minutes I don’t think I will be cooking steak or any thick meat but I think it will be good for some of the Hot Snacks and desserts

  6. I know I’m late in making this review. I wanted to share my experience since I actually purchased BOTH the original model (GTXPRESS 101) and the REDI SET GO. I purchased the GTX 101 when it first came out; buying 2 to have one at work and the other at home. I’ve had it for several years and continue to use it frequently at work since it makes quick, easy, and nutritious meals (breakfast & lunch). It DID, however, immediately begin to lose the Teflon coating after every usage. It’s now all gone, but I still use it…just spray heavily before heating. At work, I would prepare breakfast (egg & spinach omelets), lunch (chicken and spinach or green beans), and a snack (brownies, yay!). When the RSG came out, I was excited because I wanted to now use the full size of the unit instead of the 2 halves. This is where my real problem began. It DID stick immediately..even after using an oil spray. Just wiping it down didn’t help, so I had to scrub, which meant bye bye Teflon. Within two weeks, the knob broke and I am unable to gauge the time and temperature of the unit. That’s a bust.
    Even though the Teflon is gone, I much prefer my original unit; just wish THIS one would be upgraded to a FULL round size instead of the two halves where I can’t create a mini pizza or fit larger food items. BTW, you can’t compare this to a George Foreman grill, because you can’t put liquids on a grill. The well depth of the GTX is great for this. Maybe next time, they shouldn’t make it with Teflon (maybe the new ceramic), and leave the timer & temperature gauge off. Does me no good, and I don’t need it on the original one. That’s still kicking.

  7. I have it since it came out I have use it a lot it’s been my do it all meals. It’s fantastic. Now after all this time I need to get a replace, but still working. It’s a matter of common cense and practice. But now I can’t find it at any store do you have a new updated one coming out?

  8. I have had my readi set
    go since it first came out and have used it a lot. Just wore it out this past Dec. I am ready it get one again. It is very nice for one person.

  9. I know that the boy who “tested” the Xpress set go did not do a fair testing!! He changed the meat ball recipe ,adding nearly twice the stuffing mix and making the size twice as large as they should be!!
    And WAY too much cookie dough ,way,way too thick!
    But he still gave the cooker 4/5 stars out of 5 stars . Great job!
    What I wonder is how many consumers had the knob break ?!
    Four out of 9 reviews reported broken knobs.
    One said the timer quit and machine had fallen apart.
    The Teflon seems to be a real problem…and I will try using parchment paper liners when I start using my cooker,saving cleanup and the Teflon won’t come in contact with my food!!

  10. I got this product as a gift I had requested so I can not speak of price point. I personally made everything in the little booklet and more. I would put in a steak then add onions, mushrooms, and spinach on top, 6 minutes, perfect. I love that one. I liked all the recipe’s and found it performed as stated, HOWEVER IT STARTED FALLING APART IMMEDIATELY. The on/off switch broke, then the timer and it started looking its coating. I cleaned it exactly as the directions stated. Every time I wiped it off the coating would come off as well. I loved the way the cooking part performed and how easy and fast meals were but the quality of the machine was disgraceful.

  11. I bought the first one out and it did not do well. The second one with all the inserts seemed fine but after a few uses is did not heat up and the control broke. George Foreman hear I come.

  12. Thank you so much for this review, I´ve been thinking on getting one of this cooking machines to save sometime at night since I run a lot to have dinner ready. I think I´ll give the Xpress Redi Set Go a try, it sounds like delicious food in less time. I guess how much this product works depends also on the user´s creativity to make fast and non expensive meals, you can always change ingredients and still get good food. Very useful information,

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