Does the GripGo Phone Mount Really Work?

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Does the GripGo Phone Mount work?The GripGo Phone Mount is pretty remarkable when you first see it, and there will no doubt be some imitators that come along and try to ride on its success. It allows you to stick your phone to it quickly, and then swipe your phone off it it easily when you leave the car. The whole time it frees your hands up so they can stay on the wheel. But how well does it work in real life?

Companies have been trying to figure out the perfect solution on what to do with your phone while you’re driving. The safest place would be in your pocket where it won’t do you any harm, but most people are not willing to do that and enjoy drive time with their phone. This seems to be a compromise, limiting the amount of time you spend holding your phone, and making sure it stays in place so you don’t go chasing it around while you’re trying to drive.

The Claim
GripGo claims that their phone mount will hold your phone in place tightly and securely, and allow you to rotate 360 degrees, as well as let you take it off easily when you’re ready. When this works is that the surface has small suction cups that keep your phone in place, but then release their suction when your phone is taken off at an angle. They say that it doesn’t leave any sticky residue on your phone, and they prove this by showing the phone being taken off the mount and directly placed onto a pile of feathers, where it doesn’t pick up a single one.

The Hype
The infomercial for this is pretty convincing, showing all the necessary features that would get people excited about this. The demonstrator holds the phone out of the window as he drives along, and even shakes it and it stays on the mount. He then shows that he’s immediately able to take the phone off when he chooses to. That’s the major concern most people would have, not wanting to struggle each time they want to take their phone off the mount.

The Cost
The total cost of the GripGo phone mount is $26 but you get two units for that price. Most people won’t mind having a second one, especially if they have two cars. But they also bring up the idea of letting your backseat or front seat passengers use these as well so they can watch movies on an iPad or other tablet and have the screen in place without needing to hold on to it. Think long car rides with the kids in the back.

The Commitment
There’s not really much involvement on your part once you secure this into place and put your phone on it. It might take a little getting used to at first, but most people find that they adapt to it quite easily. Occasionally they say that you might need to rinse off the surface of the unit gets dusty or dirty and starts to lose its gripping ability.

The GripGo phone mount has been getting good reviews from those that have bought it and used it for a period of time. This is always good to hear because when a product has been effective in commercial there’s always a possibility that it was shown in its best light and the product you actually receive doesn’t perform as shown. But early reports are showing that this actually lives up to its expectations, and provides a reliable and effective phone mount.

The only problem is that this solves one problem but potentially causes another. It takes the phone out of your hand but then sticks it right in the middle of your windshield, partially obstructing your view, and drawing your eyes to your phone rather than the road. If you want to be truly safe you wouldn’t be looking at your phone’s screen, so their claim that this is a safer way to use your phone in your car is a bit dubious. Yes, if you’re as crazy as the person in the video who goes diving for their dropped phone while they’re driving their car, it’s safer. But the best thing to do is simply wait until you get to your destination and then use your phone.

Final GripGo Phone Mount Review

The GripGo phone mount is getting our Thumbs Up rating because it does work as depicted in its promo video. It’s up to you to figure out how to use it safely, and you’ll have to make sure you use it in a safe manner. If you did get into an accident and the police saw you have your phone obstructing your view it’s not going to bode well as it gives them reason to suspect you were distracted. This phone mount would have been better if it came around several years ago before smart phones came along and cell phones were mostly used to make calls with.

Our Recommendation
As long as you keep your eyes on the road and off your phone while you’re driving this should be the phone mount that gets the job done. We’ve seen other phone holders that don’t seem to work as well as this, even though they have their own unique design. The material they’ve used for the surface is way cool, and you’ll be hooked once you slap your phone onto and and slide it off the first time.

Official Website: GripGo Phone Mount

What do you think? Does GripGo Phone Mount work or not?

53 Customer Reviews on “Does the GripGo Phone Mount Really Work?

  1. I’ve been using these for years I get industrial velcro to mount the plate on my dash and it works great. Wash off the pad when it gets dirty and it’s good as new

  2. they are all defective straight from the box! So it doesn’t matter! Won’t hang ANYWHERE!

  3. No suction in all 14 boxes I bought! Made defective in China with no warranties of recourse!

  4. every single one is defective, basically making them unworkable! I bought 12! The suction mechanism is broken in 14 brand new boxes? What does that tell you?

  5. The gripgo cell phone mount is garbage. I bought one and it fell apart in less than a week. If I could attach the pic of it in pieces in a box, I would. Don’t buy this thing even for $1!

  6. Great potential but would not adhere to my dashboard for longer than 30 minutes using an I phone 5. Would like to know how to increase the adhesive ability without using superglue. I can not find anywhere to contact the manufacturer or seller.

  7. I bought the GripGo Phone mount for my husband. He is a truck driver. He said it stays stuck on the window and it allows him to run his phone GPS along with his regular GPS at the same time. As a truck driver he isn’t allowed to drive and hold his phone so this was a perfect fix for him. He could answer the phone, talk and still drive safely without holding the phone. He hasn’t had any problem with it ever falling off the window and he goes from hot weather in one state to another. He wants me to pick up another for his regular pick-up truck. He said it works great.

  8. it worked for about 2 months…once it started to get hot out and in the car..the thing doesnt want to stay stuck to my dash and i cant get the mount to stick to the windshield either..i think something is wrong with the part that is suppose to hold it in place…i dont know what grip go’s policy is on warrenties but i wont be buying another one.

  9. Does not work falls off it is junk do not buyi m sick and tiered of the lies from informercials I think that is called fraud and they should be charged as such .

  10. If you follow instructions and play with it to get your pressure adjustment correct on the mount, gripgo works beautifully. I mounted the arm up under my rear view mirror, so my smart phone is right under the mirror, and my vision is not impeded at all. The arm is long enough that you can easily reach up and answer the phone without removing it if you choose. The arm also puts your phone close enough to you that you can use your head phones for calls and follow your phone GPS at a glance. Callers can also easily hear you speak with the phone mounted, it is not really necessary to constantly remove the phone. If this unit holds up to long term use and does not fall apart, it definitely lives up to its hype.I like it very much. NOTE. Gripgo says it will NOT work with silicone rubber cases. Hard cases work fine.

  11. If it works it would be perfect for my truck, but I see that the user reviews are somewhat of a mix. I kind of expected this though because you’re talking about dozens of different shapes of phone having to work with the same suction pad and that had to be incompatible with certain models. It’s just too bad that I can’t try this before the purchase.

  12. Sorry, my gripgo will not attach to the window or the disk that came with it. The suction is far too weak . Waste of money

  13. Does gripgo work if your phone is in a case? (will the suction cups stick to a ribbed surface)

  14. Nice fake review! GripGo is even falsifying reviews, and presenting them as unbiased. How much do you want to bet my reply never shows up in the comment section?

  15. The commercial also states that it can be mounted on the dash as well as the windshield. So if its mounted on the dash then there shouldn’t be any blindspots unless you’re vertically challenged.

  16. I’m seeing lots of postings on other sites about for they were charged $60+ for the two devices instead of the $26 you mentioned in your posting. They also complain about not being able to contact the company, bad phone numbers and no e-mail access. Did you experience any of those problems when you ordered your device?

  17. People might want to check the laws in their state before buying this. Mounting this to the windshield is illegal in many states. Plain and simple…you can’t create blindspots in front of you!

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