Do Health Products Really Work?

Do health products really work?Health products will always be a popular trend. We all want to live longer, healthier lives, and companies know this and try to cater to our demands. It’s perfectly fine to wand to improve your health, or overcome a disease or condition, and it’s hard not to get wrapped up in all of the claims that are made on some of these products. Here we will go through some of the most popular health products on the market and help you determine whether they’re worth it or not.

There always be a built-in audience ready to consume the next wave of health products. Big pharmaceutical companies rely on this fact, and smaller health companies recognize that if they just get one product right it could make enough sales to make everyone in the organization very wealthy. This is because when something works for health, it spread like wildfire and there’s an instant buzz.

How to Choose the Right Health Products

With an overwhelming number of new products already on the market, and new products coming out all the time, they can leave you wondering which one to choose, or if you should choose anything at all. None of us wants to be a statistic that causes a product to be recalled. There’s not a lot of incentive to be the guinea pig on new products, especially when your health is involved. Kitchen gadgets and new high-tech devices are fun to play around with and experiment with because there’s usually no harm involved if they don’t work.

But when you’re talking about the body and products that are made to be ingested or rubbed onto it, serious side effects could cause hospitalization or even death. So there’s a lot more at stake, and you have to be a lot more careful about which ones you decide to use. The best way to choose health products is to always err on the side of caution and use your best judgment, in spite of the strong desire you have to use the product, you have to think rationally.

Product Review Recaps

While we can’t guarantee that our recommendations are correct, we’ve done our best to separate fact from fiction, and call out the companies that just don’t have their act together. We also try to stand behind companies that are doing a good job, and seem to genuinely care about the consumer. Always do your own fact checking, and don’t use our review as the last word. You always have the final say in whether or not a product works.

Does FungaCure really work?
Funga Cure Recap
Funga Cure is designed to help rid you of the fungus problem that has taken over your toenails. It is a comprehensive kit that comes with everything you need to cleanse your feet, treat the fungus with an anti-fungal cream, and use a cover up on your nail so you don’t have to be embarrassed while it’s working.

If you’ve tried several products to treat your fungus, and they haven’t worked, you might be desperate to try anything, or be worried that there’s no solution to your problem. Find out what we think of this one:

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Does HemClear really work?
HemClear Recap
Having hemorrhoids is the worst. The itching and the pain can be awful, not to mention the embarrassment of having it. This leads people to search for a way to get rid of it, and get rid of it fast. There are plenty of products on the market that claim to be able to treat it, but HemClear is a little different.

They are one of the few treatments out there that not only works on your hemorrhoids from the outside, but also from the inside. They have a cream to apply topically, as well as a pill to swallow to fix your flare up and also to prevent future cases from forming.

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Does Tinnitus Miracle really work?
Tinnitus Miracle Recap
Trying to find a cure for tinnitus can be a real struggle, and the makers of Tinnitus Miracle, an information product, claim to have the answer. Many books of this nature are sold online, and people are often skeptical that they actually contain enough really good information as to be worth buying.

Treating tinnitus and evaluating claims made by companies like this is hard because it’s such a subjective thing. What things sound like in one person’s head will be different than in another’s and so it’s hard to compare results between different patients. See if we think Tinnitus Miracle has the answer.

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Does Hemorrhoid Miracle really work?
Hemorrhoid Miracle Recap
Hemorrhoid Miracle is a downloadable ebook that promises to have the cure to finally getting rid of your hemorrhoids once and for all. These books take a lot of flak because they usually rely on a pitch page heavily laden with promises, and they make it seem like they’ve found the secret and are willing to share it for a tidy profit.

If this could really be the cure, it would be worth its weight in gold, and many people would be singing its praises. Find out if this is the case.

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Does Lumivella really work?
Lumivella Recap
Lumivella claims to be so many things, it’s hard to put your finger on just what they are. If you peruse their pitch, they seem to be the Fountain of Youth or the Elixir of Life. The claims are so vague and encompassing that they are basically claiming to heal all of life’s ails, and restore you back to your prime.

It’s products like these that give health products a bad wrap. Heavy on the fluff and light on any proof to back up any of their claims. Find out more of what we think about them in our extended evaluation.

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Does Phytocort really work?
Phytocort Recap
If you’re considering taking an all-natural remedy for breathing troubles like asthma, you might have run into Phytocort at some point. They claim to combine a list of natural ingredients into one product that fights respiratory problems. The only trouble is we looked and couldn’t find any sort of documentation that backs up anything they claim. They do reference a study, but this study was not done on Phytocort specifically.

See our full review of Phytocort
Does Neuroveen really work?
Neuroveen Recap
Neuroveen is designed to treat the symptoms of Neuropathy without the need for a prescription. If you are suffering from these symptoms you might be desperate to get rid of them, and there’s not too much on the market to choose from.

Find out what we discovered about Neuroveen, and whether or not we gave it our recommendation. We did as much research as we could find into the claims that they make, and break down homeopathic remedies and their effectiveness.

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Does Nizoral really work?
Nizoral Recap
Dandruff can be really hard to get rid of, and very embarrassing in certain situations. It could even cause you to alter your wardrobe so you don’t wear dark shirts or tops any more. There are several causes for it, including using the wrong shampoo or conditioner, not rinsing your hair well enough, as well as the overall health of your scalp, or whether you live in a dry climate.

Find out if Nizoral is the answer to all of your dandruff woes, and can get your hair back to its normal self.

See our full review of Nizoral
Does Easy Feet really work?
Easy Feet Recap
Our feet just don’t get the kind of care and attention they deserve, they are often neglected because they’re hard to reach. Easy Feet aims to make the process a whole lot easier, and promises to exfoliate and cleanse your feet from heel to toe in a matter of seconds, without having to reach down.

This seems like they found a good solution to a common problem, but only if the device works the way they claim it does. This is the sort of product that might sound nice in the commercial, until you get it home and find out it has major design flaws. Find out what we uncovered during our examination.

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Does AloeCure really work?
AloeCure Recap
Trying to cash in on the recent trend of aloe vera products AloeCure claims to be made of high quality aloe and can work to balance the acid that’s in your body. This can be used to treat things like acid reflux, heartburn, and ulcer pain. You might also experience relief from back up bowels, and it can help with all sort of stomach problems. The effectiveness of aloe very has long been documented, and the plant has been used as an all natural treatment for thousands of years.

But are their claims accurate, and do they really have a potent and pure form of aloe in their products? We examined them from front to back and had this to say…

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Does Deer Antler Spray really work?
Deer Antler Spray Recap
Deer Antler spray is a bit of a mystery as far as what it claims to do, and an even bigger mystery on whether or not it does it. It is likened to steroids and many body builders have been turning to it as a safer alternative that doesn’t show up in testing for performance enhancing drugs.

So unless you’re an elite bodybuilder, there really isn’t much sense in taking Deer Antler Spray, unless there are other benefits to it for the average person. Find out the full story behind what it entails by checking out all of the details we uncovered.

See our full review of Deer Antler Spray
Does HeadOn really work?
HeadOn Recap
HeadOn has that commercial that everyone loves to hate. It doesn’t even make a claim as to what it can do, it just tells you what to do with the product. The implied claim is that it can treat your headache quickly by applying it directly to the forehead. A topical solution to a headache? Can this be for real?

But after so many people saw the ad and bought it at their local drugstore, took it home and tried it, what did they have to say. Turns out the answer was unanimous. Almost everyone that tried it felt the same way, the answer might surprise you. Find out what it is in our full report.

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Do Acidophilus Pearls really work?
Acidophilus Pearls Recap
Acidohilus Pearls have come about because everyone is talking about probiotics and good bacteria and balancing out the digestion system. Yogurt is jumping on board by promoting itself as a natural probiotic, and now a product like the Pearls has come out and making similar claims.

But are probiotics really necessary, or is this just another health trend that businesses are trying to capitalize on. The whole notion started in the health food industry, but is now moving more towards the mainstream, and everyone seems to be getting on board.

See our full review of Acidophilus Pearls
Does Quit Nits really work?
Quit Nits Recap
Quit Nits positions itself as an all-natural remedy to get rid of head lice and their eggs. They say that their product is so safe and natural that pregnant women can use it, as well as nursing mothers. So does it really work as well as some of the lice combs that are out there, and is it a suitable alternative to the products that contain pesticides?

We did the fact-checking and were able to come up with our conclusion and recommendation. Since there are many different lice products on the market, it was no easy task sizing this one up.

See our full review of Quit Nits
Does Quietus really work?
Quietus Recap
The simple claim of Quietus is that it will silence ear ringing. It goes on further to state that it can help with your balance and equilibrium, as these all have their origin in the ears. It uses a mix of both homeopathic and all-natural ingredients, so you don’t need a prescription.

But can a product like this really help with a condition like tinnitus, which even doctors have trouble treating successfully? And what is the deal with homeopathy? Can it really be used to treat these symptoms, or are you just throwing money down the drain?

See our full review of Quietus
Does Hydrolyze really work?
Hydrolyze Recap
Dark circles under your eyes can make you look tired and worn out, even when you’re not. The makers of Hydrolyze claim that they’ve figured out the cause, and have designed their product to treat it, and do so effectively. They promise to make those dark circles a thing of the past.

From what we determined this product gets a passing grade. However, we did find one aspect of it that will keep plenty of consumers at bay. Find out what it was, and decide for yourself whether or not you’ll still want to buy it.

See our full review of Hydrolyze
Does gingko biloba really work?Ginkgo Biloba Recap
The main claim made by manufacturers of Ginkgo Biloba are that it is helpful in improving the circulatory system, and can therefore help treat any ailment that arises from poor performance in that area. It seems like most products like this that get into the news headlines, get blown out of proportion and swept up by the mainstream.

What we did find was that those that said it works, said that they had to take it for quite some time before they started seeing any results. So this is not a product that produces instant relief, which is why many people doubt that it works.

See our full review of Ginkgo Biloba
Does Gas X really work?
Gas X Recap
Gas X is the number one selling brand of gas relief medication. You can get it without a prescription and it’s supposed to not only treat the embarrassing sound of passing gas, but also to decrease the pain and discomfort of bloating caused by excessive gas buildup.

But it’s not without its flaws, and we definitely provide both sides to the Gas X argument. Get our final recommendation in our full evaluation.

See our full review of Gas X
Does Juvenon really work?
Juvenon Recap
Juvenon is one of many anti-aging products to come onto the market, and it’s quite obvious these companies have the baby boomers in their sites. This one claims to work on your mitochondria, helping to protect them so you don’t age as quickly. These claims have not been substantiated by the FDA. They are most likely not true.

This is a product that definitely pushes the envelope in regards to sounding like snake oil. Anti-aging products have been sought after since the time of the pharaohs in Egypt. No one wants to age and get older, but the answer is rarely in pill form.

See our full review of Juvenon
Does Abreva really work?
Abreva Recap
Abreva says they’re the strongest cold sore solution you can buy without a prescription. Many people swear by its effectiveness at reducing the length of time that you have a cold sore, and the appearance of it while it’s there.

There are so many different cold sore remedies to choose from, including going to the doctor to get some of the latest prescriptions that can wipe them out very fast, and prevent future ones from forming. Find out which method we recommend.

See our full review of Abreva
Does Airborne really work?
Airborne Recap
Airborne got a flurry of press and buzz several years back, when it seemed that everyone was using it any time they had to take a flight. The hype got so big that it quickly made the inventor millions of dollars. Since then things have died down as reports came in that it really didn’t do much of anything.

But their website is still up and running, and they’ve expanded their product line and offerings, so there must be a bunch of believers out there, or those that haven’t kept up with the news. Find out if they are worth trying out still, or if they’ve improved their formula in recent years.

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Does NaturaBoost really work?
NaturaBoost Recap
The point of NaturaBoost is to increase the testosterone production with a natural product, and not with synthetic hormones prescribed by a doctor. This is supposed to treat almost everything a man has to go with as he gets older, and promises a return to clear thinking, increased sexual desire, increased performance, and a return to normal sexual function. It can also help with feelings of depression and more.

With so many different symptoms that it knocks out, it seems like a wonder drug for men looking for a solution. So does it really do all it says, or is this a product that ends up on out Wall of Shame?

See our full review of NaturaBoost

Things to Avoid
The health products you should avoid are the ones that have the worst ratio of claims to evidence or proof. If a company lists 10 benefits to their product, but doesn’t spend any time explaining why their product works, or showing how it works, it can best be avoided. On the contrary, a company that lists only a few benefits and shows specifically how and why their product works, you know you have a winner.

It’s amazing how many businesses out there rely completely on their sales pitch to sell their product. It’s okay for them to want to showcase their achievement if they’ve brought to market a quality product. However, what’s not okay is to hype up a product that isn’t very good, and has little research and development behind it. Relying completely on a clever marketing campaign, or flashy packaging, is something that should be more heavily regulated in regards to health products.

Health Product Scams
So why are there so many health products scams out there anyway? The biggest reason is that if you use all-natural ingredients the FDA will not get involved with regulating your product. This opened the door for just about anyone to start a health company, create a product, and sell it online with very little roadblocks. All that is required is a disclaimer stating that their product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Most people are so accustomed to seeing this disclaimer that they just simply ignore it.

Also, there is little backlash as far as consequences go if your product doesn’t work, or even harms people. You might be forced to recall your product, issues and refunds, and close your business down. But there’s nothing stopping you from starting up a new business and doing the same thing over again. It’s like getting a clean slate and starting fresh but with the same business model.

It’s a good thing that so many different sites out there are in place to help review all of the products on the market. This usually sheds light on the scammers out there, and it’s becoming easier and easier to avoid the common pitfalls that exist out there.

Health Product Companies
You’d think that if you’re going to start a health product company, that you would build it to be a cut above a regular business. For example, if you started a company that produced paperclips, you wouldn’t have to put too much thought and consideration into manufacturing them. They held company, on the other hand, should have far more testing being done and should put a great deal of thought and consideration into what they’re making.

Luckily most health product companies take themselves seriously and try to bring quality solutions to the consumer. If the bad apples that try to spoil it for everyone, and those are the ones that get the most press. In a perfect world the companies sincerely trying to do a good job would get all of our attention, and the spammers would be largely ignored.

Health Product Infomercials
Health product ads are notorious for being over the top in their claims and overstating their benefits. The big problem is they don’t know when to stop. Instead of listing a few succinct benefits, they will rattle off a laundry list of things their product can help with. Many of today’s top selling health products are billing themselves as the cure to aging, which opens the door to saying they can fix just about anything that’s wrong with you.

Health Products That Don’t Work
There are some health products that flat out don’t work, but it’s hard to find this out before making your purchase. Some have become notorious, while others are still so new to the market that only those that have tried it know for certain that it’s junk. The problem is that many people will not say anything if it doesn’t work because health products are usually personal in nature, and people don’t want to admit that they have a condition, or got fooled into buying a shoddy product.

Compare this to other industries and it’s easy to see the difference. People don’t have any problem complaining about pet products, or owning up to the fact that they actually bought some of the more silly things they come up with for pets. Same thing goes for money-making programs. Most people don’t mind admitting to wanting to make more money. But it’s much harder to find honest reviews for something like a hemorrhoid product, because the reviewer is talking about something quite personal and a tad embarrassing.

Health Products Research
You would think that companies would do years of testing and make sure that their product is safe to use on humans before releasing it on a wide scale. Unfortunately, these businesses are so concerned with profit that they will usually forego the research, or do the bare minimum that is needed in order to get the green light and push forward. Research is expensive, and if you claim enough benefits people will buy your product without doing any sort of investigating or due diligence.

The big pharmaceutical corporations usually do the most testing, but they also have one of the highest rates of product recalls, and their drugs usually come with a long list of side effects. Smaller businesses usually don’t have the money or the facilities to properly test their product, and do the best they can with what they have.

Our Recommendation on Health Products

Our overall stance is that you probably don’t need a health product to get you healthier, and most anything can be fixed by a proper lifestyle, healthy eating, and regular exercise. If you have a specific condition like eczema or a cold sore, it’s probably best to use something to treat that specific ailment. We’ve done our best to sort out the riff raff when it comes to health products, because you have to respect your body and only put good things into it.

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