Does Gas X Really Work?

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Does Gas X really work?Simethicone is an orally taken substance that is used to prevent foaming and can therefore be used to reduce the effects of a bloated stomach and this agent is the active ingredient that is found inside Gas X. There are many products worldwide that contain Simethicone but Gas X is the biggest and most well-known brand containing this substance.

Gas X was first brought to the market in 2004 and since then the brand has grown to what it is now and challenging for the title of being the leading substance as a cure for excess gas in the stomach.

The substance comes in the form of a pill that is intended to be swallowed. The best effects of Gas X are seen when the pill is taken prior to a gassy or potentially bloat-inducing meal so that the substance is already in the system and waiting for the food to help break it down.

The Claim
The headline campaign of Gas X is simply two words “Pressures Off”. This does two things to promote the brand and convey confidence into the user. Firstly it gives the impression that it will completely remove the pressure of excess gas and a bloated stomach, as well as giving the user the idea that by using this tablet, they will no longer have any worries about having a bloated stomach or embarrasing gas.

The company that distributes Gas X also says that there are few to no other pills that will act as quickly as Gas X will at breaking down gasses in the stomach and relieving the consumer by claiming “unbeatable speed”.

This is a good claim for a product for those that feel the effects of gas, but there is no claim made about the longer-lasting effects for those consumers that experience gas all through the day or on a continual basis.

The Hype
The selling point of this product is clear and targeted. Gas X is not a product that will be bought by all consumers as an everyday, must-have item as say aspirin is. However, by targeting the market for those with a poor tolerance to gassy foods and substances the market is still open to around 140 million people a year. Bloated stomachs can affect people in different ways and at different stages throughout their lives. Each person will have a different ideal cure but the Simethicone agent found inside Gas X is wide ranging and almost certain to cure even just the mild discomfort and belly pain caused by gas.

The Cost
The price for 120 soft-gel pills of Gas X is currently retailing at around the $15 mark, but there are lots of companies that are offering the treatment as part of a multi-buy deal.

The Commitment
As well as consuming the Gas X soft-gel pill, there are a few other things that can be done to decrease the discomfort felt from bloated stomachs. Such simple things as increasing your intake of water and decreasing your intake of fizzy and alcoholic drinks will aid hugely. Eating slowly and avoiding foods such as broccoli, beans and bran will also help you in your cause.

Smoking and swallowing air inadvertently are also big contributors to feeling bloated, as is drinking through a straw. Now these are not rules that you must obey while you are taking the Gas X pills, but will significantly help with reducing stomach discomfort.

Some of the “designer diets” of today’s modern world are high in protein and fibrous foods which is great for the well-being and health of the body and are great at reducing calorie intake. However, these foods are often highly gassy and will cause discomfort and build up large amount of gas in the stomach which is a factor of how they work; by making the dieter feel full.

This can often turn users away from the good foods and back to the fatty and less gassy foods which cause less discomfort, which is obviously not ideal. Therefore, Gas X can be taken as a pill that will curb this problem and create a harmonious tummy with zero ill effects.

Does Gas X Really Work?

It is very easy to get a picture of the general consensus of how this product works and if it is indeed effective. Gas X is rated highly by those that have used and reviewed it, but is not the preferred choice by many users. However, Gas X does work and does reduce bloated stomachs.

Our Recommendation
Gas X has no harmful side effects and so can only be a good thing to reduce gas. However, it should only be used when the stomach is bloated and gassy to avoid the Simethicone from breaking down other substances internally.

Having said that, all the reviews are good and this product is definitely worth a shot at curing an irritating bloated stomach.

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380 Customer Reviews on “Does Gas X Really Work?

  1. From what I have read, I am not an expert, but have had problems with gas, is that the gas is fromeither too much fiber and it’s sitting in your digestive tract fermenting, or like one of the other individuals said, is it is food that isn’t digesting all the way and it is fermenting and causing the gas. Gas- does help, but it isn’t a long term solution. Some people in the peer reviews stated that they had low stomach acid and that is what is messing up their digestion.

  2. It helps a lot but I think I need to see a doctor. I asked Jesus to heal me and he lead me to get Gas X.

  3. Typically wake with a vague gut discomfort. Tried Simethicone (chewable tablets) in the evening. Takes a few hours to notice any effect. Doesn’t get rid of gas–which is impossible if you think about it. What it seems to do is take 20–30 little bubbles of gas and merge them into 2, or 3 large bubbles of gas, which is much easier to expel. If I take the tablets around 11pm, I will start having some impressive releases around 3–4am. By 7am, my gut feels much better and I can start my day feeling pretty good.

  4. I noticed if I cook my beans and veggies down super soft it helps. the closer to raw they are the worse it is.

  5. I have discovered when I take this product, the following day I have severe lower stomach and back pain. This has happened about 4 times and wasn’t sure it was the cause until today. ???????

  6. “to avoid the Simethicone from breaking down other substances internally.”

    Is that a fact or just excess gas?

  7. I used this medicine for the first time after a few months of waking up bloated and in pain. First morning after using this, did NOT wake with bloated gut or any discomfort. Will continue to use and see how well this keeps up. So far, happy, happy with this product.

  8. I tried it!, extra strength!, it did not work for my car pain!, so I called wal-green,s they said use!, alcalselser!, I Did! And my pain is going away! Thank you! WAL-GREEN,S PHARMACY BELLFLOWER CALIF.

  9. Try the low FODMAP diet. This will really as little as 7 days. Its hard..but its soo worth it. No pill will help with chronic GI problems. You need to cut out the crap from your diet. Its so hard but once you feel relief from bloating…theres no going back.

  10. Totally agree I drink coffee in the morning and bloat really bad have a salad for lunch eat raison bran as dessert as a mid day afternoon snack and I am super bloated I dont start releasing gas till late at night. Too late Im uncomfortable with a big ol stomach all thru the day.

  11. Those foods are completely necessary for healthy digestive system’s. It allows the body to release gas and bowels with ease.

  12. I agree with all those that say it doesn’t work. Better to take a half teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of cool water to relieve gas. It does a much better job.

  13. To LS, I unfortunately work the opposite of what you are suggesting. Brans just sit on my stomach and seem to slowly eliminate itself over days. Broccoli has become an all-time dreadful experience. I juice now with frozen fruit fresh spinach and fresh carrots. While I feel good about myself because that healthy drink holds me over until lunch, it seemingly has negative effects on my digestive system. I don’t know the symptoms of ibs because I haven’t been diagnosed but what I do know is now I have what I would describe as “hard gas” it’s loud difficult to pass and as soon as I let it all out it seems to form back up over the next 30-mins to an hour. Gas-x helps ease but definitely doesn’t take a preventative approach.

  14. I wake up each morning and have terrible pains with gas and I take two gas x the chewable tablets and it starts working in about 15 minutes and after an hour I feel completely better great product I would recommend it to anyone that has gas pain

  15. As I read these comments I am aware that you guys are not understanding. Simethicone does not take away gas.You still have to eliminate it the usual way. It is an anti foaming agent that reduces surface tension on gas bubbles. That creates a larger gas bubble that is easily passed. Being able to fart is a blessing to anyone doubled over in gas bubble hell. Better out than in. If you want to eliminate gas from forming you need one of those enzyme pills, like beano.

  16. It seems to have worked for me, but to ‘LS’ who says that people need to switch to health diets I beg to disagree. My healthy diet is actually causing the problems. I eat a lot of beans and vegetables and it causes a lot of gas problems. I never had the issues when I didn’t care what I ate. For the past 3 months my stomach has been a mess though, and I’m really happy to have given gas-x a try. For the first time in a while I feel like I’m NOT a ticking time bomb.

  17. Gas-x strips work great.I have a stomach rupture and when gas builds up the pain is terrible.I take two Gas-x strips and in 15 minutes the pain and bloating are gone,what a great product

  18. Yeah I completely agree with you. Sometimes the solution is simple as making slight changes to your diet to achieve results. A remedy for every single problem in the form of a pill is not exactly a doable thing. Especially if you’re someone like me who does not want to be constantly reliant on pills or other forms of medication. Unless it’s between life or death it’s not a good idea to just take things for problem out there.

  19. I have to be honest, I feel that everyone looks for a quick solution in an easy to swallow pill. Persistent gas after eating is an indication of a poorly functioning digestive system. In other words, your body is having a difficult time breaking down the food you just consumed and absorbing the vital nutrients that it needs to function properly. The best thing you can do is attack the problem at the source rather than mask the symptoms with products like this one. Switch to a healthier diet that is predominantly fruit, vegetable, and grain based, and supplement with probiotics.

  20. I purchased Gas X for my husband needless to say he has a major problem with gas. I paid ten dollars for a small bottle. I made him take them faithfully, but the gas was still there. I continued to have him take them for an additional week thinking it had to get in his system. I would pay a hundred dollars if the Gas X would work, but it didn’t work and it isn’t his diet as we don’t eat any beans, chili, spicy foods or bran in his diet. It may work for others, but it didn’t work for my husband. Maybe his gas is special.

  21. Thankfully, I don’t typically have issues with gas. However, a group of us went out to dinner at a restaurant I hadn’t been to before. Midway during the dinner I wasn’t feeling very well and started to have gas problems. A friend offered me Gas X. Within probably 20 minutes I felt a lot better. My stomach settled down and I didn’t feel as bloated or the need to pass gas. I did stop eating my meal and just drank plenty of water. I think it’s really important to have plenty of water when you’re having gas issues. It helps flush out the body.

  22. I have a long time problem with gas and bloating, so I tried GasX and I’m stilling waiting on it to work. It seems as if I have more gas. For the price of it I just knew it was going to do the job. This might be good for someone that have a small problem with gas.

  23. I ate too much Raisin Bran as a midnight snack. The next day my intestinal cramps and super bloated tummy were really bothering me, but I had work meetings I had to be at. My co-worker had some of the gas-ex pills. I took 3 (they say take 1 to 2, no more than 4 in 24 hours) and although the bloating didn’t entirely go away, at least the super discomfort went away a bit. The feeling that I needed to unbutton my pants, and the pain under my breastbone, went away so I could function.

  24. I’ve tried these.
    All they did did was help me burp a little. The major gas cramps, bloat, and pressure I battle everyday didn’t go away for me.
    I was hoping they would help, but unfortunately it turned out to be a waste of money 🙁

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