Does the Hearing Assist Really Work?

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Does Hearing Assist Work?Nothing is more frustrating then when a person cannot hear properly. In the beginning they may not even realize that they are having difficulty with this. A lot of people with this problem think its because others are not talking to them loudly enough. This is a problem that needs a solution. That solution may be Hearing Assist.

There are two choices when it comes to the Hearing Assist, which is really referred to as the Hearing Assist Recharge because this device is fully re-chargeable. The two choice are BTE and ITE models. The BTE is behind the ear. The ITE is in the ear.

The Claim
Hearing Assist claims they set out to discover a way to bring the costs of hearing devices down. Which they claim the average cost for a quality hearing aid can range between $2,000 to $6,000 for a pair.

The Hype
The hype for Hearing Assist revolves around the price and also the fact that they are fully rechargeable. Which eliminates the hassle of having to use new batteries all the time.

The Cost
Right now there is a limited offer being presented for a pair of the Hearing Assist. It is for the price of $499.98 which is $200. cheaper than the regular price. The company is also indicating that they have payment plans available.

The Commitment
Not much of a commitment when it comes to Hearing Assist. The biggest decision will be whether one wants the BTE or the ITE model. Everyone will have their own preference. But either model delivers the same quality as well as the same features. The BTE are available in difficult colors and have been made for great appearance, comfort and convenience.

The Hearing Assist has been designed for those who have mild to moderate hearing lost. It is FDA registered. For those that don’t have insurance coverage to cover the high priced hearing aids then Hearing Assist may be a great alternative. People that have difficulty hearing miss out on so much in life. Hearing Assist can be programmed for different settings. Which is comprised of quiet, noisy, TV and outdoor.

Final Hearing Assist Review

It is okay to rely on reviews for Hearing Assist, but keep in mind that when it comes to hearing everyone is an individual. Which means each person is going to get different results. We are prepared to give the Hearing Assist a thumbs up. Encouraging those that do buy Hearing Assist to take advantage of the guarantee if they are not satisfied with the product.

Our Recommendation
Whenever we are introducing a product we also like to give alternatives for comparison purposes. In this case the alternative is New Ear BTE.

What do you think? Does Hearing Assist work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does the Hearing Assist Really Work?

  1. These hearing aides are garbage and useless. They only magnify the noise and have an echo effect. Volume control is a dial that is either blasting or low volume. Don’t waste your money

  2. Jeanne Pierce asked the same question I would have asked back in April 2019 and I’ve not seen a reply for her question. AND
    We’ve not seen answers to any of the above questions.

  3. this is the biggest ripoff of the century, it,s a piece of junk and you will loose it if you don,t glue or tape the tube to the hearing aid itself . because they are to cheap to use a screw on tube instead of a junk push has a threaded connection on hearing aid itself but the tube itself just pushes on and will stretch and the hearing aid will fall off and leave tube in ear .DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  4. Ok what what does “mild to moderate” hearing mean? How do I know how much these aids will fix. What area do they improve the overall hearing? High or low frequency and what type of volume output in these ranges can I expect? I’ve tried some OTC type with little help.

  5. OK Guys, here’s the bitter truth. Rechargable batteries have a finite number of re-charges. They Do Not last forever. Are these batteries replaceable? How many charge cycles are these batteries rated for? How often do they need to be recharged with “normal” use?
    Without the answers to these questions we have nothing to go on. Reply please.
    Yours truly,
    mike grosser

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