Does Popsockets Really Work?

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Does Popsockets Work?Nowadays everything is all about ease and convenience, and just about every single person has a cell phone or access to one. When cell phones first came out it was all about making them smaller, but recently it’s now about how good the view screen is and how convenient it is about watching them. Popsockets are a great new addition to the cell phone line that can help users in many different ways.

With Popsockets you have the added luxury of being able to hold your cell phone with a little extra grip. You can use it to prop up your phone if you are looking at wanting to watch videos, movies, or even talk to your favourite people through video chat or any other type of streaming service you may have.

The Claim
The claim of the Popsockets is that there are able to improve your mobile experience by being able to provide a stand, a good grip, and even somewhere to wind up your earphones or something for your hands to play with while you are talking on your cell phone.

The Hype
The big hype with Popsockets is that there are so many different variations to choose from, you are able to pick a color that you like the most, as well as a ton of different styles to pick from as well.

The Cost
The cost for Popsockets at the As Seen on TV website is $14.99 and they have a bunch of different styles to choose from.

The Commitment
Popsockets are designed to make using your cell phone a little easier as well as making it a little more stylish. The adhesive they use makes it easy for you to use it over and over, and depending on what you want to use it for, it will last you quite a while.

The reviews of Popsockets have been pretty favorable and the fact that you are able to reuse the adhesive that they have makes it an durable and well worth the money that you spend.

Final Popsockets Review

There are many Popsockets products out there, and so far it seems like it is one of those gadgets that especially kids will use to help use their phone to the most extreme levels. Being able to tape yourself, as well as making selfies makes this product something that will be very sought after by the younger generation.

Our Recommendation

If you are looking for something a little different that has to do with cell phones you may want to check out Cell Control.

What do you think? Does Popsockets work or not?

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