Does Cell Control Really Work?

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Does Cell Control really work?Cell Control is a spy device enabling you to access a targets cell phone without them knowing. From here you can listen to live calls, monitor text messages, view call logs, see what emails they’ve received, what websites they’ve looked at and see where they are through GPS tracking.

The advantage is there is no trace to your own phone and you can even listen to conversations within a certain distance when the target isn’t using the phone. Cell Control would be ideal for private investigators and law enforcement officers, but also used if you’re wondering what your child is up to, whether your partner is cheating on you, or whether a staff member is seeking additional employment, to name just a few of the uses.

The Claim
Cell Control is very easy to download directly off the website, it is quick to download. You then will need to unzip the file on your computer and transfer the files to your cell phone. The advantage is it will work on any cell or smart phone and on any provider.

Once loaded you call the target number for thirty seconds so the phones can sync up, the 30 second call does not need to be answered. This software works on any phone in any country and there are no hidden costs or monthly fees.

The target will have no idea you are spying on them as there is no way to trace this back to your phone.

The Hype
The excitement about this product is the ability for law enforcement to spy on people they think are carrying out illegal activities, it’s also used by private investigators who have been hired to spy on people.

You don’t need to worry about what your child is up to anymore, you can pair the phones with ease after downloading the software and you will know where your child is, what they are doing and who they are with at all times, enabling you to reinforce rules and follow up on activities you don’t approve of.

The excitement is that you can be your own private investigator and the person you are spying on will never have a clue because you only need to make a thirty second call to pair the phones.

The Cost
For software this exciting you would expect it to be expensive and you would expect there to be a monthly charge. But Cell Control costs $69.99 and is available for immediate download once payment has cleared.

There are no monthly costs or hidden costs. You pay the one off fee and it comes with a thirty day money back guarantee, which is advantageous if for some reason you cannot get it to work.

There is excellent customer support via email that will help you if you are struggling with installation, pairing or any other problems you have using the software.

The Commitment
You need to be committed if you want to try this software. You need the patience to download the zipped file, unzip it on your computer and transfer the java file over to your mobile device.

Once the software is on your phone you can make a quick 30 second call to pair up the phones, luckily it does not require the target to answer their phone.

You need to accept that by doing this you will have full access to their phone, you will be able to search call logs, see what websites they view, check emails, listen in on calls and read their private text messages. You will also be able to listen in on conversations while they’re not on the phone, you must be prepared to hear things and read things you don’t want to know, that takes utter commitment.

Looking at this exciting software, it’s no surprise that it really does work. The target person will never know you’ve been spying on them and there is no way they can tell, they cannot trace it back to your phone.

The software is easy to download and use, so you don’t need to be a technical genius to get it working and it comes with clear instructions for every type of phone, so you really can’t go wrong.

Does Cell Control Really Work?

The simple answer is yes, it does work. Everyone who has tried the software has managed to download, unzip and transfer the software to their phones.

Once installed, you can access all the information off the target’s phone with ease and there hasn’t been one bad customer review, so in short this software really does work.

Whether you think your partner is cheating on you or you think your teenager is involved in things they shouldn’t be, you need to realize that by using Cell Control you may find out things you don’t want to know. Are you ready for that?

If you’re ready to accept whatever findings you get on their phone or what you hear during their phone calls, then this software is highly recommended.

What Do You Think? Does Cell Control Really Work?

37 Customer Reviews on “Does Cell Control Really Work?

  1. I was interested in the cell control and was looking forward to buy one. Thanks all for your experiences and have decided not to be a victim of this scam

  2. I bought cell control but it did not work for me but they did refund my money. Maybe it was something I did wrong. If Sally Sylvest did get this to work, I wish she would tell us how she did it…would love to have it…

  3. I have tried to get it to work for a week and it’s crap and I am not a get it to work either,, their tech support is crap too,, save your money it doesn’t work and if it were that easy they would have live tech support!! Don’t BUY!

  4. it is a scum. They are cheating and the software they provide has no ability to do what they say. There is no refound and no support. Your money is gone for nothing. T

  5. Cell control did not work for me. I tried it and was able to transfer the files to my blackberry but it gave me all the errors that were possible and I wasn’t to use it. When I tried to get online support they sounded exactly like the manual so I was back to square one. I would say it doesn’t work. I have asked for a refund.


  7. I dnt kno what type of phn u r using but I have a iPhone n it didn’t work for me n I have tried 4 days to make dis work NOT HAPPEN..

  8. Are YOU kidding me? What kind of a 64 year old grandmother talks like you and is “computer savvy”? My mother who is in her forties can’t figure this shit out. Out of 7 comments you are the only one, with a suspicious name to boot, that claims all the others are out of whack?? If this works, prove it. Tell everyone what they are doing wrong so we can use the damned software

  9. Are you kidding me? I am a 64 year old grandmother and bought this for my teenage grand children. It was very easy to install and works like a charm.
    These people reviewing are either competitors or not technical at all.

  10. I have more than for over 20 years professional experience in the IT industry, and have provided tier III technical support for major corporations.

    Simple tasks such as Unzipping, Converting .Jar to .APK and transferring files from computer to Mobile devices are not a big deal to me. The problem with CELL-CONTROL Control is, it simply DOES NOT WORK as advertised. If someone on planet Earth can prove me wrong, I will gladly retract my statement.

  11. IS Cell control really a scam or are stupid people attracted to cell control – like people who dont even know how to unzip a file??

  12. yo estaba por comprarlo, aunke con dudas, pero no me acepto el pago, dijo ke tenia ke estar inscrito en plimus, la verdad no entiendo bien como es, alguien ke me explique plis.

  13. It doesn’t work on iPhone or android or blackberry ( i tried them all!) since their files do not support the .jar files. that’s why they say in their website that they are not responsible to convert files (to .apk for iPhone and android. blackberry gives errors) and is not like you can just have a converter do it for you. if it was that easy they would just sell you the right files, If you were successful in installing it let me know what i did wrong.

  14. Does anyone know if this works on iPhone?
    I know it says it works on any phone in the article, but i’m not sure if you’re able to transfer the software over to the phone – or have i mis-understood that part?

    I have the need for something like this so appreciate any help 🙂

  15. I bought it , found false not working as described in the website , just bluetoooth auditing device , no real technical support , same rottine answers , No refund , they are a cheating company

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