Does Perfect Sit Up Really Work?

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Does Perfect Sit Up really work?Crunches are dreadful, and the Perfect Sit Up aims to make them more so. If you’ve felt the discomfort and frustration of doing crunches because you thought they were necessary to get a six pack, or at least to get stronger abdominals, you’ve no doubt been fascinated by the claims made by the makers of the Perfect Sit Up. But does it really work the way they say it does? Is it really perfect?

Perfect Fitness experienced a lot of success with their Perfect Push Ups system with many fitness clubs adding them to their equipment pile. The abs world is rife with several products hoping to make it into the homes of consumers, and each year a dozen new contenders enter the realm and vie for position.

The Claim
Perfect Fitness claims that their Perfect Push Ups machine gets you to work out all of your abs, not just half of them like traditional sit ups. If you’ve ever done a traditional crunch you’ve no doubt noticed that you get an extreme burn in your upper abs, but your lower abs go relatively unphased. By incorporating your legs into the exercise, they’ve enabled you to get a full abs workout with much the same motion.

They also claim that buy adding resistance to the mix that you are getting a more effective workout in less time.

The Hype
Following the success of the Perfect Push Up, Perfect Fitness has released the Perfect Sit Up at just the right time. It may or may not have been intentional but by establishing themselves in the mind of consumers with a push up product, they’ve sidestepped right into a saturated abs marketplace, but brought their reputation with them.

The hype comes in the form of referencing the Perfect Push Up and trying to pass along the effectiveness of that product with this one. Push ups and sit ups are not the same thing, so consumers shouldn’t assume that just because their push up grips worked well, that their abs gadget will too.

The Cost
You can pick up the Perfect Sit Up for $59.95, but you can also add the Level 2 upgrade for an extra $25.95 plus $9.95 shipping. Either way you go you can get out of the transaction for around $100.

It’s probably best to forego the upgrade when you’re first purchasing the unit, as they are preying on your current motivation in order to get the upsell. First find out if you’ll even use it, then if you find that you are, you can get the upgrade and really sculpt your midsection.

The Commitment
You’re still on the floor with this unit. Other abs workouts focus on the fact that they keep you up off the ground, so if you don’t like doing your ab routine on the floor, then you should be all set.

You’ll also still have to put the time and effort into it. This product isn’t making the abs workouts any less strenuous. In fact, you’ll find that when you use all of your ab muscles and have proper form that it’s actually more difficult than what you’re used to.

Does Perfect Sit Up Really Work?

The perfect Sit Up is what it is, but it isn’t a miracle worker. You have to get down on the ground and put it to use for it to “work”. So the better question is, will you work? Many people buy contraptions like this only to throw them in the trash. Landfills are full of old gadgets that people bought out of hope and discarded out of hopelessness.

Some soul searching must be done in order to tell if you’ll benefit from the Perfect Sit Up. Unlike other products on the market, this one doesn’t promise that you can sit around on the couch and work your abs. You have to have the will power to get yourself motivated to do the exercises. Only then will you see results. The product is helpful in keeping you in the proper form and making sure that you fully contract your entire abdominal wall.

Our Recommendation
If you’re serious about fitness, and want a six pack, you’ll have to do a lot more than just sit ups to get it. If you understand this, then Perfect Sit Up can help you along your journey as a valuable asset to your overall program. Be sure to use it in conjunction with a healthy eating plan, aerobic exercise, and resistance training.

Perfect Sit Up will allow you to get the best bang for your buck in the abs department, so you don’t have to spend a lot of wasted energy doing traditional sit ups with improper form.

If you want to save some money & get free shipping buy the Perfect Sit Up from Amazon.

What Do You Think? Does Perfect Sit Up Really Work?

17 Customer Reviews on “Does Perfect Sit Up Really Work?

  1. Worth it weight in gold.
    Makes ab work so much easier and makes sure you keep good posture throughout the workout.
    i’ll have those washboard abs soon 🙂

  2. I bought a perfect sit-up a few weeks ago after getting rather uncomfortable pains when doing normal sit-ups/crunches.

    It’s a bit pricey for what it is, but it has helped me maintain good posture throughout the sit-ups and also i no longer have the pains (only the muscle aches from working my abs).

    Without this there’s no way I’d have continued with the crunches as they were too painful.

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