Does Hydrolyze Really Work?

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Does Hydrolyze really work?Those that suffer from lack of sleep and the signs that this condition can leave on the eyes can now be cured by Hydrolyze. It is a cream that can be applied directly to the area under the eyes and will reduce the puffiness and blackening that is caused by tiredness.

Dark circles below the eyes can occur from a number of different reasons namely, lack of sleep, excess stress, the environment and general DNA make up in the genes of an individual. What ever the cause, dark circles are extremely irritating and can also be hugely embarrassing for the unfortunate individual.

The Claim
The researchers behind Hydrolyze claim that they have done some extremely intensive studying into the cause of dark circles and have concluded that it is a feature which occurs in some individuals that have fragile capillaries’ around the eyes. These will often leak when they are in bad condition and create the puffy and black effect. Hydrolyze claims that there product works beyond these issues to strengthen the capillaries and “Revive your youthful charm”.

They also state that their product will “Make dark circles a thing of the past” which gives an impression that the cream will completely cure the individual of black and puffy eyes and that the effects will last.

The Hype
Those that suffer from black puffy eyes are often highly embarrassed of their condition when it occurs and will then have their own self confidence knocked back a peg or two. This is a horrible emotion to place on anyone and so a cream that will solve these bad aesthetic effects is a welcome product and can allow sufferers to come out of hiding and enjoy their life once more.

The Cost
For a single tub of the Hydrolyze cream, you are looking at paying something in the region of $60 which is by no means at all cheap. This price will get you a 5.5 ounce tub of the cream which on recommended usage should last the user between one and two months.

The Commitment
The primary user of this cream will be women although research is showing that men are becoming more and more beauty conscious and therefore also now likely to purchase such a product. Therefore, the commitment is easy, the cream rubs directly into the skin and so leaves not traces of white substance and can therefore be used throughout the day without any worry.
The commitment required by the user is very small and simply requires the application of the cream to the area of skin below the eyes. This couldn’t be any easier for the user to gain such great results.

This product weighs in with a fairly hefty price tag which is by no means a crime but does make a big statement that this product “should” be reliable and do its job better than other forms of cream. Sifting through multiples of reviews can be time consuming which is why we have take that chore away from you and done it ourselves.

The main overriding theme of this product is that it was not people initial treatment for the issue of dark rings around the eyes owing to its dear price, but it is quite commonly seen that people that have tried other cheaper options that have not worked, have switched to using Hydrolyze and found that results were being seen in just a matter of days. This is an extremely strong and positive indicator that this is a good product. It is hard to find a bad review that does not relate to the price of Hydrolyze for the size of the container.

Does Hydrolyze Really Work?

From the market research that has been undertaken by reading multitudes of online reviews of customers that have bought this product, it is clear that this product does work as an agent for removing dark shadows beneath the eyes.

Our Recommendation
The relatively high price tag of Hydrolyze will price many consumers out of the market straight away; we guess that the question that has to be asked is how much you really want to clear up the problem of black eyes. If the answer is terrible because the dark eyes are affecting your self-confidence and perhaps even career, then this product is strongly recommended for you and you will simply have to bear the brunt of the price tag.

However, if you occasionally get black eyes then spending the best part of $100 on a treatment does not make sense.

What Do You Think? Does Hydrolyze Really Work?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does Hydrolyze Really Work?

  1. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I get I have dark circles around my eyes. I’ve been using Hydrolyze for awhile now and I think it does reduce the dark circles. I put a dot under my eyes, then I add a touch of my makeup and I am ready to go for the day. It cost a bit more than some other products, but mine last for several months. I only use a dot under each eye on days when they are really dark. It does work.

  2. Is $60 really worth it? It looks like it could have some excellent results when given a chance. I’ve been fooled by expensive products that ended up not working like the mall scammers said it would. So I’m a little cautious when I see skin care products at high prices. But at the same time you’d think the quality would be much better because it’s at a premium price. But since LS and Barb got fantastic results from I definitely check it out for myself.

  3. I have a very busy life, so I often have to sacrifice sleep to get everything done. This results in embarrassing dark circles under my eyes that I have to struggle to cover up completely with makeup. I hate caking makeup onto my face, though, so I would much rather find a solution that gets to the source of the problem. I will definitely invest in this product to give it a try, especially since it comes highly recommended. Hopefully it will finally give me the relief and clear skin under my eyes that I want and I need.

  4. Until I read this article I didn’t realize how expensive Hydrolyze is. I actually got to try the product for free. I attended a charity function that had hundreds of gift baskets. You had to pay for tickets and you placed them in the small boxes next to the baskets you were interested in. I won a spa basket and Hydrolyze was one of the items. I have always had puffy eyes due to poor sleep and allergies. I have tried other products in the past but never noticed a difference. I tried Hydrolyze expecting to see little results. I was wrong! My eyes appeared much less puffy and even co-workers commented on the difference. A big thumbs up from me!

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