Does HGH Energizer Really Work?

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Does HGH Energizer work?HGH Energizer is a product that is trying to capitalize on the widely publicized use of human growth hormone in adults. Since it’s not legal for them to sell the drug directly, they are trying to make the case that their concoction of ingredients stimulates the production of growth hormones by your body. But can the ingredients they include in this really up the production of HGH in your body, or is it all just an elaborate hoax?

You may be familiar with HGH by some of the professional athletes that have gotten themselves into trouble by using it as a performance-enhancing drug. It’s not allowed in any major sporting association, as well as the Olympics. Of course it didn’t take long for people to raise the question of whether there are benefits for non-athletes. Research into the effects are still largely unknown, but preliminary indications show that it is a promising supplement for the body, and it is sometimes prescribed by doctors to non-atheletes.

The Claim
HGH Energizer claims that taking it can give you more energy, provide better muscle tone, boost your immune system, give support to your cognitive abilities, and give you a more youthful sex drive. They say that as we age we produce less and less HGH, and that is why there is usually a decline in how energetic you feel, how much muscle you have, the effectiveness of your immune system, your cognitive functioning, and your sex drive.

The Hype
Any supplement that brings up human growth hormone is riding on the hype created by news stories about new studies coming out on the effects of HGH, as well as big name sports stars getting accused of using it to enhance their abilities. It’s also sometimes prescribed by doctors to treat patients that are showing signs of a low production of HGH. So they are capitalizing on the exclusivity of being able to take something with HGH in it.

The Cost
HGH Energizer is $48 a month, which includes shipping, but they give volume discounts. You can get a 6 month supply for $130 which also includes shipping. They have a 90 day money back refund policy, but it’s only on unopened products, so you might want to start with just one month at first if you decide to go with this. They mention something about a free lifetime supply and secret packages, and what they are referring to is your ability to order refills for “free” and paying only $16 shipping for it.

The Commitment
All that is required is to take two pills along with a meal once per day. They also provide advice on how to supplement your intake of their product with an exercise program, and eating right. If you’re considering going with an HGH supplement, you’re probably looking for a fast and easy answer to a lot of different problems or conditions. However, a one pill fits all solution is pretty hard to find. You should break down your individual concerns, and tackle them each on their own. Find products that are specifically designed to treat just one condition, and follow their directions.

HGH Energizer is full of ingredients that are debated as to what sort of effect they have on the body. For example, they use Tribulus Terrestris, which is lacking any scientific evidence that it works, and signs are pointing to it not having any effect. They also include L-Arginine, which shows more signs that it is effective, and L-Glutamate, which isn’t really backed up too well by the scientific community. Although all of these ingredients are trumped up as having muscle building or other athletic enhancing effects, the actual data on them is sparse and unassuring.

HGH and Supplements
It is interesting to note that the FDA and FCC monitor these sort of products pretty closely, because there are a lot of things that the manufacturers of these products can’t say. For example, they can’t specifically claim that this is the cure to any sort of disease. They also can’t include any HGH directly, as this is not legal, and can only be prescribed by a physician. Other dietary supplement products out there must adhere to the same rules, but it seems they are specifically hard on manufacturers of products with HGH in the name.

Final HGH Energizer Review

You can safely take a pass on HGH Energizer, as it doesn’t build a strong enough case as to why it should work. When all of the ingredients that you include in your products are unproven, and lack the scientific data needed to back up your claims, it is unlikely that the sum of these ingredients will somehow magically work. Also, taking something like HGH as an overall body improvement strategy is not a good idea. While it may be proven that the body loses HGH as it ages, there are ways to combat this using all natural means, and you don’t have to resort to drastic measures.

Our Recommendation
We don’t recommend going with dietary supplements claiming to be HGH boosters. Most of the time, they are just riding on the coattails of the actual GH drug. In the best cases they contain natural ingredients that just happen to be good for the body, so they might provide some health benefits. However, there are better options available to depending on what your main concern is. If you want to lose weight, there are better pills to take than this. If anti-aging is your concern, there are also more specific products that tackle this issue directly.

What do you think? Does HGH Energizer work or not?

264 Customer Reviews on “Does HGH Energizer Really Work?

  1. Who wants to bet “Jaxon” works for HGH Energizer and is trying to save face for his crappy product? This website is 100% correct, HGH Energizer is crap and is a complete waste of money. Nice try “Jaxon”.

  2. Isn’t it a common knowledge now that HGH really works? It’s not a myth anymore. The only thing is the dangers that come with using it, but it’s been exaggerated so much by the media that it’s not even funny. HGH like any substance is bad for you if you overdose it, but I heard plenty other cases where people saw benefits in better vision, mood, reflex, and it definitely helps you build muscle. The only question is does HGH Energizer work? Only one way to find out.

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