Does the Hot Locks Styler Really Work?

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Does the Hot Locks Styler Work?A lot of women spend hours upon hours getting their hair to look good. Whenever a hair tool comes along that indicates that it can do a great job in a shorter amount of time, then it is worth looking at. One of the most recent ones to hit the market is the Hot Locks Styler.

This new hair styling unit is a all in one gadget that means no more having to switch different attachments to get the hair style that you want. It is promoted as being good for the hair with its cool to the touch feature. It has two heat settings allowing for good heat control, and it quick to use.

The Claim
The Company claims that the Hot Locks Styler will allow you to create a salon look for your hair in a matter of minutes.It is supposed to enhance body, shine and volume. Plus they say their device is cool to the touch. They give credit to the technology that this hair styler is comprised of which is the strategically positioned channels located on the device.

The Hype
Just the fact they are indicating that the Hot Locks Styler means getting the look you want for your hair in a much shorter time period is a big interest catcher. It is being touted as a very versatile hair gadget that lets you curl, straighten or create beautiful waves quickly and easily. They are saying that it makes damaged hair look a whole lot better. This is good news for a lot of people who worry about these types of hair units doing damage to their hair.

The Cost
You will pay $19.99 for the unit plus $7.99 shipping and handling, and will also receive a free travel bag to house your Hot Locks Styler in.

The Commitment
No matter how simple a hair styler is, they always come with a learning segment to them. You will need to read the instructions carefully, then practice with it until you get the look that you want and you feel comfortable with it.

The technology behind the Hot Locks Styler is interesting.The promo video talks about how the heat is emitted from the center of the barrel. This is quite different compared to a lot of the hair styling units where the heat runs the full length of the barrel. It has two heat settings and is cool to the touch. It is also being indicated that it works for all kinds of hair.

Final Hot Locks Styler Review

We’re going to give the Hot Locks Styler a Thumbs Up rating, even though it is new and as such has no review ratings as yet. The reason being is because the promo video looks authentic. The heat is in the center of the barrel where the hair being treated requires it. There are not a bunch of gadgets that needs to be changed to create the various looks. It definitely appears to be simple to use and is a time saver.

Our Recommendation
We reviewed a similar product in the past called the Perfecter Styler. It too meant that you didn’t have to use a bunch of different attachments to get the look you wanted. The big difference here is the price. The Perfecter Styler is much more pricey.

What do you think? Does Hot Locks Styler work or not?

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