Does Overstock Really Work?

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Does Overstock Work?Overstock is a well known company that is reported as offering some great deals on a large variety of products online.They are a company that has provided tons of products to thousands of customers, but the question is, are they happy customers?

The Company was formed in 1999 by Dr. Patrick M. Byrne with the idea of selling excess product inventory online by being able to offer great prices, and easy shopping convenience. The idea turned out to be a good one, as this online company grew quickly and became a leading outlet for excess stock. The company grew from 1.8 million in 1999 to 1.3 billion in 2013.

The Claim
The Company claims that when they first started out it was as a online liquidator. Now they sell a vast number of products ranging from furniture to home decor and cars as well.

The Hype
The Company indicates that it offers high quality products comprised of great value and this is all backed with good customer service. They make shopping online convenient, and with the offerings of so many products it really can be classed as a one stop shopping experience for clients who are looking for bargains.

The Cost
With so many products the costs of course vary, but there are always deals and extra savings being offered. For example, currently in the home and garden section there is a up to 70% off plus an extra 10% off select garden and patio furniture.

The Commitment
Recently Overstock has been running some television ads which is creating some interest amongst many shoppers who as of yet maybe have not shopped at Overstock. Before doing so some want to check out the reviews for them online. As with any business especially the big ones like Overstock there are bound to be mixed reviews. It is important to keep an open mind when studying these reviews and forming an opinion based on them.

It would appear as though there are a lot of reviews to be found online regarding Overstock. However, when you think about the number of customers they service in a year then compared to this the number of reviews is really quite minimal. Still those that are present have to be considered. While the complaints vary a lot of them seem to be focused around delivery problems.

Final Overstock Review

We are going to give the Overstock Company a Try/Buy rating. Although there are many negative reviews we have considered the number of people that shop at this online site, compared to the number of negative reviews. We also looked at their standing with the BBB for Utah, for example. In this case there were 263 complaints laid over a three year period.The majority of these concerned products/services. In any event the BBB here has rated the Overstock Company as meeting the BBB accreditation standards.

Our Recommendation
We recommend that you take your time in researching the site and reading all of its policies so you have a clear understanding of what shipment and return policies are. There are several excellent online shopping sites, and some of which we have talked about before like Bargain Room. You need to exercise the same amount of caution with online shopping as you do with any other type of shopping experience.

What do you think? Does Overstock work or not?

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