Does Ceiling Saver Really Work?

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Does Ceiling Saver Work?Water or rust stains on your ceiling can mean a whole lot of work to try and correct this. Ceiling Saver may be the easy solution both in the way it is applied, and the results it boasts of giving.

The whole idea of Ceiling Saver is that you are just supposed to be able to spray it on and then watch the stain disappear. It is a stain blocker and sealer that comes in a can with an upward spray nozzle that makes it easy to apply, and is powerful enough to be applied from 3 feet away. It is supposed to work on water and rust stains.

The Claim
The company claims that the product coats the stain on the outside and then as it penetrates into the stain it seals it, which in turn prevents it from bleeding through again. They claim that the upward nozzle is powerful enough that you won’t even have to stand on a ladder to reach the area that you are treating.

The Hype
Anyone that has had to deal with ceiling stains often become frustrated because after a day or two the stain seeps through whatever they have used as a cover up, and presents the same nasty problem. Having a product like Ceiling Saver that says it will prevent this is a real attention getter. It also means that the entire ceiling may not have to be totally repainted which is a big bonus.

The Cost
The cost of Ceiling Saver is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. If you add an extra $7.99 then you will get a second can free.

The Commitment
You are going to have to follow the directions and be committed to using the product. You will then need to observe it carefully to see if it is doing all that it claims to be able to do. It comes with the Telebrand guarantee so if you are not happy with the product you can return it within 30 days, but you will still end up with the shipping costs. This should give you enough time to determine if the product is doing all that it says it will do.

The promo certainly makes the application of the product look easy. This ceiling problem is one that a lot of people have to deal with. It just takes one small leak to make a ceiling look unsightly. Often just trying to cover it with a latex paint doesn’t work. Within a few days the stain bleeds through. If this product works as it claims to, then it is going to be something that many households will want to have on hand.

Final Ceiling Saver Review

The Ceiling Saver has a lot of good benefits attached to it.Based on these we are going to give it a Thumbs Up rating. Mostly because there isn’t much else on the market that has a proven track record for producing these types of results. You can use the return guarantee if it doesn’t work, although you do lose the shipping cost.

Our Recommendation
One other product that was touted as being able to remove stains from ceilings was the Instagone Pro and it hasn’t received great reviews. Basically at Amazon that product is receiving a 3 star rating. Our readers have given a 18 thumbs down compared to a 6 thumbs up. Ceiling stains can be such a horrific problem that it is important to try and find some form of a solution and the Ceiling Saver just might be it.

What do you think? Does Ceiling Saver work or not?

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