Does Instagone Pro Really Work?

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Does Instagone Pro Work?With so many household cleaners on the market, for one to grab our attention to review it has to have something about it that demands taking a look at. We chose to review the Instagone Pro because of a few of the somewhat unique cleaning problems that it claims it can tackle. Let’s see how it withstood our scrutiny.

The product has been designed to tackle a whole gambit of household chores and seems to be up for the tasks of many cleaning projects both indoors and out. It is being promoted as basically a spray and wipe type of cleaner. The Instagone Pro is the latest version of the orginal Instagone Cleaner that has been around for fifteen years.

The Claim
The Company claims that it can tackle the stains of stucco just as easily as it can get rid of the mold and mildew that is so commonly found in the grout of shower tile. They state that no scrubbing is necessary and demonstrate it as being a spray and wipe process that gives you good results.

The Hype
Credibility is the key factor that is being relied on here. This was originally accomplished with the original Instagone, so the Company doesn’t have to create a lot of hype it would seem with existing customers. The target seems to be for fresh buyers which means a fresh marketing approach. All the right words have been used to glean the buyer interest. It is easy to use, effective, and when you see the price then if it can live up to its promises it is well worth the decent asking price.

The Cost
If you purchase directly from the site you can buy the Instagone Pro for about $18. which includes the shipping and handling. This is a concentrated product so your purchase gives you the opportunity to make two 22oz. bottles of the Instagone Pro. If you want to add another $7. to this you can double your offer. Now add an extra $8. to this and you can get a can of the Instagone Quick Shot.

The Commitment
First you need to decide what it is that you have to clean that your current products just aren’t able to handle. It could be something that fits into one of the categories already covered in the marketing material. Or perhaps you have a unique cleaning problem that so far you have not been able to find the solution for. Now that you have identified a need, the next step will be to carefully read all of the instructions when you do receive the Instagone Pro. You want to be sure that the item being cleaned is safe for the use of this cleanser, and you also want to be sure you are following the directions in order to make full use of the product properly.

What attracted us to the Instagone Pro at this particular time is the fact that many people are entering into the spring cleaning mode. Along with this task can come some rather unique challenges. Perhaps you had a roof leak throughout the winter which is quite common but now you have a stain on your ceiling tile to deal with. This particular product indicates that it may be able to tackle this very difficult type of a stain. Another big clean up job is the patio furniture, especially if you haven’t been able to store it in a clean space over the winter. We felt that if the Instagone Pro was able to provide good success even with just these two cleaning challenges then it may be something that a lot of people will want to give a try.

Final Instagone Pro Review

We decided to give this product a solid Try/Buy. We are taking into account the track record of the original product, but at the same time we believe that even a newer version of a product has to build its own credibility. As with many products that hit the TV marketing segment this product has become available on Amazon. It has received a fair amount of general cleaning reviews and received a 4 1/2 star rating. Although there were few negative complaints, the ones that were there had enough concern to prevent us from going with a full thumbs up rating.

Our Recommendation
We consider this to be one of those products that you would want to try if all else has failed. Although there are tons of cleaning products on the market and they do appear similar, they do all have individual formulas. The Instagone Pro just may be the right mix of cleaning compounds that are needed for that tough cleaning job that you are faced with. Before you make your final decision though you may want to check out other potential cleaning solution reviews that we have done.

What do you think? Does Instagone Pro work or not?

46 Customer Reviews on “Does Instagone Pro Really Work?

  1. Is this product safe for pets around the house – specifically cats. I understand that some cleaning products can be very dangerous for animal. Is this item natural products or chemical

    Would appreciate your help. I do need something that will clean our blinds which other items do not work.

    Thank you, Vera

  2. This is the best product I have ever used. It works miracles on mildew in my shower area. I just spray and the dark mildew just disappears. I have been using this product for approx. 2 years and I will not use anything else, because this is all I need.

  3. This product did not work at all. Tried it on stone walkway, stain on kitchen sink and carpet. Waste of money.

  4. when sprayed stain in carpet went by directions of short spurts until covered wait few min. used towel to pat dry from center outward ,did this every day until can was empty,(sorry stains are still their) It did not work for me at all.

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