Does My Fun Fish Tank Really Work?

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Does My Fun Fish Tank Work?It won’t be long before school is out and the kids will be looking for some entertainment. This is the time of year they start asking for a pet, and an ideal solution may be a few goldfish, but along with this little gift you may want to think of the My Fun Fish Tank as the fish home, as it is a breeze to clean.

Almost every youngster yearns for their very own pet fish at some point in time, but the fish bowl clean up is not a chore they are ready to take on in return for their new pet fish project. The My Fun Fish Tank may be the solution for both you as the parent who usually gets stuck with the fish cleaning task, and the youngster who wants a fish that comes without the cleaning responsibilities. This product doesn’t come with the fish, but it could really provide a great solution for providing a clean healthy environment for them when you do purchase them.

The Claim
The company claims that keeping the water for the fish clean and clear has now become an easy task. They say all you have to do is add fresh water at the same time you are draining off some of the old water and the dirt and debris from the fish bowl will come with it. The result is sparkling clear water for the fish to swim in, and the kids to enjoy watching their fish live it. They claim it is the self cleaning aquarium. They state that this innovative product can turn any room where it resides into a underwater discovery.

The Hype
The incentives that the company builds for buying the My Fun Fish Tank is easy. All they had to do is focus on the easy to clean method it provides and that has handled the chief complaints of parents who don’t enjoy this cleanup chore. It appeals to the kids because they now have a valid argument to present to their parents regarding the clean up. Also it really is a simple fish tank investment without requiring a lot of additional aquarium accessories.

The Cost
You are getting a two part offer here when you purchase from their official website. The first part is for about $22. you are going to get the tank with a white LED light and Riverbed stones. Now if you want to add $6.95 to your cost you can get a aquatic plant,6 glow in the dark stones,and one red and one blue LED light. So to get the whole bundle you are looking at about $29.

The Commitment
While this product seems to solve the tank cleaning problem, there is still some responsibility that comes with owning the fish, like feeding them. This is certainly a task that you may want to pass on to the new little owner, but with some guidance. One of the reasons fish tanks get so dirty quickly in the first place is from over feeding. Also, in order for the My Fun Fish Tank to really work it does require the addition of new water and the draining of the old water.

We really see a lot of good value with this product. It doesn’t eliminate all of the responsibility of caring for a fish, which really you don’t want to do anyway. Having fish as a starter pet is a good way of teaching a young one the responsibilities that come with pet ownership. This product does make the task of tank cleaning a whole lot easier so teaching the kids is a little more pleasant. Getting the kids used to simple pets like fish is a great learning experience. You can step out of the home pet scene and introduce them to some of nature’s beauties as well with great learning like the My Spy Bird House.

Final My Fun Fish Tank Review

We are going to give this product our Thumbs Up rating. It is a simple product that doesn’t come with a lot of assembling or puts too many demands on the youngster or makes extra work for the parents. It would make an ideal affordable gift with of course the extra cost and work of going out to buy the fish itself. It doesn’t take up a lot of room, so it would be perfect for the small bedroom.

Our Recommendation
We encourage you to include the children in the water changing of the tank as needed and according to the directions. This way you are still giving them some responsibility of pet ownership but with a lot less hassle and something that most youngsters will be able to do independently. Once you have gotten your youngster used to this simple fish cleaning method and you are sure that their interest in aquarium fish is not just a passing endeavor you may want to step up to a more elaborate but still simple aquarium like the Fascinations USB Desktop Aquarium.

What do you think? Does My Fun Fish Tank work or not?

60 Customer Reviews on “Does My Fun Fish Tank Really Work?

  1. I was super skeptical about getting this tank, as I do not agree with keeping fish in a tank with out a filter. How ever, I tried to keep Berta’s in a fish tank with filters and they die with in a week cause the water flow is too strong for them (even in a small one gallon tank) so, I tried it and bought a blue paradise male betta and he has been fine and happy for the last four months and I do a partial cleaning at least twice a week and haven’t had any issues so far. As long as you keep up with the cleaning, it actually isn’t bad.

  2. Would this be acceptable to keep the tiny shrimp in? I know it is too small for fish, but curious about those tiny little shrimp I’ve seen in the pet stores. I have a 35 gallon tank, but don’t want to put shrimp in there for fear they may eat my other fish. Thanks for any advice.

  3. The fish tank that is being sold didn’t say that it would be a tank for all fish sizes so for those who are complaining about the size of the tank stop. The way to obtain high amounts of oxygen and cleanliness all you have to do is just replace the water.

    I have a healthy, vibrant Betta fish living in a MyFunFishTank for about a year now. The fish is colorful, active and doing well. You need to apply some basic fundamentals in order for the fish to thrive.
    1. MyFunFishTank is only suitable for one Betta fish or a few guppies. Do not place in direct light (from a bulb or sun) or else excessive algae growth will occur.

    2. For Betta fish, the water in the tank needs to be kept between 74 degrees F to 82 degrees F for optimum health, especially during the winter months. Depending on the climate of where you live, some sort of heating device may be needed to keep the water between these temperatures. I placed a small 20 watt aquarium heater in a water filled container with a lid and some rocks and placed the MyFunFishTank on top. Make sure the aquarium heater is plugged into a GFCI outlet for safety reasons. An aquarium thermometer (either stick-on or glass bulb) is also a must to confirm the water temperature and you’ll need a small net with a fine, delicate mesh for gently removing/transferring fish.

    3. Never use water straight from the tap for flushing and replenishing the tank. It must be conditioned to remove harmful chemicals. I keep a cleaned out 1 gallon plastic milk jug in which I add about 7 drops of water conditioner to 1 gallon of water and let it sit for about 1 hour before use. Water conditioner is inexpensive and available at several pet shops & department stores. I average a water flush about every 1 to 3 days after the evening feeding, depending on how much food is left uneaten. Obtain a square container (cut plastic milk bottle) to keep next to the MyFun FishTank for catching the overflow water. The concept of MyFunFishTank relies on the changing of dirty water with fresh, conditioned water……..this is better than filtering the same dirty water over and over again !!!

    4. Feed the fish regularly in the morning and the evening per the amount specified on the selected fish food. There are pellets available at pet shops and department stores specifically suited for Bettas.

    5. Change the arrangement of the rocks or ornaments in the tank every few months. Even with the small size of the tank, the fish will thrive due the environmental stimulus of scenery changes.

    6. You will still need to give the tank a good cleaning about once every 5 to 6 months. Use tap water (use no soaps or cleaners) and paper towel for rinsing and cleaning the inside of tank surfaces, tubes, rocks and ornaments. Refill the tank after cleaning with the conditioned water and make sure the temperature is between 74 degrees F to 82 degrees F. Gradually re-introduce the fish into the water after cleaning the tank.

    MyFunFishTank will be an excellent home for a single Betta or a few guppies if you follow the above guidelines.

  5. This tank does not clean everything from the bottom and I believe this contributed to my beta’s early death. If you purchase be sure to periodically clean the entire tank including rocks and plants.

  6. I have owned tanks for years and have several now. I bought this for my office for the sole fact that water changes can be done every day without hassle or notice from co-workers. I added a small sponge filter and live plants. Currently it houses 5 cherry shrimp, small snails and a one Otto. The Otto seems very happy and the water parameters are perfect. It has been established for two months and the water is changed around 100% a week. I keep a gallon (pre prepped) jug at my desk and just add/remove a cup or two a day.
    Yes, it’s small but with proper care it’s a great little aquarium, not cruel. Just my opinion.

  7. This tank is not for frogs! It’s meant for fish. I have this tank and it works really great for my fish. He seems really happy.

  8. At first I loved this tank and my frogs were more active in the bigger tank. But within a week, they croaked by getting trapped under the bottom plastic piece. Wish I could return after having used it.

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