Does the Wonder Core Really Work?

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Does the Wonder Core Work?It’s not too late to start working on getting into shape for those upcoming days at the beach and strutting around with that new fab figure or physique that you are intent on having this summer. Let’s see if the Wonder Core can help you reach this objective in a fast and efficient manner without spending a ton of money on exercise equipment.

The Wonder Core yet again is another piece of exercise equipment, but when you think of the amount of people that really want to get themselves in shape, there can never been too many choices of when it comes to work out resources. This particular exercise item is touted as being a six in one machine that is usable by both sexes.

The Claim
The company claims that using this workout machine properly will allow you to work out from top to bottom, and offer a impressive 180 degree of motion.It has a 3 setting resistance choice allowing for a 6 in one core workout.

The Hype
All of the key want and need elements of getting into shape whether you are male or female are being addressed in the marketing pitch for the Wonder Core.They use celebrities to promote it and yet make it just as inviting for the Mom with kids who doesn’t have a lot of time to herself for following a rigid exercise regime. It has addressed the concern for comfort which is hard to imagine when you are exercising with its roller massage technique. It addresses the potential safety concerns that many people who are not used to workouts are concerned about. Its ergonomic design takes care of this.

The Cost
The first thing that is going to catch your attention with the prime promo marketing is the the bold standout price of $14.99. Now you surely realize that a piece of equipment such as this is not going to sell for this low price. This is actually the 14 day trial cost, which you pay up front, then if you decide to keep the Wonder Core you are going to pay $149.97. You can have this broken down into three payments if you choose to.

The Commitment
Just as we tell you with any weight loss program or getting fit equipment that we review, you have to be dedicated to reaching the goals that are going to make you feel good about the way you look. Buying the machine and having it set up in your exercise area is not all that is required of you. You are going to achieve the best results by following the intended use of this product. Also, you will note by the bonus that comes with this equipment it includes a nutrition guide. You can tell just from this that exercise and use of the machine alone is not all that is going to be expected of you. Perhaps a change in lifestyle that is geared towards healthy eating is something you will need to focus on as well.

When deciding to do a review of the latest get fit equipment it meant making a choice between this Wonder Core or something like the 3 Bar Crosstrainer which would run you about $1,287. We opted for the Wonder Core because the price was appealing.


Final Wonder Core Review

We are going to give the Wonder Core a solid Try/Buy, for several reasons. One because it is a unisex piece of equipment. All too often many of the different types of work out equipment is applicable to either the guys because it is heavy duty, or the gals because it is lightweight and easy for them to handle. The Wonder Core is designed perfectly to provide the potential results that most people who want to look impressive are looking for. We also like the fact that it doesn’t take up a lot of room, and set up seems easy. We also like the 6 exercise options.

Our Recommendation
You have a total core work out opportunity with the Wonder Core, however if you are looking for something even more simple and just want to focus on your ab muscles then you may want to take a look at the Ab Circle Pro, which is also a little cheaper.

What do you think? Does Wonder Core work or not?

57 Customer Reviews on “Does the Wonder Core Really Work?

  1. I was a bodybuilder but unfortunately became ill and had to give up for a while. I’m on the road to going back to it and bought the WC2 to start me back up.
    The question really is…What are the results you want? Are you going to use the machine for a month and turn into Lazer? No. But if you’re looking for a great core strength activator then, yes. It’s AMAZING when used in conjunction with a medicine ball (overheads) for lower abs (this also helps rotator cuff injury). In my opinion it’s far superior to an incline bench. If you just want a toned look and you use it properly, include a medicine ball and increase the resistance weight when you’re ready, and watch nutrition, it is fantastic for that. I think it’s a great buy. It currently available on UK for £89 which is a bargain. I’d buy it just for the ab workout. Brilliant for post baby tummy! And if you are so broke it’s a bit steep there are loads on eBay! I’d went for new to be safe, and it’s only about 2 months gym membership when you think about it. Also doesn’t give me any discomfort or my partner. I’m 5 foot 7 and he’s 5 foot 10.

  2. BY FAR THE WORST THING I HAVE EVER USED!!!!really hurts your back and your neck the seat is far to small and I am not even big definitely not designed for talk people either absolutely the worst do not buy spend your money on a treadmill or something

  3. We’ve had the wondercore 2 nearly 3 months now. And my partner and I have stuck too a tough exercise plan, with rest days, and good protein and carb intake, and I must say , the results are fantastic We paid almost £100 UK, and is money well invested. There are Numourous excersises with the wondercore 2 , and is suitable for all ages and gender. If you are buying the wondercore 2 , you will be 100% satisfied with the equipment and sticking too a properly controlled diet and fitness plan, you’ll be amazed at the results .

  4. at 149 if it works its not to costly the guys who keep complaining it cost to much SHUT UP we just want to know if it works.thats the question not the price value etc

  5. I’ve used this after suffering with a bad back. After 4 weeks I definitely saw a difference with my stomach.

  6. I can see why someone who hadn’t really done much exercise might think it works. They would probably get the same sensation if they had done some situps. This machine is all hype. It is well constructed I will give them that but the only useful exercise is the sit ups. It’s a lot of money to do the same thing you get on a incline bench. But here’s the main problem, the rollers that sit behind the knee joint don’t adjust and it my case at only 5ft 9inches tall the rollers pivoted on my calf muscle making it painful to do the situps. I think the TV advertising is misleading and uses short actors who developed their six packs using traditional methods. My advice Don’t Buy One!

  7. Who cares what it costs!! I want to know if it really works, can u lose inches on ur waist???? Does anybody know????

  8. The cost of it is very high is the first thing and it may low price your sales will high .

  9. Too expensive. Seems to be designed for rich.
    If the cost reduces then surely ill buy it

  10. It’s cost is very high. It must be suitable an average common man than every body ready to buy it. It seems to be designed for the rich

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