Does Voxxsol Really Work?

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Does Voxxsol Work?Time to get out the golf clubs, and start practicing that perfect swing, and if you are looking for something that might give you a bit of an edge on your golfing buddies then you might want to take a look at Voxxsol.


For golf enthusiasts anything they can do to help improve their game a little is something that is view with high interest. There are tons of resources to use like self help and videos but the Voxxsol is an insole that fits into your golf shoes that really helps to relieve tenseness and discomfort which in turn allows you to concentrate on your golf swing. Beyond this though this innovative product is ideal for use for many other types of athletes either amateur or pro.


The Claim

The company claims that you will instantly feel comfort and be free from pain once you have inserted these insoles into your favorite shoes and begin to put them to use.They say that it will help your strength and your balance as well as improve your range of motion. They indicate that you can look forward to increased energy

The Hype

The approach to potential consumers for this product is quite extensive. While it seems to be a product that many golfers are relying on to help improve their performance, the hype addresses both genders who are involved in a variety of activities. For those that rely on their foot movement to help with their sporting abilities the promoters of this product are reaching out to them with their message of the benefits and features being offered.

The Cost

The cost of the Voxxsol insoles will depend on where you are purchasing them, however buying directly from them will get you this product for $39.99. When you compare these to the cost of custom orthotics which may no longer be needed there is a huge price difference, and orthotics can be well over $300.

The Commitment

Whenever you are using a product that is going to have some affect on your body like the Voxxsol it means making some adjustments both physically and mentally. You really do want to start off with a good quality pair of shoes as these will help to enhance the features and benefits of these insoles by giving support to other areas of your feet. The next commitment will be having to get used to them, although once you become aware of the benefits, like even just the comfort then you are less likely going to have to deal with getting used to them. In fact, it may soon turn out that you will not want to be without them.


There is a lot of detailed information about this product that we found to be quite supportive. It has actually been tested for its use for the sports minded individuals. It has shown to increase power by 25% and balance by 10% along with some ofter specific improvement data. Just as importantly is the common sense approach it has taken to foot pain in general, and how one foot will compensate for the other when one foot is affected more than the other.

Final Voxxsol Review

The Voxxsol product is getting a Thumbs Up review rating from us for several reasons. As mentioned the research and testing that has gone into the product is quite extensive. You can see by the data provided that it is based on common sense and is easy to understand why these insoles have the capability of providing good results. The price is reasonable, and the testimonies that are provided with the marketing data seem authentic and honest. They are providing a good solution for a variety of different circumstances which makes them versatile. Before you make your final decision especially if you have been giving some thought to insoles prior to this then check out our review on Walkfit Platinum.

Our Recommendation

If you are looking to improve your sports, or just your general comfort then it would be worth taking a close look at Voxxsol. If on the otherhand you are suffering from a lot of foot discomfort it would be wise to see a foot specialist first before taking any action on your own part. If it turns out there is a physical problem with your feet and orthotics are recommended you can at least do a good comparison between those and the Voxxsol inserts.

Official Website: Voxxol

What do you think? Does Voxxsol work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Voxxsol Really Work?

  1. I would love to see some concrete evidence, where did you find your research so i may read more. I am very interested but I tend to look at both sides of the equation before I make any purchases especially when they have claims the way Voxx does.

    Thank you

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