Does the Spinning Cool Cafe Really Work

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Does the Spinning Cool Cafe Work?It used to be that iced tea was all the rage, but ice coffee is fast becoming a favorite. For a real iced or cold coffee experience however you may want to rely on the Spinning Cool Cafe to provide it.

For some that like the iced beverages such as tea or coffee they will merely save the hot beverage from the morning and pop it in the fridge to become cold, then add some ice to it to get that cold refreshing version of two very popular drinks. Iced coffee never seemed to be as readily available however, and with its gaining popularity we are now seeing iced coffee makers like the Spinning Cool Cafe popping up.

The Claim
The company claims that this small appliance makes the iced coffee 70% less acidic. This means that you may want to forget about the adding of cream or sugar and drink in its natural state so you can fully enjoy the robust flavors of the coffee itself. They tell you that you can retain that freshness by storing the prepared coffee in the fridge for up to fourteen days.

The Hype
Anyone that drinks coffee insists on bold robust flavor. The marketers have aptly covered this demand with their statement that the finished product coming from their Spinning Cool Cafe is far less acidic, and remains fresh for up to fourteen days. They also touch on the fact that brewing your own iced coffee is far more economical then buying it this way.

The Cost
For about $30. plus shipping and handling you are going to get the Spinning Cool Cafe, that includes the spinning lid as well as the press lid, and a recipe book that gives you lots of other ideas to make more use of this item.

The Commitment
Once you discover that you really enjoy the taste of the iced coffee then you won’t need much of a reminder or encouragement to make a pot. Cleaning the item will be no different than cleaning you standard coffee brewer.Being as it is cold brewed you don’t even have to use ice if you don’t want to which tends to normally water down the coffee. Where you may have to push yourself a little it to put the Spinning Cool Cafe to even further use by making mocca and the several other recipe choices that you will have.

You may be thinking that this type of cold coffee maker is unique but there are several other types of cold coffee making machines on the market at a variety of different prices. What you may want to do is some comparisons to see what unique features they each have and decide on just how much it is worth spending for to have a delicious cup of this cold drink. If you are a real coffee enthusiasts you may also want to check out the one cup coffee maker when you just want your favorite hot drink.

Final Spinning Cool Cafe Review

We’re going to give the Spinning Cool Cafe a Thumbs Up. We have done so because it makes good sense as to why the acidic taste would be reduced which if its not the cold coffee ends up with a bitter taste. The product is reasonably priced, and can be a money saver if you find that you buy this type of beverage already bottled.

Our Recommendation
We only recommend that you buy this product if first you do love your coffee, and second that you will find it just as pleasing cold as you do warm. We also suggest that you do some comparisons to other similar products and see if they offer something to your liking that this one doesn’t. Finally we encourage you to make full use of the Spinning Cool Cafe with the other recipes and maybe be creative and design some of your own.

What do you think? Does Spinning Cool Cafe work or not?

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