Does Comfi Heels Really Work?

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Does Comfi Heels Work?As soon as most of us can get rid of the winter boots, out comes those gorgeous high heels, and for many of us the foot pain begins again for another spring/summer season. Perhaps this year will be different if we rely on the Comfi Heels for some much needed self inflicted foot pain relief.

If you are a high heel wearer there are probably two things that you are well aware of. One is the potential foot discomfort that comes with these types of shoes, and the other is the many selections of shoe inserts that are supposed to overcome this. The Comfi Heels comes into this category, so we are about to find out what makes them so different if anything, compared to other foot solution choices on the market.

The Claim
The company claims that they have zeroed in on the pain pressure points of the feet when they are affected by the shape and slope of the high heel styled footwear. They indicate that with their product there is instant pain relief. They are also promoting this product as being applicable for the older women as well.

The Hype
No need to build much hype when it comes to foot pain. It is the one type of discomfort that many women suffer through all in the hopes of not having to give up the wearing of their beloved selection of high heel footwear. The marketers focus on how easy it is to insert the product into your shoes, as well as it is applicable for the older women who perhaps have resigned themselves to no longer being able to have that classy look that the heels bring.

The Cost
You can expect to pay a price of $16.98 for the Comfi Heels which includes the shipping and handling.

The Commitment
Basically all you are going to have to remember to do is insert the Comfi heels when you are changing your shoes. If they work as well as they are promoted as doing, then you are not likely to forget the comfort they are providing you with, and if you happen to forget to insert them then no doubt as soon as you take your first steps you will know you forgot something.

Almost every woman just adores the look that high heel shoes brings to their finished dressed look, and is willing to put up with the all too common discomfort that comes with this. It isn’t always this style of shoe that creates discomfort as being on your feet for long periods of time can create pain as well. We feel that in this situation perhaps the Air Gliders that reviewed in the past may be a good solution in this case.

Final Comfi Heels Review

We are going to give the Comfi Heels a solid Try/Buy Rating. We do so because we like the fact that this particular shoe insert targets a specific problem that comes with the wearing of the high heels. Now as you may guess there are other companies that have targeted the high heel foot problem. The question here is if you look at this type it is slightly raised at the arch. This perhaps may fit perfectly for some but not for others. Some of those that have tried this type have mentioned that you can feel where the support drops off. If you closely at the Comfi Heels it has a different shape to this area.

Our Recommendation
For the low cost that you are asked to invest in this product it may well be worth it if its going to make wearing those high heels a joy. Don’t forget though that the fit and size of the shoes is the starting point. If the shoe is too narrow then even the Comfi Heels is not going to afford you a pair free shoe experience.

What do you think? Does Comfi Heels work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Comfi Heels Really Work?

  1. I found the Comfi Heels product was just the same old thing – padding for shoes that already have padding. They DO NOT work. They did nothing and were a waste of money. I recommend not even trying them unless you get a pair for free.

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