Do Air Gliders Really Work?

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Do Air gliders work?Air Gliders are insoles that are supposed to make it seem like you’re walking on a cloud of air. With so many insole options it’s hard to know if this is the best one for you, so let’s see how they stack up to the competition.

Foot pain occurs for many of us that spend a lot of time on our feet, either because of work or just an active lifestyle. Most shoes on the market don’t really have a great insole, and aren’t built to withstand being on your feet a large part of the day. Many certainly don’t have air cushions in them, and half the time they don’t have much cushioning at all, especially dress shoes, the kind we’re expected to wear to work or perhaps a formal gathering.

The Claim
The makers of Air Gliders say that the feet take a beating each day because of all the pressure we put on them, and that can lead to aching joints, knees, and backs. They say that each insole contains 110 air cushions, and that no matter what your shoe size is their insoles will fit.

The Hype
If you have foot pain, or just have sore feet at the end of the day, this commercial definitely caught your attention. It’s a great example of creating a product that treats a common problem shared by many. They show the egg test in the infomercial, which bounces off the Air Gliders and smashes on a regular insole. They also did a test where runners ran 5 miles in dress shoes that had Air Gliders in them.

The Cost
You get two pair of Air Gliders for $27, and since it’s one size fits most you can share the other pair with a friend or partner, or simply save it for when it wears out so you have a backup. In the promo ad they say that you get two for $10 but that’s not exactly true, so don’t be surprised when the total charges come out to nearly 3 times that much. And also, if you choose to return them, you’ll only get back that $15 they’re calling the product price. This means that they’re charging $12 to shop two insoles that should weigh very little.

The Commitment
You’ll have to cut these down to the size you need them, because they provide enough material to cover the largest shoe size, but the air cushions are placed on only the inner part, where your foot would go.

There is no reason why these insoles wouldn’t work, as they are putting cushions under your feet, which are going to feel better than not having them. Whether this results in less joint soreness and a back that aches less is another matter. Dr. Scholl’s inserts don’t go as far as making the claim that your joints and back won’t hurt as much, and they’ve been in the insert game for quite awhile. A better expectation for these would be if they could just stop your feet from hurting.

When you look around at what else is out there, and what price it’s going for $13 for a pair of insoles doesn’t seem bad. Here is a pair of highly-rated insoles Superfeetm and they go for $35. So you have to keep in mind what your other options are, and whether this is a good deal or not. You don’t want to buy these and find out that you should have gone with a more expensive, but ultimately better choice. In this case we feel that you are likely to be satisfied with Air Gliders, but at the same time it might not be the last pair of insoles you buy.

Final Air Gliders Review

Air Gliders are getting our Solid Try rating. At the very least you’ll be getting a cushiony insert for your shoes, and at best you’ll be getting a relatively inexpensive solution to foot pain and pressure. The likelihood of returning them is very low, since they have a good chance of working at least to some degree, and from what we’ve seen in regards to user feedback, it appears that these work for most and are recommended by those that have bought them.

Our Recommendation
The reason that these earned a trial recommendation from us is because you won’t be left high and dry, even if they don’t work as well as they are shown to in the promo video you probably saw on TV. We’re always skeptical about a product that is sold in a manner like this, where you’re paying nearly as much as the product costs just to ship it. It means the manufacturer wins no matter what, but at least with this product you know it’s going to work at least a little.

What do you think? Do Air Gliders work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Do Air Gliders Really Work?

  1. This seems like a great idea, as I can never seem to find a really comfortable pair of shoes. And if I do find a comfortable pair, it seems that the comfort is short-lived. I have a job that requires that I stand for long periods of time, and this is torturous for my feet. I think that these inserts would be a great thing to try. They are an affordable enough investment, so if they do not work, it won’t be a big loss. Does anyone know, though, how long they actually last before getting flat and no longer providing adequate comfort?

  2. Ah….nothing like a good foot massage at the end of a long day. I’ve definitely had my share of foot pain issues after a shopping trip or 8 hours of standing in basically one place while doing warehouse piece-work. While I’d love to give these a try, and would even shell out the $27 cost, I’m wondering if they would cause any calf pain. Sometimes a change like this – inserts of any kind) wreak havoc on my calves, due to shifting the direction of the tendons and muscle usage. For that reason, I’m not sure I would take a chance, unless they were available locally and I was able to return them at no cost.

    Anxious to see what others say.

  3. I currently use Dr. Scholl’s inserts and like them, but they really don’t do much for my back or joint pain. They do cushion my feet somewhat, but my feet don’t feel much different from when I wear my shoes by themselves. Air Gliders seem like they take insoles a step further with the air cushions. However, I’d hate to pay the full price tag only to find out they don’t work. At least with Dr. Scholl’s you know you can trust a company that’s been around for as long as they have. I’m interested to read others’ reviews on this product because that’s the surefire way to know if the product works or not.

  4. It’s important to have comfortable shoes, but sometimes the cutest shoes aren’t comfortable. It’s nice for there to be a good insole that you can just throw in your favorite pair of shoes and know you’ll be comfortable for the day. Of course, it matters which one is good for you.

    I personally have high arches, so I would always want to look for an insole that has a lot of support in that area. These ones look pretty flat, and while they probably are more comfortable than not having anything in your shoes, I wouldn’t invest in these personally. My brother has really flat feet, though, so maybe for him, these would be just right. It’s all about finding what makes your feet feel the best.

  5. I used to spend at least seventy percent of my work day on my feet and after a while I started to experience serious back and joint pain. I have purchased all the other insert brands on the market. Pricing for these brands would be a little less, if not the same, as the $13 for a pair of insoles. If the Air Gliders really work I would gladly pay both the shipping and the regular cost to purchase them. I think of how beneficial something like this would be for a doctor or a nurse or just someone who is on their feet all day.

  6. I bought some air-gliders because I am over-pronate, meaning that when I walk, my heels roll over onto the outside edge of my foot. Consequently, all my shoes wear down on one side quite drastically and it means that I have a problem with lower back pain. I’ve tried a bunch of different insoles in the past with varying success, but I’ve found that the air-gliders have made the most difference so far. I’m still over-pronate, but I’m definitely more comfortable on the whole. They seem to give me the support I need when I’m spending a lot of time on my feet, so if you have a similar problem, I definitely recommend trying these out.

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