Does the Hammer X Driver Really Work?

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Does the Hammer X Driver work?The Hammer X Driver is promoted by Jack Hamm as a way to add distance to your drives. He may be known for his long drives, but does that mean a club can be developed that allows you to mimic his success?

Driving the ball long and straight definitely gives you the advantage, allowing you to reach the green in fewer shots and have leave it up to your putting. But learning how to drive the ball requires a lot of practice and dedication. At least that’s what golf instructors would have you believe.

When you see a golf club like this advertised to help add yards to your drive, or a putter that let’s you sink putts at will, or a wedge that touts you’ll be able to hit it straight as an arrow, you have to take a step back and wonder how it can achieve this, all else being equal.

The Claim
The Hammer X Driver says it’s the world’s longest driver and that you can drive 50 more yards just by using it. It says that all 460cc drivers are now rendered obsolete. This is like saying that the club is as much of a revolution as the 460cc clubs were to the old persimmon style club. They say that the see through head allows it to cut through the air and add more power to your swing without you having to swing harder. They also go on to say that the club was invented by long-drive champion Jack Hamm, so he’s not only a spokesperson but also the man behind the design.

The Hype
The infomercial for this shows Jack Hamm smashing some drives and yelling when he does so. It’s been the subject of parody and there videos out there mocking the way he yells as he drives. Whether or not you’re a fan of Jack Hamm as a golfer will add to your decision to buy. But whether he’s got enough credibility left to add hype to this club is up for debate. There’s a saying that a celebrity endorsement always helps a product make sales, but in this instance people might be laughing at him, and not with him.

The Cost
They say that you can save $400 by getting this club, and that you can get the Hammer X Driver, a putter, and a wedge for $99. When you consider that you’d be spending twice this or more for just one club this seems like a deal, or perhaps suspiciously cheap depending on how you look at it, and of course whether it works to improve your playing at all. Many clubs are promoted at this price and promise a lot, so there’s definitely a market for clubs that are priced lower than the name brands but offer more outlandish claims.

The Commitment
The club comes with a DVD training guide which should help show you how to use it, and you’d need to invest the time to learn if you want to see the best results. Or so the theory goes. The general feeling by most users is that the training does not really help, and even after learning how to use it it still didn’t provide any of the spectacular results that it claims in the ads and at its site. This means that you’d not only have wasted your money, but also your time, a double whammy.

The Hammer X Driver gets almost universally negative reviews from multiple review sites. The only positive reviews that it gets are obviously fake and likely posted by the manufacturer themselves or from an affiliate. The lack of anyone saying that the club works and was worth the money is very indicative of this being a bogus product, and not worthy of a trial by you.

Users also say that even if you return the club you won’t get your money back, making their guarantee pretty much worthless. That means that you’re taking a gamble with it, and it wouldn’t be a calculated risk since most people say that it’s a piece of junk. The ordering process may seem straightforward on the front side, but reports say that it’s not easy to return and is a long wait for your money back, two red flags that can thwart any potential purchase.

Final Hammer X Driver Review

The Hammer X Driver is getting the Thumbs Down rating, and likely won’t make much of a difference for most golfers out there. According to one user the training suggests that you abandon your current drive swing in favor of a harder swing that is more in line with the way this club is designed. Most drivers will fit into your current swing and help improve it by being made of better materials or having a better design. Few instructors out there would have you adjust your swing to match a club, and would rather find a club that suits your swing.

Our Recommendation
While the right driver can make a difference in your game there’s really no way to buy yourself out of hard work, dedication, and hours of practice. If you’re looking to give yourself the edge it’s not too hard to spot a well-reviewed club, like this 460cc driver that many users are saying is anything but obsolete. This is the kind of club that’s gotten the sort of statistically significant reviews that make it worth trying, especially at that price point.

What do you think? Does Hammer X Driver work or not?

45 Customer Reviews on “Does the Hammer X Driver Really Work?

  1. The club did not work fo me. They gave me an option about three months ago to return the club and pay the postage and a 25% restocking fee or keep the club and they would send $50. I’ve been trying to get the $50, but they keep telling me it is coming🙈. A real scam😩

  2. Just got my club. Love it I added 50 60 yard to my drive. Do did my son we both Love it

  3. I hit my Vixa12 14 degree farther than this piece of crap. My Taylor Made R1 is easily 30 yards farther. Disputing with my CC company, since they won’t respond to my request for a refund!

  4. Just got the new hammer x driver it took some getting use to but it gave me 50 yards on drive . You have to tee the ball up higher hitting 280 to 300 yards says:

    Made the purchase something happened we’re it ordered 2 drivers made several calls to customer service no answer left message. Jack called me the next business day himself and refunded credit back to my card . Thanks jack great club

  5. Well I fell for the adv. and bought one in black. What a piece of crap! I purchased it with the theory that I had 60 days to try and return 100% guaranteed. Well after trying for 30 days and requested info on how to send back. Received an email saying how good the club was and what I was doing wrong. At the end of the email it stated how to return- minus 25% restock fee- minus $30 P&F 0 whatever that is) and I would also have to pay shipping through Fedex. Also could not send back if special order- I ordered black so I am stuck with this embarrassment of a golf club. At 75 yrs old you think I would have learned!

  6. Worse club I ever bought. I want a refund but I know if I ship it back I will not get my money back or the club. I’d be embarrassed to donate it to Chi Chi’s for their youth group…

  7. I bought the hammer 2 years ago and found that the only rueful thing was it is lighter then my cobra driver. I changed my swing and it took awhile to get use to it. I found that I lost almost 60 yards off my drive and it was hard to hit it straight. Do not buy this one.

  8. Complete rip off. The Hammer is a scam artist. I sent him an email to cancel the day I ordered, he called me that night and left me a shitty message. I immediately disputed the charge, emailed him to confirm the cancelation and sent all corispondance to AMEX. 2 weeks later he shipped me the club, lol. Then sent me an email that if any customers disputed the charges he would send them to collections and charge an additional $200. He had the balls to say he never received a cancelation email, by email, attached to the original email string with the 2 emails I sent canceling the order.

    Here is a quote from the Hammer “if you charge it back with your credit card.. All chargeback disputes will be reported as Credit Card Fraud
    subject to collection agency and $200 fee to the customer.. thanks Longball Sports.“

    This guy is a piece of work, lol

  9. I got the driver and 3 wood for sale. They are not for me, I am a 12 handicap and hit it far but with a big draw . I think my swing speed is to slow to hit it right. $50 for both if anyone is interested!

  10. Ok, got the new hammer with 3 hybrid. Ladies and Gentlemen my recommendation is to pass on this equipment. I am a 12 handicapper and have been down to 9. I tried it all, teed it way up, way down and everything in between. I slung my belt buckle at the target etc. I even had a couple my buddies hit it. One is a 7 handicap and the other is a 2 handicap. Both said the club sucked. The 2 handicapper offered to take it off my hands if I gave him $50. Am not sending it back. Going to mount it to remind me that if a web site spends 50 pages on what a great club it is, it probably is not a good club.

  11. Its a club I would like to try but not buy. If you look at pro golferbags they don’t have the latest and greatest. They have what they are comfy with. I sure it serves its purpose to the right golfer but I’m not going out of my way to take a swing.

  12. A friend of mine took delivery of one of these things a week or so ago and invited me to try it.
    1. It’s a really cheap and nasty casting, complete with sand roughness and inclusions.
    2. The “aerodynamic – fastest shaft in the world” does not conform to any aerodynamic principles known to man. In fact, it contradicts them. It is also has the dynamics of a scaffold tube.
    3. The see through head adds drag and turbulence and looks like a cheap and nasty putter. Garbage.
    4. I refuse to call this absolute piece of junk a golf club. It has no feel whatsoever and simply does not live up to the outrageous claims of this snake oil merchant.
    Is there no advertising standards bureau in the USA? Are people so easily duped by a loud mouthed con artist? Is it even USGA compliant? Does he even feature in world long drive competitions?
    One thing’s for certain. He won’t be a victim of counterfeiting. Nobody in their right mind would want to rip off this piece of scrap.
    Design Engineer & Golfer.

  13. I remember when the taylormade burner came out, I could not hit the ball far or straight until i
    practiced and practiced some more. The same with some putters and wedges. Perfect potato salad
    charlie takes practice. I’ll try his clubs, for 99 bucks better than spending 3 something. I talked to
    Mr Hamm on the phone and sounds like a friendly enough person who cares about golf and the golfer.

  14. Jack Hamm and his company gave me a great experience. They answered my calls when I was wondering where my driver was. They sent me a tracking number and sent me a free ebook for my concerns. It arrived the next day (as an impatient golfer i jumped the gun on assuming it was taking too long). Packaged beautifully and it came with a #3 hybrid which is actually a really great club. It was the best $99 I ever spent in golf!

    I called them again after my first round asked how can you sell such a quality product for so cheap. They answered “because we don’t pay the pros to use our clubs or sell in retail so our marketing costs are cut in half and we can give the saving back to our customers” It made a lot of sense! Theres an old saying if you don’t like something you’ll tell everybody but if you like it you keep it to yourself. Well I wanted to share how much I like this Hammer driver and remember complainers will continue to complain theres no golf club in the world that will help them!

  15. This club works. I tested it against the top drivers of 2017 on a trackman, and this went easily 20 yards further than the rest. A lot of these negative reviews you have to remember are by hacks! No golf equipment can help these people! I’ve seen this informercial on tv for 20 years + he’s doing something right and helping a lot of people from what I’ve seen. You don’t stay on television and spend millions on making the commercial for 20 years with a product that doesn’t work. It’s the hacks that can’t swing that make these negative reviews. Are you a hack who believes in loser talk or are you a golfer who loves new technology? Remember work on your swing before you blame a club!

  16. Im looking for one as a gift, not as a club i think hed like but as a joke….if anyone has one they want to sell…lmk

  17. It worked for me. Key is you have to tee it higher than normal because of the inverted face. When I tee it the same height s my Callaway it went less distance. When I teed it an inch over the head it went 50 yards further than my Callaway! You have to use the tool properly for it to work. Hope that helps!

  18. Same results as all the others! I tried to file a report with the BBB in Denver. They could never get a response from the company [ies as they operate under different names] I did get an RA# which does not get you a refund, Started this BS back in June and still have not gotten a refund. All their phone numbers and email addresses have gone bad! I think they left Colorado with a ZERO BBB rating and may now be screwing people from Las Vegas?
    Keep spreading the word! These guys are CROOKS!

  19. The guy is dishonest. Returned the driver 3 months ago. NO REFUND. shame on the golf channel for playing his advertisement.

  20. It has been four months since we ordered the Hammer-X and the Hammer #3 Hybrid. We have not received the Hybrid. They have not returned phone calls (can only leave messages) and after November have not replied to any emails. The few times they answered we were told the Hybrid was back-ordered, we were tops on the list, they had shipped. We have asked for our money back, but, of course, no reply.

    Do NOT do business with this company. He comes out with a new product every year or so, advertises, then changes the website and comes out with some new miracle. The miracle is getting the product and / or getting your money back.

  21. I am greatly disappointed in the Company. I ordered a Hammer and was to ask get a complimentary 3 Wood. Took forever to get the Hammer and I still haven’t received the 3 Wood, It’s been over 3-4 months. I did receive a call from the owner of the Company stating that he was sorry for the delay and would be sending me the 3 Wood. Still haven’t received the 3 Wood.
    Not a company I would recommend you dealing with.

  22. II followed all the rules cost me 13.50 to return this VERY POOR club. Sent it back within one week,its been 5months no return,telephone disconnected,,no response to email.This a scam ,hope I saved you fellow golfers time and money. Roy Sciacca

  23. Still waiting for the order. No phone, and no way to get in contact. Have not received one email as to when this will be shipped.

  24. SCAM!!! I followed every instruction and jumped through all their hoops to get my refund. They promised to give me a full refund MINUS a 25% restocking fee. After sending SEVERAL emails, I finally received the following message:

    “RA# is 27 – please write on all sides of return package with the name on the card used, which must be shipped via UPS at your expense ($30) to:
    X-Factor Sports
    c/o Return Evaluation
    Your refund minus 25% restocking fee and original shipping of $39.90 will be processed in 6 – 8 weeks upon receipt of undamaged clubs. Sorry you couldn’t use the technology.”

    After following their exact instructions, I never heard from them what so ever. Now they won’t even return my emails. TOTAL RIP OFF!!
    The credit Card company ended up refunding that purchase. THIS IS A SCAM!

  25. I hear ppl bitch all day cause jack ripped off another old person, can’t tell u how many times I’ve been told “my first drive with this thing, it snapped in half”, nothing good to say bout jack or his shitty driver

  26. I just got Hammer Driver hits very straight and far but I’m having problem getting projectory. Any suggestions?

  27. Oh and need further proof that he is a fraud making and selling these things out of his garage? Google the club and notice the address is some Muskegon place called X-factor… Then click on it to google maps and notice its a vacant parking lot. Embarrassing.

  28. I know the guy because he lives on the same lake as me and the dude is shady. And no customer service? Want to know why? Jack Hamm is making and selling these things out of his garage. I kid you not its just him and his brother, the club is a fraud and he’s milking it out to save his life. Don’t fall for this scam, mediocre golfer too..

  29. Received my new Driver, Hybrid Club and Putter for Christmas (12-25-15). Been practicing with them @ my indoor club… I LOVE THEM!!! I’m a Disabled Veteran and golfed for many…many years… Can’t wait to purchase the Irons and the Fairway Hybrids!!!! Don’t know why all the negative reviews??? I am VERY Satisfied with my clubs!!! THANK YOU Jack!!!

  30. I bought this driver and just got screwed. I play to a 8 hc and thought I might get more distance but not the case. I hit my 7yr old ping on average 270 yards. This piece of crap gave my at most 230 yards. Have been trying to get my money back for 2 and a halve months. I am in the prosses of getting the attorney generals office involved with charges on wire fraud and deception. Can’t wait to bust there ass and see how much that is going to cost them. BE WARE OF THIS SCAM ARTIST IT IS A JOKE.


  32. im having a little bit of a problem with my hammer x What is the customer service number ?? Nothing big just a question Thank you

  33. This Video is so Annoying with the Wind blowing through the Mikes I lasted for the first tee shot and Gave Up after that

  34. Thanks guys for the HONEST reviews. I’m glad I did some research before falling for this scam!

  35. I saw the infomercial and was jazzed. Then I decided to do some research on several review sites like this one, and WHOA…you guys saved me some bucks. Just for the customer sv. details I wouldn’t touch this company with a ten foot pole! Thanks again folks!

  36. Please allow me to explain, I bought the hammer x from a TV ad. When I called the the price began at $99.00, then they began to add other things to it like the shift, Yes I had to pay extra for the shaft, I knew then I should have stopped the call, but I did not and for that I am sorry. Well, the next day I called to cancel my order, no should luck. I had to call another Customer service live during the hours of 11:00 – 4:30.
    Come to find out this number is an answering service only, and they will call you back. So, My next step was to call the order “hot line”, there I ask to speak to a supervisor, I was told I could not speak to a supervisor because there was not one there and there was no way to get in touch with one.
    Tell me, What kind of company sells a product and does not have a chain of command? At this time no one has returned my call, and I doubt they will. In any case I will receive the clubs in the next few days and have to return them before my 90 days are up, (or maybe it was 90 seconds and had to return them) at this point I am very angry with myself and the so called company of Hammer x,

    Ps. If someone from the company reads this please call me, I would like to talk to a Human and get this resloved.

    James F. Chaney

  37. your audio sucks as much as your commentary. let the pros review these clubs.

  38. I’ll try anything once. That’s all it took. ….,….. once. Dont waste your money. Yeah,,,170 ish bucks, I’ve wasted more. a few details they don’t tell you till it arrives. You’ve got to change your swing. Then as you read on,,,you DON’T have to change your swing. Gotta lead with your belt buckle. Ha.. So if you wear suspenders,,,you’re screwed. Claims thats where all your power is. Double Ha. It will NOT add yards. It will NOT straighten out your slice. I’ve been playing for 54 years. Keep what you got. If you read any positive remarks,,,,,,,,, he wrote them.
    Bottom line here…………,….., JUNK

  39. The Hammer X Driver w/Aerospeed shaft is a great driver for me. I swing nice and smooth and let the club do the work. I get a nice penetrating trajectory with plenty of roll out. I’m hitting the ball further than I have in 10 years. Golf is fun again now that I’m in the fairway and long. I’ve seen some negative reviews but my experience has been nothing but positive. Excellent purchase!

  40. I agree with Randy! Not one shot has felt good with this club and I’m embarrassed to even take it on the course. There should be a class action lawsuit against Jackass Hamm! At no time did anyone, including the guy on the phone that sold it to me, about IF you customize your head and get black instead of the steel color, that you can’t return it. That information was passed on in the paperwork you received AFTER you receive the club. This is false advertising…and in my opinion theft. Pay it back, or lock him up!

  41. piece of shit…jack hamm said if i didnt like he would give me a refund..he didnt…a play a lot of golf and i can hit my taylor made 3wood 50yds further than the xfactor driver…piece of crap!!!!! ill be telling all my friends at all the courses i play on,,everyone on twitter,facebook and everyone i come in contact with…scam,scam,scam!!!! im retired so ill make it my daily duty to inform everyone the wfactor is a money scam until i get my refund!!!!!! $130 down the drain!!!!!!

  42. Thanks for the heads up guys. I was tempted to buy this thing after watching a sales video of it, but the last ounce of grown up that’s left in me told me to do some more research LOL. So thanks again and fudge the hammer x driver.

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