Does Hot Logic Really Work?

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Does Hot Logic Work?Imagine having a portable oven that you can carry with you wherever you go and its no bigger than a small cooler bag. No more brown bagging it when you can take Hot Logic with you.

Of course we have to admit there is always the office microwave that you can use to heat up a quick lunch. This is great if you like micro cooked food or only have a few employees to compete with to heat up your food. With hot logic all you have to do is prepare your meal, pack it in the hot logic and plug it is just before you are ready for a hot lunch or dinner for that matter. The cooking time depends on the type of meal being cooked. Even for a meal that may take a few hours you can simply plut the Hot Logic in when you get to work and have a hot meal ready by noon.

The Claim
The company claims no matter what type of food you want to cook the Hot Logic will do it. They say that the food even tastes better than some other types of food cookers and it retains its moisture. You can use several different types of food containers to cook the food in with the Hot Logic. It can be cardboard or metal for example.

The Hype
For those that like slow cooked food the technology use here is low conduction heat. It is easy to carry which is really appealing and is compact. It is also easy to clean, and there is basically no muss, no fuss.

The Cost
To purchase Hot Logic you are going to have to make two payments of $19.95 each plus $7.95 for shipping and handling.

The Commitment
While there is no real work to having to actually cook the food, other than plugging in the Hot Logic, you still have the food preparation to do in order to have that favorite hot cooked meal ready for when you are. It really is an ideal way to replace the same old boring cold foods and sandwitches that often make up the meal away from home. You will have to make it a habit to use this item on a regular basis if you want to make your investment into it worth while.

We are of the opinion that anything that helps you to provide yourself with wholesome meals when away from home is really worth considering. We believe that the Hot Logic is capable of doing this. While it may be something new that you have just seen, it has been around for awhile and has a very impressive rating at amazon.

Final Hot Logic Review

We are going to give the Hot Logic a Thumbs Up review, for a few reasons. One we like the ease in which you can prepare nourishing hot foods. Secondly we like that it is a slow cook method. Finally we like that it simple to clean and light and compact to carry.

Our Recommendation
Most anyone that has the job of preparing food even if its only for themselves, likes anything that is going to make the job easier. There are a lot of portable kitchen items that makes the job of preparing meals a whole lot easier.

What do you think? Does Hot Logic work or not?

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