Does I Can Make You Thin Really Work?

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Does I Can Make You Thin really work?If you’ve ever seen the TV show I Can Make You Thin with Paul McKenna, you’ve probably wondered if this guy is for real. He has a series of books and audios that promise to help you do all sorts of things, like give blood or be more confident. He claims to be able to do most of this with hypnosis, and mental hacking so that you can get results without feeling like you’re putting much effort into it. Can this stuff actually work?

Paul McKenna is based out of the UK, and has been giving self-help lessons and instructing people how to change their lives for the better for several years. Some don’t agree with his methods, but most people have a positive attitude about him. He does come up with bold titles for his books and programs that put the claim right in your face, like I Can Make You Rich, or I Can Make You Confident. There’s no harm in this, it’s meant to sell books, but it does create quite a task for him to live up to.

The Claim
The claim is basically the title of the show: I Can Make You Thin. Paul McKenna claims that if you follow his tips and tricks that your body will automatically get down to its natural, healthy weight, without dieting, and without the pain and suffering that usually accompanies traditional dieting methods. By tapping into the neuro-pathways in your brain, he claims to be able to reroute long held beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back from having the body you want.

The Hype
The hype is that he parlayed the success of his book into a TV show, and most TV shows have to use sensationalism in order to grab and hold people’s attention for 20-30 minutes. So what you get is a lot of cliffhangers to keep people coming back after the commercial breaks. Also, the audience on the show works to build up the hype, going along with what he teaches, and basically providing no resistance or questioning any of his methods.

The Cost
There are plenty of ways that you can access the material in I Can Make You Thin. There’s an entire book dedicated to the method, or you can purchase the TV show on DVD or catch it on syndicated reruns. There are also audio programs and other resources available at his website. The cost of each of these varies from free if you catch it on TV to

The Commitment
Even though most of the techniques in this program are designed to make losing weight effortless, you still have to commit to learning them and trying them out. This will entail keeping an open mind because a lot of what he says will not sound logical or intuitive.

How you feel about I Can Make You Thin will largely depend on how you feel about NLP or neuro-linguistic programming. Some people believe in this fully, while others think it’s just a waste of time. Regardless of what you think about it, it’s hard to deny that some of the basic tenets of the program are sound.

– Eat when you’re hungry.
– Eat what you want (what you’re body is telling you).
– Enjoy your food as you eat.
– Eat until you’re full, and then stop.

If you follow these steps you will most likely lose weight, unless this is the current way you eat. Most people eat when they’re not hungry, eat what they think they should eat not what they want to eat, eat on the go or in a hurry, and eat even after they’re full because there’s still food left on the plate. All of these ways of eating will result in being overweight or obese.

The reason we eat like this is usually do to long-held beliefs we learned when we were very young, or because of emotional eating. Especially if you’re eating when you’re not hungry, or you continue to eat when you’re full, you are most likely trying to fill a void or a feeling of emptiness you have for no readily explainable reason. That’s where the power of this system comes into play, because the whole point of his program is to get to the bottom of why you have these feelings.

Once you fix the thoughts you’re having, the actions follow naturally. The reason it is hard to stop a behavior without addressing the underlying thought patterns, is that your body will eventually return to your old ways when the brain returns to its old way of thinking.

Final I Can Make You Thin Review

A lot of the information in the I Can Make You Thin book and television show gets to the heart of why you are overweight, and how you can reverse this and get to a weight that you’re happy with. If you’ve tried a lot of other diet programs and failed you might not want to try another one, but his one really is different, and he’s not trying to get you to buy his diet foods, or selling you any other products, he’s just trying earnestly to get you to lose weight easily, and without fads.

Our Recommendation
There is a lot of good tips and sound advice in the I Can Make You Thin system, and it’s definitely worth checking out, either as a standalone course or as something that can supplement your other weight loss efforts.

What do you think? Does I Can Make You Thin work or not?

Customer Review on “Does I Can Make You Thin Really Work?

  1. I am trying out the telephone app I can make you thin and I love it.
    I haven’t lost much weight yet but I definitely eat less so I am sure that I will lose some soon.

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