Does Insanity Really Work?

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Does Insanity really work?If your regular workout hasn’t been yielding the results you want, maybe it’s time to go insane, or get Insanity. This is a full-body workout program that takes things to a whole other level. Leave conventional programs behind and get ready to get put through the ringer, but feel like coming back for more the next day. Can a workout program with the gall to call itself Insanity really provide long term results? We’re the shrink here and we’ll see just how crazy this thing is.

One problem that nearly every other workout program on the market has is that after about a week or so they get boring. Sparking up the DVD and playing the same old workout routine every day or every other day gets old real fast, especially if the trainer is just a little too bubbly, or the workouts are a little to easy to perform, even when you’re outpacing the instructors. Insanity is designed to break that mold, keep your body guessing, and keep you interested in continuing on through the program.

The Claim
Insanity claims to be able to re-condition your entire body in just 60 days. They say it might just be the hardest fitness program ever released to the masses. There’s not too many other companies that are claiming that, deciding instead to provide workouts that are designed to get you moving and in shape, just not necessarily cut and super-fit.

The Hype
Naming your product Insanity is a form of hype. You’re only going to attract those die hard individuals that want to toss out the same old workout routines and go bonkers trying to break their plateau and reach that next fitness level. It’s also created a stir in the workout community, as those that have finished it say it works, and those that haven’t wonder if it does.

The Cost
The total cost is $145 with shipping included. To get started it’s just $65 and then 2 more payments of $40 per month. You’re backed by a 60 day guarantee, so you’ll definitely know if you want to keep it before then.

The Commitment
If you know anything about fitness and how the body works, you know that it will take some strong effort to retool your body in just two months time. It’s possible, and Insanity can help get you there, but definitely take a moment to find your center on this one and commit to doing what it takes and going all out for the full 60 days. Basically put your blinders on to the rest of the world and don’t look up until the challenge is over.

Shaun T is your host for Insanity, and he’s also the trainer for the follow-up Asylum. He’s a pretty good host, he doesn’t get annoying, and he has perfect form when he shows you how to do all of the moves. One thing he is good at is moving between the different models that are showing you how to do the exercises and getting them to do it even better, or to push it even harder. If you pretend that it’s you, it’s like having a personal trainer motivate you directly.

High Intensity Interval Training has been shown to produce noticeable results, but it goes against the grain of conventional wisdom. It involves short bursts of high intensity training, followed by low periods, and you just keep alternating between those highs and lows. The result is that you not only burn calories in the moment, but you continue to burn them long after you’re done. Compared to low intensity cardio training, where you only burn calories while you’re actually doing the exercise.

One thing we like that separates Insanity from the rest of what’s out there is their Fit Test. This is a series of exercises that you do and record how many times you can do them in the allotted time period. You do this on day one to get an idea of where you’re at. You don’t have to hit a specific target, or judge yourself or get down on yourself for not being in shape, it’s just a way to put down on paper where you’re starting from, and is more effective than a before picture – but you might want to take one of those too.

At strategic points during the 60 days you’ll be instructed to take the Fit Test again. If you’re like me your eyes will light up when you see that you can now do more of the same exercises in the same amount of time. Sometimes the mirror lies to us, and structural changes take time to appear physically. But fitness in relation to getting stronger and increasing stamina is harder to measure. The Fit Test definitely helps keep you motivated, just keep in mind that the next Fit Test is coming up and you want to be able to perform at your best.

Does Insanity Really Work?

How could Insanity not work? The fact is, if you put in the effort and stick with it, it must produce results. Will you look like the models in the DVD after 60 days? Probably not. But you’ll be in the best shape that you yourself have ever been in, and at the end of the day that’s really all that counts. The problem many people have is getting a specific idea of how they’ll look at the end of the program, but you should really focus on how you feel, and on what you can do that you couldn’t do before. That’s the true measure of success.

Final Insanity Workout Review

Insanity is that workout program that you can always come back to. If you get it and try it and can’t stick with it, just hold on to it. Keep your training going and give Insanity another go in a month’s time. You might have to build your way up to it, but the workout itself will never go out of style, and will always produce results when you put the time in.

Official Website: Insanity

What do you think? Does Insanity work or not?

37 Customer Reviews on “Does Insanity Really Work?

  1. I just started insanity yesterday, I’m really excited and willing to put in the effort. I’m 15 and wanted to know how the program worked for you when you did it a few years ago.

  2. What I like about Insanity is the kind of honesty you don’t normally get with these kinds of programmes. Yes, this programme is very hard, and yes it would be accurate to describe the process as insane. But just like every other programme out there, the real factor when trying to achieve a lean and muscular physique is your diet. That is unless you happen to be in your late teens or early twenties. If not, then it is your calorie intake which will dictate your fat levels, not the amount of exercise you do. The high intensity programme of Insanity is great for fat loss, but only alongside a STRICT DIETRY REGIME. I’m sorry, but it’s the only way, and as hard as the exercising is, not cheating on your diet is just soooo much harder.

  3. It’s good to read a well balanced and sensible review of Insanity. I’m only on week on myself and I’m loving it. You are right in saying that you get out what you put in.. Thanks for sharing the review! 🙂

  4. Well, I just got the work out program and I started yesterday along with my brother. Let me just tell you I knew the fit test was going to kick my butt, but i never imagined my brother getting his butt kicked he’s really into excersie and he can run like no one’s business but the fit test had him on the floor gasping for breath. I can already tell you it works because i was in a pool of sweat, my legs, my back, my arms and my core feel sore and I can definitly say it worked me to the max. I can’t wait to continue with it and see how I do in 15 days on the fit test. My ultimate goal is to loose 20 pounds in the first run. My ultimate goal is to loose 90 pounds so i can start getting ready physically and join the military. I’m going to keep updating and see where this goes.

  5. I’ve tried many things like working out alone with weights and going to the gym, and doing normal things, it yielded results but not exactly what I had in mind. I than started a workout on DVD, it was great but after two weeks it became a drag and wasted my time for little strive and workout. Than I started insanity and I’ve loved it so far! You have to really push and keep going even when your body feels like it’s having fatigue , but pushing is the point! The workouts are great and dynamic! The host is enthusiastic and pushes you beyond your limit, leaving you with a great feeling after completion. If you want a life and body changing workout that will push you and is time conservative. Insanity is a great workout to do!!! Defiantly worth it!

  6. hallo every one i am on week 3 of insanity and all i can say is that i really started to see the big diffrence in in about a week and half it realy does work but u have to stay with it i dont realy do the eating plan they give you with. but i stay away from the fatty food as much as i can all i can say it works just have togive it a 100 percent. i will let u guys know in 3 weeks how i am doing….

  7. Im 5/8 and about 150 pounds kinda skinny but with a little gut will Insanity work for me.I know it wont give me huge muscles but will it give me abs.Also i ten to be sore every now when i work out for a few days.

    Did it over the summer in my garage ( my garage was STEAMING HOT LIKE A SUNA and pluse i did the work out there i was DRIPPING SWEAT! All my hair was wet like if i was showering pretty gross but it worked). But trust me it WORKS! i finished the whole workouts and i felt so proud i lost soo much weight after that i felt to cocky and started to eat what ever cause i looked “GOOD” but that didnt work lol i gained some weight not so much but just like 5-10 pounds you cant really tell cause im tall 5’9 (girl) so ehhh but today im going to start it again cause my birthday is comming up so i need/want to look GOOD (march 20th) sooo im hoping to loose 10-15 pounds.
    wish me luck :))))

  9. Hey Guys! I am only 15 and doing insanity! its hard but if you want to get results, trust me it will work my first day i thought i was done after 1 minute of insanity but i push through it and i am only in my 3rd week but i feel like a million bucks but i still have a long way to go its fine if you cant get the recovery drink or eat 5 meals a day but you want to eat the best you can. as long as you work hard and push through you WILL get results and also if your getting really tired like i do during the video pause it for 5 to 10 seconds get water and start back up. if you want results this WILL work and if you have more questions just ask me. Thanks! and Good Luck!

  10. As I was looking at my Youtube comments for my Insanity before and after results, I noticed that my video was embedded on this site. I just wanted to let all of the readers know that this program was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m in better shape now then I ever was in high school and I was a tri-athlete (soccer, basketball, and track). I did follow the meal plan 100%. The workouts are only an hour a day. The meal plan is a lifestyle change. If you have anymore questions about Insanity, you can leave a comment on my video page. Good luck to anyone attempts Insanity.

  11. Just finished the Insanity Challenge. Very hard to get through it, but I made it. I did get good results. I do think that I would have to go through it again to get those rock solid abs. However, I was very pleased. My stomach has never look better. I am in the process of trying to find another program to do before I go back to Insanity. I will keep following the way that I was eating during the Insanity Challenge….definitely makes a difference. You can see my results on my blog…[edited. sorry, links in comments are not allowed]. Hopefully, someone can recommend another program that I can try. The thing about getting in shape is that you have to continue working out.

  12. Insanity is such a challenge; I have fallen in love with the program. I am a 21 year old female and have the last 15 pounds to lose. I am 2 weeks into the program and have gained so much muscle. My clothes are starting to feel loose! Anyone can do this program, yes it’s hard, yes you will end each workout in a puddle of sweat, but if you can push past your limits you will see awesome results. You don’t have to be athletic or in great shape, you just have to push yourself. If you are not physically capable at the time to do a certain move, modify it and eventually as you get stronger you WILL be able to do that move! Nothing comes easy, and if your body isn’t challenged your body can’t change. Good luck to you all, and good health 🙂

  13. Insanity does work but not for everyone. When I say Insanity is hard I mean it is extremely difficult and a lot of people are not going to be able to see this program through because of the difficulty, and this should not be over-looked. You can be in marathon shape and I promise you insanity will still kick your tale.

    Not to be taken personal if you are the type of person that is out of breath when you walk up a two story flight of stairs or have extreme knee issues Insanity is going to be a waste of your time. You need to be at a certain level of stamina to even consider doing this workout or it will just be a huge burden of discouragement. If you dont know how to handle your body either pushing it or toning it down when it has reached it’s limits you are most likely not going to have the gains you desire. Some people will go through this work out and will be so torn that they dont get good gains. Some people are going to be so not ready for this work out they will get no benefit from it and will only be capable of keeping up with about 15% of the workout.

    For those who fight through it who are able to let their minds push their bodies to the limit, you will have success with this program. There is no pill or no 500 calorie starve yourself diet. There is just you, Shaun T. guiding you, and you giving it your all in this gruesomely hard work out.

  14. You want to rock your core, build muscle and drop bodyfat % Insanity is for you. Diet is still the most important part of any exercise program. So follow the nutrition program choices to a tee. The results will come, post work out nutrition is very important. You need to replenish, this work out is very taxing on the system. So you need to recover and re-fuel for the next day. Find your calorie intake based on your bodyfat % and activity level. Follow it and align it to the nutrition program and watch the body fat melt away, in addition to bigger fuller more defined muscles. This does work….

  15. Larissa, I have two children a full time demanding job and I go to school. I am in my fourth week of insanity and I love it. I can feel myself getting stronger everyday and while I haven’t shed many pounds I’m starting to see a difference. I’m not in the best shape, let’s be real I have two young children that have taken a major toll on my body but in putting forth the effort I am excited at what I can do and what I will look like in another six weeks! Find the time, I find it easiest to do it in the late evening once the kids have settled in. I make sure I have the time to do it even if I’m dead tired. It’s worth it. I do not think I will have a rocking body upon completion but I think I am well on my way! I don’t follow the meal plan, I don’t have the time but I do count my calories and while I don’t eat the best I stay away from junk food and fast food for sure. I recommend this to any mom trying to get back in shape! Best work out I’ve ever done!

  16. Insanity DOES work. I’ve done the 60 day program once, a year ago, and I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in. It also helped me improve my running speed. I’m in the army so I was already in pretty good shape. I think the hardest part is just starting that first week. After that it’s addictive and well worth it. You have to give it 100% effort.
    To Larissa, I have a 4 month old baby now, and I’m just now starting back up again on the 1st week of Insanity, now that my baby is on somewhat of a schedule. I think you should go for it. Get it done first thing in the morning; that way you’ll burn more calories throughout the day AND feel accomplished.
    Good luck y’all. 🙂

  17. Thank you for the review. It seemed realistic. I am in decent cardio shape but flabby all over from two hard pregnancies, misbelieving that pregnancy meant I could eat a hundred gummi bears a day and being exhausted. That said, I’m tired of looking for clothes to cover up my imperfections…I need to spend less time looking for the right clothes and put that energy towards getting back into my old ones. My question is this, has anyone with two little children, a part time job and a teenager been able to stick to this? I’m trying to figure out if I’m overshooting the mark by committing to this.
    Any constructive input is appreciated.

  18. I am almost done with week 2 and am already feeling a difference. I am a runner (very average) but am in pretty good cardio shape, which I’m confident has been my saving grace. I would not recommend this workout to anyone just starting to exercise, as it is extreme and high-intensity. I believe that I can see results already, but it may be wishful thinking on my part. Either way, I am confident that after I complete the program, my body will be transformed. I played college volleyball, and I think this is harder! Also, in doing my best to eat well and take into account the principles outlined in the nutritional plan, but I feel like I need to live in the world, and that in the long term, this kind of diet is not realistic to maintain….especially for me, as I travel 75% of the time for work and often eat in restaurants.

  19. Works great! I did the 60 day program and I’ve never been in greater shape, including when i was in high School!

  20. i understand the most important part of exercising and losing weight is eating properly. for all the people who have gotten results. did you have to eat amazingly perfect?

  21. Ive been using Insanity off and on for one year. I beagn doing the complete 60 day program, without missing a day, then went on to perform the complete program again in about 70 days.
    I feel like Im in the best shape of my life. I had occasion to do a stress test at a local hospital (problem turned out to be caffeine-related) and I crushed the test. The doc kept asking “Do you run? Do you workout?” cause I was rocking it.
    My only concern is this: no workout program transforms your body in 60 days. None, so your expectations may be recalibrated.
    The exercises do not hit the core muscles very well. Your abs do not develop as advertised. Other than that its a solid program.

  22. I just started month 2 of Insanity. I can tell you this…if you stick with it, and work as hard as you can every day, you will see results. In month 1, I did not lose pounds (I actually have gained about 7 lbs) but I have already dropped a pant size, I’ve list inches where I need to, and have built muscle everywhere!! From everyone I have talked to, month 2 is where the real transformation begins. If the rest of it is as Insane as today’s workout, I’m sure I will be happy with the results!

  23. Amazing workout program! I have been doing Insanity for only a week now, but have already seen some results. For one, my clothes fit a lot better. Also, I seem to have more energy instead of feeling sluggish all the time. My advice would be to try it. I don’t think you’ll regret spending the money. It’s worth it!

  24. THIS WORKS! This is one of the best workouts I have ever purchases…and I have went through several. 1. Its nothing like P90X (Which I also have, and did not like) the workouts were too lengthy and I did not have the time to waste. 2. Its not the same boring workout, its a rotation of several throughout both months, which doesn’t allow your body to adjust to the workouts as quickly as if you were just repeating the same ones daily. 3. Its constant moving, therefore you fky through the workouts and before you even know it you are done. Anyone who wants to get in/back in shape should buy this. It is worth the 145, trust me!

  25. This reminds me of P90X in some ways… 😀

    It’s one of those workout that will totally jolt your body into shape. 60 days is more than enough to get your body in tip top… awesome!

    Price is a little high for my taste… I’m a health junky and love these kinds of programs. Will definitely put it on the “gotta-get-it” list immediately!!! Nice post!

  26. I used to do a fair bit of MMA and cage fighting and now after a couple of years out i’m wanting to get back in to it. I’m using Insanity for training and it’s working wonders. the total body workouts is great for anyone in a sport like MMA, and one of the best ways to lose weight!

  27. I’m on day 32 of Insanity- lost 14.5lbs so far. Ran 5k yesterday in a really good time and really pushed hard. The workouts don’t get easier, but there is a huge sense of accomplishment every day as I fill in the workout calendar. I’m still thick, don’t get me wrong, but I’m getting there. Had a compliment yesterday that i look better than ever before.

  28. Absolutely love the Insanity workout! I wouldn’t believe anyone that says they know of a harder workout. Even the 30 minute fitness test/warm up at the start is a killer compared to most other programs. Well worth the money and has (as it says) completely transformed me and my body.

  29. Whoa… Insanity seems pretty heavy duty. I think this will be just right for my brother in-law – will most definitely be sharing this with him.

    Interval training in general has been the catalyst for my own weight loss in the past years. I’ve tried some great routines from NowLoss that work wonderfully. Compared to my previous routines, it appears that Insanity is definitely not for beginners. It’s best to work your way up to it rather than jump right in. Same goes for most super workout regimes like P90X and such. If you’re outta shape, take baby steps and don’t expect miracles. These programs are not for the faint of heart but can get the job done nevertheless!

  30. Hmmm Insanity! haha

    The ideas scares me and excites me at the same time. My body needs a push and I’ve been checking out this program on a few sites. Love you how break down the review in easy to read sections. Really helps make an informed decision. Still not sure if I’ll get this versus some others but it’s definitely in my top5. Hopefully someone will post some experiences in the comments, would like to hear how or what it’s done for others. I’m checkin’ for this! I’d be insane not to try it. haha

  31. Does anyone know this works? Anyone here try this? Post your stories – would love to know more about the Insanity Workout package… I’m sooo interested in getting this for my boyfriend for this B-day. I think he’s totally fall in love with this. OMG can’t imagine what he’ll look like once he does the entire program. He’s no lazy or anything, he loves sports and looks good already so this will should take his body to another dimension.

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