Does Fast Brite Really Work?

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Does Fast Brite really work?Cloudy or stained headlight covers can be dangerous and could certainly cause accidents by limiting the view that a driver has, and Fast Brite removes this problem. Or so they say. Driving at night is always more difficult than driving during the day and when your headlights don’t offer you the path of light that you require, it can make your journey treacherous.

Fast Brite is a product that can remove the yellow staining from the headlights of an automobile as well as remove the effects of dulling and clouding. Most headlight covers these days are made of a hardened plastic which has the tendency to stain easily from constant light passing through the lens.

The Claim
Fast Brite claims that you will be “amazed by the difference” that is seen in the condition of your headlights and also that their product “makes driving at night safer”. These are both extremely bold claims to make. There is no doubt that driving at night will be safer with clear headlights as opposed to ones that have been oxidized and stained a horrible color.

Fast Brite also says that their product will “Save you time and money!” and that it is “Quick, Easy and convenient to apply” which is perfect for the typical car owner that may not know how to access their headlight covers.

The Hype
Fast Brite appeals to those that do a lot of night driving or at least have their head lamps on for a fairly long period of time each week. Over time, all headlight enclosures will start to feel the effect of constant light projected through the lens.
A product that improves road safety will always be a big winner and have a huge market. Many motorists like to keep their car in the best shape possible and that will for sure include the headlights. After all, who would want to have yellow, stained headlights that could potentially be dangerous?

The Cost
The price of Fast Brite is $25.90 and is currently sold on the company’s main website with the offer of buy one and get one free. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the item once you have tried it. The pack will be delivered with two 2 ounce bottles and an application sponge. The two bottles contain lens polish and lens protector which are to be applied sequentially.

The Commitment
For best results, Fast Brite should be applied to the headlights of an automobile on a monthly basis. This will remove any staining or clouding that may have built up as well as act as a preventive measure for further build up or staining.

The product should of course be applied as you see fit. For example, in the case of clouding occurring every week, then the application routine should be amended to suit the situation. If Fast Brite is being used for purely cosmetic purposes to keep the car looking its absolute best, then a less rigorous routine can be used.

The headlights of an automobile are effectively its eyes and what makes a car look like a car. With out maintaining the look and condition of the headlights, the aesthetics of the car will fade away fast and the car will start to look old before its time. A simple application of Fast Brite once a month can change all of this and keep your car looking like a million dollars.

The price of a single treatment of Fast Brite is a fraction of what it would cost to completely replace the set of headlights and so offers a good value for the money.

Clouding is a common problem that is normally caused by the difference in temperature between the inside and the outside of the headlight enclosure. Fast Brite will cancel this effect and add a layer of protection without smearing the light quality that is let through.

Does Fast Brite Really Work?

One source has quoted that in terms of LUX level which is the standard measurement for levels of lighting, the output of a set of headlights increased by 5 times the amount, which is pretty outstanding.

Our Recommendation
Fast Brite Lens Restore is a good product and has been proven to work. The low price is a huge selling point and is definitely worth a try if your headlights are dull, cloudy or stained yellow. This product will show a limited effect when applied to headlights of cars that are fresh off of the assembly line and is not recommended for slightly used or brand new cars.

What Do You Think? Does Fast Brite Really Work?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Fast Brite Really Work?

  1. Product does not work. By the time I used the product my 30 days were up, which meant I couldn’t return it. Companies that only offer 30 days returns policy, obviously have no confidence in their products. Enough said. It’s a gimmick. I fell for it.

  2. does not work! After applying it 3 time, my headlight were no less foggy then they were before. It is better to take the time online to find new headlights and have them installed by a professional. I’d rather spend $95 on new headlights (which I did) then waste your time with this product.

  3. Yes, this may clean your car’s headlights. And yes, having clean headlights on your car is important for safety reasons. But you can also clean your headlights with some water and vinegar, or Windex, or any number of other cleaning solutions. Spending nearly $30 on a solution to clean a specific part of your car’s exterior sounds crazy. That’s what Fast Brite is. Just pay to have it cleaned, or do it yourself. Or consider getting a newer car. Many users reported seeing no results after treating their headlights with this, so I wouldn’t hold out much hope. It’s not that expensive, but it’s very specific, and you can find success with a multipurpose product instead.

  4. Tried it on dog door, and headlight lenses on a jeep. DID NOTHING! Didn’t work for me.

  5. i’ve not used fast brite, but thought i’d just leave a comment to advise people that the same can be achieved using your regular car bodywork polish, and you won’t have to keep applying it like fast brite.
    Once every few months would be enough.
    I can’t see the reasoning to keep applying it… maybe they just want you to use it all up so you can buy some more 🙂

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