Does Keratin Treatment Really Work?

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Does Keratin treatment really work?If you are tired of dealing with dull and dry looking hair, you might be interested in trying out a Keratin treatment that is offered in salons. Keratin is actually a natural protein that can be found in the body of every living creature and it makes the hair, skin, and nails healthy and young-looking. Its effects on the hair are particularly noticeable as a booster of keratin to the hair will make it more manageable and healthy.

When you allow your hair to be treated by Keratin, this protein substance creates a natural layer of protection on your hair strands. Moreover, it will also smooth out each hair shaft to make it less frizzy and manageable. There are different forms of Keratin treatment as other chemicals are also included in the solution. A heat source from a flat iron (heated up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit) is also required to lock up the protein substance called Keratin into your hair.

The Claim
Keratin treatments claim that it can dramatically change a hair’s condition from dull and dry to healthy and bouncy hair. As it has smoothing and straightening effects, it can get rid of unruly waves and curls on the hair. And as this is a healthy protein, it can also make the hair strong, healthy and manageable again. One Keratin treatment is said to last for up to 4 months.

The Hype
Consumers are always clamoring for products and services that can provide for healthier looking hair. However, as everyone is now conscious about the possible side effects of chemicals, some clients are wary of using this treatment. As the Keratin treatment requires the use of chemicals, it is important that you find out about the particular type of service and treatment that will be provided to you. Most Keratin treatments make use of formaldehyde and this substance is proven to be cancerous if too many toxins are absorbed in the body.

The Cost
Prices in salons vary. And a full Keratin treatment will also depend on the length of your hair. But generally, you can expect to spend around $300 to $800 for one treatment of Keratin. For some people, the total effects of the treatment justify the price as you will spend less time blow drying and styling your hair if it’s already manageable and straight. This will limit your hair’s exposure to thermal tools too as you won’t need to iron your hair as much.

The Commitment
In order to maximize the efficiency of a Keratin treatment, you should apply some hot oil treatment on your hair a week before going to the salon for the service. This will minimize the chances of having breakage on your hair when it’s time to iron it out as a necessary step in Keratin treatment. You should also use maintenance creams and hair conditioners that are specifically required as after-treatment procedures. And as the treatment is still taking effect after the actual procedure, you shouldn’t shampoo your hair for about 3 days to achieve the perfect results from the treatment.

This modern method of hair treatment has been proven effective in bringing life back to dull and damaged hair. However, you should be aware of the risks involved in exposing yourself to the chemical called formaldehyde as this is a cancer-causing agent. In fact, if you are highly sensitive to this chemical, you may even experience some allergic reactions during the treatment.
You should also note the other term being used to refer to formaldehyde which is “aldehyde.” It’s basically the same thing and this chemical is needed in order to make the application of Keratin protein substance work on your hair.

Does Keratin Treatment Really Work?

Yes, Keratin treatment really works and the effects can really last for several months. If your hair is very frizzy and dry, the effects of the treatment can last for about 3 months. And if your hair is only slightly damaged and dry, the effects of the treatment can last up to 5 months or even longer.

Our Recommendation
As long as you are aware of the risks involved in exposing yourself to the harmful chemicals that this type of treatment carries, you can try the procedure out for yourself. As for its effectiveness in making your hair straight, beautiful and manageable, we can say that the Keratin treatment really works.

What Do You Think? Does Keratin Treatment Really Work?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does Keratin Treatment Really Work?

  1. My problem in understanding the whole thing is: I want my curls. I don’t want the frizz. If I use the flat iron, I’m afraid my curls are gone. Can someone reassure me of the end result concerning keeping the curls.

  2. Keratin is only part of having straight hair. The second part is using a very hot flat iron. Then, you will have straight hair.

  3. Keratin treatments will not give you straight hair. My sister has curly, somewhat frizzy hair. Keratin treatments give her soft, smooth waves and less frizz, but her hair is not straight. I have very curly baby hairs around my hairline, and I don’t feel like keratin really helps that, either.
    However, keratin treatments literally saved my life. I change my hair color several times per year, but I’ve been able to grow my hair to almost my elbows with consistent keratin treatments. At one point, I could not even comb my hair after washing it-it would morph into a giant tumbleweed on top of my head. After a keratin treatment, it returned to normal. Keratin is literally like pouring liquid magic on damaged hair.

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