Does the Ion Snap Cam Really Work?

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Does the Ion Snap Cam Work?We live in a world where picture taking has never been easier. Thanks to our Smartphones, but now it has even gotten easier with the Ion Snap Camp. Take instant photos in the moment with this device which is even better than what you can do with your phone.

The Ion Snap Cam is a revolutionary new way to capture your favorite moments when life gets really fast!

The Claim
The claim is that by wearing the Ion Snap Cam on your shirt or jacket front or even your hat you have the camera at your disposal whenever you need it, without fumbling for the smart phone or setting up the GoPro.

The Hype
The hype surrounding the new Ion Snap Cam is realized by the size and portability of the unit. It is virtually the size of an Ipod Shuffle and clips to your clothes via a magnet and operates with a single touch for stills or double click for video.

The Cost
The cost of the Ion Snap Cam is only $149.99 at Best Buy but check your local retailer for the prices they may offer.

The Commitment
The commitment required for this nifty little camera is exceptionally minimal. The size allows you to store just about anywhere when not in use.

We all know what it is like to see a great moment unfolding before our eyes and trying desperately to get our camera or smartphone into the action so we can a shot. The Ion Snap Cam eliminates those missed opportunities by allowing you to wear the camera on your shirt, jacket or even hat with a magnetic clip. The size of the unit makes it very wearable and even more discreet. To use you simply tap the unit once for the 8 megapixel camera to snap a still shot or tap it twice to start a video of the action. You can also sync the unit to your smartphone in order to share the photos instantly with friend or family member.The memory unit inside has enough room to store up to 2.5 hours of 720p video or store up to 5000 and has a slot for an MicroSD card as well. The one second boot up time means that you will never again miss that shot that happens in an instant.

Final Ion Snap Cam Review

We love the idea and the features included in the Ion Snap Cam and think that this will change the way people take photographs the same way that GoPro did for do it yourself sports photography. The concept is a very clever one and the unit is designed with everything you need to start taking pics right out of the box. The resolution is decent enough at 8 megapixels and H.D 720p video for even the most discerning photographer to give this baby a try. We are committed to give this a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation
We think this is a great product that many people will absolutely love to have. For anyone who likes to capture those fleeting moments this is the product for you.If you are becoming somewhat of a camera buff then another interesting one you may want to take a look at is the Pocket Cam.

What do you think? Does the Ion Snap Cam work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Does the Ion Snap Cam Really Work?

  1. I purchased three SnapCam less than one year ago. I reviewed the video on and off of each position and the video was fine. At the most Inopportune time one went bad and would rewrite over the last video with only one video on the camera. This happened during a breakin attempt at my house. The camera does not begin taking video at the first sign of movement but takes minutes after movement.
    I would not purchase another.

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