Does the Original Gorilla Glue Really Work?

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Does the Original Gorilla Glue Work?While there are many repair items that are needed around the house one that you will usually find in the home repair kit is some kind of glue. There are tons on the market which means we usually end up buying three or four different types just in case one doesn’t work. There might be one type of fix all glue that can be really counted on.

The Original Gorilla Glue is classed as polyurethane waterproof glue and is in the industrial strength category.

The Claim
The company claims that the Orginal Gorilla Glue can be used on many different types of surfaces which includes wood, stone and metal and softer materials like foam as well as many others.

The Hype
The hype focuses on the sheer strength of this glue and its ability to be used in many different applications. There is the original Gorilla Glue and the Super Gorilla Glue. the Company claims that the original version cures with age and it can be stained.

The Cost
There are many different places that you can purchase the Gorilla Glue such as on Amazon and other online stores and depending on where you purchase it averages around $10.25.

The Commitment
The commitment you are going to have to make is not so much to the Original Gorilla Glue but to the size of the repair project where it is going to be used. Some jobs are bigger than others, and to really get all the benefits from this product you will need to prepare the project properly and follow the instructions.

Overall the feed back about the Original Gorilla Glue is generally good with some people having a few complaints. What has to be remembered is that no matter how good a glue is it’s going to react differently on different surfaces according to the circumstances. It may fix one person’s pair of broken glasses just great, but not work as well for someone else with a similar need. There could be a lot of variables that are present that creates this variation in results. Something that many people point out is that you must be aware of the expansion capabilities of this product and keep this in mind when using it.

Final Original Gorilla Glue Review

We are going t give the Original Gorilla Glue a Thumbs up. It has been on the market for awhile so it has basically proven itself. While it may not be 100% perfect, very few products are. It seems to make a lot of people happy and there are many that come back more than once to buy the product. Perhaps one complaint is that the nozzle gets clogged and dries up but this is a common complaint with many different types of adhesives.

Our Recommendation
We have talked about a few other adhesives in the past and one that we found particularly interesting was the Lazer Bond. Sometimes it may be a good idea to have a few adhesives on hand that have completely different qualities.

What do you think? Does the Original Gorilla Glue work or not?

9 Customer Reviews on “Does the Original Gorilla Glue Really Work?

  1. Terrible waste of money. Just expands and falls apart. How is this even on the market? It simply doesn’t work.

  2. THE GORILLA PRODUCTS DO NOT WORK!!!! the tape cannot even hold a 8×10 picture to the wall keeps falling off. Th Glue is a joke, read the directions, completely dry and clean newly painted vinyl wall everything I glued up fell down ruining several valuable pictures. DO NOT BUY…DO NOT BUY…DO NOT BUY…DO NOT BUY…DO NOT BUY…DO NOT BUY…DO NOT BUY…DO NOT BUY…

  3. I was So Excited to try Gorilla Glue and bought a bottle about 1 to 2 years ago. I only tried using it 3 times and all 3 times it failed. I havent used it since and still have the remainder. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was in the product and everytime I see the commercial ads i get kind of angry that it can be so misleading.
    I should of just stuck to Elmer’s Glue. It at least works for a while. Maybe not for years but so much longer than Gorilla Glue which on two things didnt work at all and the other only about 2 weeks.
    Not worth the money!
    I’m tired of being ripped off by false advertisements!!!

  4. Frequent purchaser. It’s the best for fixing my air bed and that’s why I keep it around. Just a vinyl patch and some gorilla glue and my bed is fixed 🙂 (Cats and airbeds….)

  5. I used this glue 3 years ago Never used water or anything with it .I glued a fan blade that broke off at the hub .You better that fan is still working fine .Even with all that spinning going on .The best glue on the Planet 1000 percent .Buy it you won`t be sorry.

  6. Not recommended. Our R&D know how to read directions. We also have access to water. We are binding a flat, flush, Acetal (Polyoxymethylene, POM) or ( PC) seam, and the bond failed. After multiple attempts and waiting 48 hours we cleaned up the disaster from using this Gorilla Garbage, we resolved the issue neatly in six hours using E6000.

  7. I bought gorilla glue from Ebay and used it first on my caravan to fix the mudflad back on, it didn’t work. Then I used it to stick a toilet roll holder to a tiled wall in the bathroom, again it didn’t work. So, how comes in the advert does it stick a gate back onto a wall? It’s a load of rubbish and I would not recommend it foor any job. Yes I have read the instructions and followed them to the letter………It’s rubbish.

  8. What a lot of people don’t realize…is…you need to dampen both surfaces before you apply the glue! That’s what creates the bond, cure and of course the serious expansion…great stuff if you read the label!

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