Does Holy Crap Really Work?

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Does Holy Crap Work?It may seem like a strange name for a product, “Holy Crap” but it certainly is an attention grabber, and one that is consumed too. Some call it a cereal while others consider it more as a supplement to add to their other breakfast choices.

Holy Crap has no GMO, is gluten-free, high in fiber and iron. Plus, it provides omega-3,6, and calcium. It is kosher and organic. Although it is called a cereal it is not consumed by the bowlful. A small amount goes a long way and many that use it say they feel totally satisfied until lunch and it seems to give them energy. What many people do is add some to their morning beverage like milk, or mix it in with their yogurt.

The Claim
The Company is making a lot of claims but there is no doubt that they really did their homework when it comes to providing a healthy food choice. They have opted to go with organic ingredients like chia, buckwheat, and hemp just to name a few.

The Hype
The hype really revolves around it being a slow burning protein rich food. This is why it keeps one feeling satisfied for a good period of time.

The Cost
The size of the bag is 8 ounces which provides 8 servings. It sells for about $10.40 a bag which when you take into account you only need a small amount of it and the benefits it is delivering is quite reasonable.

The Commitment
There is no commitment if you are a breakfast eater in the first place. You just need to add some Holy Crap to your food choices. If you are not a breakfast eater then you are going to have to start developing some good habits by becoming one. It really is the the most important meal of the day.

This really is a Mom and Pop type of business that has a good story behind it. You may have first heard about Holy Crap when it was pitched on the Dragon’s Den. Since then it has become one of the biggest success stories of the Den. One may think that its become so popular because of the marketing gurus’ but the repeat business that Holy Crap brings in is very substantial. So the product does speak for itself.

Final Holy Crap Review

What we really like about Holy Crap is not that it has convinced us of its health benefits but that so many report how great it tastes.Often the problem is when something is good for you the downside is that it either has no taste or its tastes awful. This cannot be said about Holy Crap and the taste was one of the big influencers on the Dragon’s Den pitch. The odd person has complained about gas. Very few complain about the price because they find just 2 tbsp. of Holy Crap is plenty as it really expands. Overall we are going to give the product a Thumbs Up rating.

Our Recommendation
If you just don’t have time to get all the nutrition you need in the morning, then Holy Crap is so easy to take then you may be doing yourself a really big favor by adding it to your breakfast. We have done some other assorted reviews about nutrition that you may want to take a look at.

What do you think? Does Holy Crap work or not?

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