Does the Iron Gym Really Work?

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Does the Iron Gym really work?Of all the workout equipment you can buy to get you that perfect body, can it really be as easy as buying an Iron Gym? By improving on a product that has been around for a long time, they might have stumbled onto something that actually works, and works well. It’s gotten its fair share of attention and buzz, with many users saying it works great, so let’s look at what it entails.

The Iron Gym looks too simple to work at first glance. It’s just a few bars attached to each other and it looks very underwhelming. This is part of the reason why people might doubt its effectiveness, but also because many of these doorway workout bars have come along, and each have shown that they just don’t work. They require that you screw them into your doorframe, and even then they end up falling off the door, leaving the user susceptible to an at-home injury.

The Claim
The claims are that you can get a gym-quality workout from an inexpensive bar in the comfort of your home. They say that the Iron Gym installs onto your door in seconds, and also comes off easily because it is not required to be screwed or bolted into place. It uses your body’s own leverage to keep itself in place, and it positions itself out of the actual doorway so that you don’t have to worry about hitting the side of the door while you do your pull ups.

They claim you don’t need a drill, or any sort of fasteners to secure it into place, and after watching many actual users put up and take down the Iron Gym quickly, it is obvious that it lives up to these claims.

They also say that by removing it and putting it in different positions you can do things like push-ups for your chest, dips for your triceps, and crunches for your abs. This would give you a pretty comprehensive upper body workout.

The Hype
The hype is all about their advertisement and website. It’s obvious that the model that is demonstrating the use of Iron Gym works on his body as a full time job. There is no way in the world he got his physique by using the Iron Gym. In fact, it is a guarantee that he uses an actual gym to get that chiselled look. He also follows a strict diet regimen, has the right genes, and follows a cutting regimen to get ready for the photo shoot, involving things like taking water pills to get that cut look.

The Cost
Iron Gym clocks in at just a one-off payment of $43. That’s pretty impressive because the workout industry is notorious at gouging consumers with big prices on easily manufactured products. Even though the bar probably costs a few cents to make in some Asian nation they still could charge more for it and people would pay it.

You can even pick this up from Amazon for a flat $25 and have it shipped to your door for free.

The Commitment
If you plan on using this as your main way of working out, you’re going to have to have a commitment level that it almost super-human. The exercises they say this helps you with are some of the most boring, hard-to-perform-on-a-regular-basis ones you’ll find. Many people cannot even do one pull up, especially if they haven’t set foot in the gym for a while.

Even those that are relatively physically fit have trouble performing multiple pull-ups with just their body weight. Unless you are relatively skinny, it is hard to lift 180lbs or more consecutively.

As far as a properly constructed product goes, Iron Gym is a winner. As far as being a misleadingly named product, it also succeeds. Asking whether it works is really two questions in one. First, does it actually stay on a doorframe and support the weight of a user without the need to screw it in place? Second, does it provide the sort of results they speak of during the promos, things like getting strong, or even ripped, quickly?

To answer the first question, if you’re having doubts that the bar itself stays in place and allows you to perform the exercises, it does. No question there.

For the second question, it is highly unlikely that the average person will be able to get ripped by using this thing. Get stronger, sure, but not ripped. Getting ripped is mostly about the food you eat, not about the exercises you do. If you use the Iron Gym religiously, but eat like there’s no tomorrow you are not going to get ripped.

So as long as you go in with a level head, and don’t have the delusion that your perfect body will come with use of the Iron Gym, it’s a solid buy, and will give you a solid body. These are time tested exercises, and few can argue that doing pull-ups will make you stronger overall. But you’ve gotta do ’em!

Common Complaints
Any type of workout machine is going to come with its share of complaints. With the Iron Gym the biggest problem people have is that the door frame they want to use it with is not the right size, or the moulding is not conducive to using it.

Others say that the bar is not properly constructed, with bolts coming undone. Others say they didn’t receive the right screws to assemble the frame. When trying to return the product some have complained about lousy customer service.

Final Iron Gym Review

Iron Gym functions the way it is depicted in the ads, but as far as getting you ripped it leaves much to be desired. To get the ripped or cut look that the users have in the pictures and videos promoting Iron Gym, you’ll need to do far more exercises than pull-ups and push-ups.

So to make it clear: Yes, the Iron Gym is a sturdy piece of equipment that can give you a good workout. Its clever design protrudes out of the doorway so that you can perform the exercises without anything getting in your way. It’s a great buy for those that don’t live near a gym, or to supplement your gym membership for rainy days or days you just want a quick workout at home instead of hitting the real gym.

Our scepticism lies in the ability of an average user to use this as a gym substitute and get a ripped body. Pull-ups are hard to do if you’re out of shape. The same is true with push-ups or dips. It would be a good idea to reach a level of fitness at an actual gym and then use the Iron Gym to maintain your results from the convenience of home.

Our Recommendation
While you won’t be able to replicate a gym experience as they’d like you to believe, it can come in handy for doing pull-ups whenever you feel like it. The design of the unit is pretty clever, and it really does hold you up there in order to do the workouts.

What do you think? Does Iron Gym work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does the Iron Gym Really Work?

  1. I have my own Iron Gym, I happened on this. But what I’m looking for is how to get the bands, & instructions. I got mine at Big 5 in Tucson, awhile back, like 3 yrs

  2. I have had my iron gym bar for a number of years now. The only damage that is has is one of the foam grips has come off but not really a major concern (I also think its because my cat scratched that one up that it started to tear in the first place). At my previous residence, I had a lot of viable doorways to use, but my current apartment only has one (not including the front doorway haha, that would look silly). It works well, I have never had it fall off during work outs and I use it in more precarious ways than just various pull ups (sometimes I hang low and pull my legs up and then over me, for a more core work out). The most common issue someone might find aside from a good door frame, is a wide enough door frame. My current door frame isnt wide enough to do the ‘wide pull up’ but thats okay, I still have like 10 various pull ups / chin ups i could do. When I originally got it in store (sports authority), I think it was only 20-30$, this was when it was still fairly unknown though. All in all, its worth it.

  3. This is another product that does not use hype to sell itself. This is because the pull-up is, along with the dead lift, probably the greatest exercise you can do if you want to get stronger and build muscle. Most people are going to struggle to do even one good clean pull-up. This is why they are the best, because they make you lift your entire dead weight. The iron gym lets you do dips too, which are excellent. The only way this isn’t a replacement for going to the gym is that you cannot sufficiently train your legs with one.

  4. I also have the Iron Gym and the product is an excellent idea; however, I have not always been able to use it (for pull-ups) as my door sizes don’t jive with the product. It is not really a one doorsize-fits-all. I had a condo where it didn’t fit properly in any of the doors and then moved to a house where it also did not fit properly. It is also clunky and takes up a lot of space in storage. Having said that, just using it for push-ups is phenomenal. I do a lot of push ups as is, but if you use this, you are doing a perfect and exact push up every time. In other words, doing ten push ups with this is the equivalent of doing twenty otherwise.

  5. Iron Gym is excellent and anyone thinking about buying one should go and get one now!
    I have one and never regretted it at all.
    I actually took mine in to work too so that i could use it at lunch time.
    The beauty of Iron Gym is that it can be easily moved around from place to place – you could even take this with you on whilst away on business.
    It’s like a complete portable gym 🙂

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