Does Asea Really Reduce Free Radicals & Slow Skin Aging?

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AseaCompanies jump on the opportunity to lead people to thinking that they may have the answer to slow down the aging process. This is something that many people are in search for but as yet the fountain of youth has not been discovered. Some may think that Asea is the next best thing.

What Is Asea?

Asea and Salt

To begin with, it is saltwater. But, its promoters also claim that it contains redox signaling molecules. Fancy words but what do they mean?

Cell Breakdown

human cell

As people age their cells break down.  It is part of the aging process but there are other factors that can lead to cell breakdown.  Some of these are:

  • Stress
  • Diet
  • Air pollution
  • Lifestyle
  • Environment

What Happens When The Cells Breakdown?


There are the physical signs which is the aging of the skin. Along with many other break downs that lead to conditions such as

  • Weakened immune systems
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Cardiovascular issue
  • Digestive problems

And the list goes on.

Asea Redox

This is a product that has been created to address the cellular breakdown. This is with the Redox cellular therapy.  It is being promoted as being able to affect the signals that the genes deliver to different parts of the body. When it does this it allows for:

  • Better immune system
  • The ability of the body to respond to inflammation
  • Promote cardiovascular health
  • Assist the digestive system
  • Help for regulating the hormones.

According to ASEA, this is the only supplement available that contains active REDOX signaling molecules.  This is done by a process that the company has patented that allows for the reorganization of natural salt molecules and purified water.

So is it all HYPE or is it TRUE?

Asea true or false


Can salt and purified water meet all these amazing claims? Can a daily dose of ASEA REDOX get your genes up to par and slow down the aging process by getting these cells to communicate with each other?

What Studies Have Been Conducted?

Asea studies

One would think with the number of claims being made about ASEA that there would be a good number of studies to back it up. It turns out that they have done their homework and they are not just blowing air about the signaling molecules.

Understanding Studies

If one is going to rely on studies they need to understand that not all studies are factual. There are a lot of variations that go into studies and clinical trials. The most important thing to know is that they have been carried out by reputable laboratories which seems to be the case with ASEA BUT they are farming these out to third parties so there is no real paper trail.

It is easy to hype up marketing about Trials.

What Is The Outcome?

How do consumers feel about ASEA and what are the professionals saying about it?

There are a lot of claims being made about the product and the Brand does have a very comprehensive website that does contain a lot of technical information. However, that is the business side of the product. Consumers are more interested in what the product is going to do for them. Most are interested in anything that is going to slow down the aging process.

The Professional Feedback

There are many who may fall into the categories of being professionals in the health industry. Some very knowledgeable individuals that have done a great deal of research and put pieces together. Then others that hold degrees and credentials.

Is It Snake Oil?

snake oil

The product has been referred to as “snake oil”. Referring to old products that were sold off the back of wagons that had no value, but were promoted by a smooth selling salesperson.

Science-Based Medicine has done a thorough review of the ASEA website and has come to some very negative conclusions. Many of which have been openly discussed with ASEA reps on the Science site. You can review this to come to your own conclusions based on both sides of the argument. But, the bottom line is that Science-Based Medicine has stuck to their opinions of thinking that the product is nothing more than hype. There is no doubt that Steven Novella has the credentials to raise the arguments that he has done.

Consumer Use

The product has been around for a while so one would think that at least on Amazon there would be a ton of reviews.


To date there have been 239 reviews. With a 5 star rating by 67%.  Out of these there are 142 positive reviews.

There are a lot of mixed comments in the positive reviews. Where users seem to be getting different results for different things. Many talk about it being an energy booster giving them a moreover feeling of well being.


One of the big complaints was that the orders the customer was receiving were all expired. Other recent complaints are that the product is arriving damaged. Or the instructions have been changed to Spanish. These all seem to be occurrences that have taken place during 2019. This raises some questions such as:


  • Is this an indicator that something is up with the Brand?
  • Is it being moved or is it going to start going backward?
  • Has it been burned out with the marketing and hype. Too much time has passed now for it to prove itself?

Then others who are claiming they didn’t get the results they expect or any at all and this was a waste of money.

Something To Think About

This is a product that is sold through mult- level marketing. So you are also going to get a lot of third party prmoters to build the brand. Which means those that are active may be heavily marketing positive reviews as well. The price you are going to pay depends on where and who you are buying it from.

The Choice Is Yours

Asea Your Choice

There are a lot more cons than pros when it comes to ASEA and its ability to boost health and wellness. But, for those who want to go on the word of those who feel they have gotten success and can afford it then they should go for it.

This is the type of product purchase that you have to go into with open eyes and just with a hope that it might work for you.




132 Customer Reviews on “Does Asea Really Reduce Free Radicals & Slow Skin Aging?

  1. I have ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, endometriosis…I am also full time carer to my disabled daughter so I need to be as well as I can be as she requires full physical and personal care 24/7. I tried ASEA for a few weeks but saw no change, perhaps I could have given it longer bit I got eczema, really bad stomach etc… I have found a better way (for me) to get well. There is a theory (that resonates with me) that most of our dis-ease is due to parasites and toxins, heavy metals etc… I came across Dirt Road Discussions on Telegram and have not looked back. I was in bed with terrible exhaustion and bronchitis, could not breath. I found dirt road by pure chance. I already had some ivermectin paste in the cupboard, after just a few hours of my first dose I started feeling so much better. I haven’t looked back.This is a life changer for me and it does not break the bank! Check out Dirt Road Discussions and see if it resonates with you.

  2. I am not exaggerating when I say ASEA saved my life. I was dying in a mycotoxin loaded bedroom – that I didn’t know was there – and literally heading out – with 28 vile symptoms (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) when someone gave me this product to try with the chronic fatigue. after a horrible 5 days – clearly doing a HERX detox – I started to gain enough energy and strength to get out of the property for 3 weeks – and literally saved my life. Renu 28 has helped ALL skin issues my son and I have had from that mould (we are in 24% that are susceptible) and nebulised with ASEA and drink it when we can afford it….. I cannot recommend it enough. I am Auto Immune and have difficulty / sensitivity especially now. I am 53 years old and have been using this product in my eyes, drinking it and inhaling it and when I do – it has provided cellular repair, less stiffness, clearer lungs and sight, and literally repaired what was a 50% take down of my body with just months to live. it is NOT snake oil – it really does work and is a God Send. Thank you, I am not a salesperson, I work in production, management and am a single mother. Without ASEA there’s a high chance I never would have got out, then worked out and found the defective wall….. literally I cannot thank ASEA enough. We are ALL going to need a lot more of Asea after this genocidal vaccine agenda. Just saying.

  3. To address a direct piece of misinformation- if ANYONE receives ANY ASEA product with expired out of date info it was purchased NOT from a valid ASEA distributor or directly from the company. ANY product has a 30 day Money Back Guarantee but ONLY when purchased from a legitimate source!

    I personally had immediate results within 7 days, of reduced pain and joint stiffness. Within 30 days I was totally (self weaned, because MY body told me I no longer needed these drugs) off of Tramadol, Neurontin & CBD pills. I had been on pain Rx’s for over 40 years! Within 4 months I was able to be told by the head of Orthopedics at Duke University that I no longer needed a scheduled hip replacement and he doubted that I ever would. That was 4 years ago!!! My health has continued to improve and I now take NO pharmaceutical drugs for any former health challenges. I will NEVER be without this product!

  4. This whole review site is hogwash! I just started on ASEA and you can’t tell me it’s just salt water! Look me up on Instagram @jamiesfruitfullife solid concrete evidence that ASEA does do what it says. Definitely not snake oil as people are peddling here. Lies! Lies! Lies! I’m exposing the lies here. The evil is real. People trying to hold back the truth on how we can finally achieve great health. This is literally a breakthrough and seriously why would you even include Amazon in this? Anyone who sells on Amazon is through a third party. Not even from the company directly. Scammers all over the place. I’d be extremely weary of buying off Amazon. Inconclusive review here! Smh

  5. I haven’t tried any of these products nor a big fan of MLM company. But I adhere to the truth. Everything has its own limitations. Health products are good if scientifically backed up with all the transparency.
    However, not all good and clinically proven products will have immediate results on the human body. There are lots of processes involve before health and the immune system gets restored back to default.

    We ought to know that our illness is developed over time. Thus, we cannot expect an instant cure however good the health products are. Let’s be realistic. Everything is bound by time.
    So, let’s be patient in waiting for the desired results, and be honest enough about our health conditions when we take any health supplements.

  6. How sad. The negative will NEVER outweigh the POSITIVE of ASEA Rodox Signaling Molecules and the proven health and wealth enhancing it will do. You CANNOT put a price on your health Jerry, and your Harley will only DEPRECIATE as will your health. I wish I would have discovered ASEA in 2015 but I thank God I now am a member of hundreds of thousands in a Global Company that literally is saving lives and providing the ability to build wealth.

    Enjoy your Harley.

  7. You people that say non traditional stuff dont work probably smoke and drink. Think of all the toxins you put into your body.Nothing will work for you. Even coffee and diary products have growth hormones and caffeine as well as other environmental toxins and antibiotics. Try a good diet and some of these supplements will detox your system and give you a new lease on life.

  8. A short story about the FDA and Doctors. Most DRs have 4 hours of training on nutrition. My friend had a blood sugar level of 512 before he went to his Dr. He was told he had diabetes which is supposedly incurable. He went to Uchee Pines and walked out three weeks later with a blood sugar level of 90 and completely cured. read Dr Freemans books as well as Dr Amen. Drs will be shut down by the FDA if they tried anything but traditional medicine due to the big pharmaceuticals pull with the FDA. I will try this product and will send another comment later. I have rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation. they are giving me humira . ( you should see the side effects) which does not work like i would like. I will let you know how this product works works. Oh by the way i also take cordyceps which has helped tremendously.

  9. FDA does not approve or disapprove of any health supplement products so your statement is false and shows you to be suffering from a lack of relevant education and sufficient knowledge. Getting into any wellness oriented business is not usually about making lots of money in many cases it is wise for people to get into the business that just to get around more intelligent and deeply knowledgeable people who understand nutrition and health better than most doctors. The knowledge that is available to those who need to learn more is a huge benefit of getting involved with any such company. Greater knowledge and understanding is its own reward and never easy to achieve. When one is in one wellness company they will usually get into many more wellness product companies which will generally multiply your knowledge even more. The effort to become healthy is a worthwhile effort that we would be wise to encourage. Living in total ignorance is an obvious path to early death and failure in managing your health properly. There is no easy solution to becoming healthier you either are all in or you are a statistic due to the explosion of cancer rates and heart disease etc.,. You want other people to teach you how to live in greater health then you explore the possibilities and seek out more intelligent crowds of people to rub elbows with and you read study and exert your effort to become the expert you need instead of relying on doctors that will tell you what you want to hear who only practice allopathic medicine.

  10. cheap vitamins are the scam they are frauds. They say you are getting a citamin but in 99% of the cases the vitamin is a synthetic non organic isolated chemical like ascorbic acid which is sold as vitamin C. The cell membranes of your cells have receptors that act as gatekeepers to keep out any non-organic compounds that companies call vitamins they are looking to see if there is a protein attached and this tells our cells that it is organic. That means 99% of what people call vitamins are 100% a rip off because your bodies cells will not allow any intake of the products they offer. Same thing is true of minerals as well and any mineral with an ATE on the end like Calcium Carbonate is a non-organic mineral because it is a crushed rock form of calcium that is unusable by our bodies cells.

  11. I have tried it for a month, 2 ounces a day in the morning, on an empty stomach. I`m 43 years old male with no (at least known) health issues.
    I`ve allways been a skeptic and will allways be, that`s why i experiment a lot on myself. I`ve also been skeptical about this product too. I need to mention that i`m not a seller or an endorser or any of this, as i live in Romania, a country where asea cannot be imported or sold ad so on..
    Thus..After the first 2 weeks of using it, i felt like being more energetic, and begun having some better night sleep. If that could have been a placebo effect, what sort of struck me as a positive effect (and that`s what lowered my skepticism) was that after a heavy drinking night-out, the next day i had almost no hangover, and could perform my daily tasks normally.
    For now, that`s my experience with it. Maybe i didn`t give it a longer try but i intend to experiment again for one month or two (depending on my budget).

  12. This is a crappy article. ASEA the products work, ASEA the opportunity works.

    Catherine, yes it help. My family and I have been taking ASEA since 2010 and have had tremendous results. Feel free to text me with any questions 859-494-4802

  13. I tried to make it no stars but not possible. I tried both the gel and the water and it certainly didn’t do a thing for me. I used it for the same things for which I was told it worked. Knee pain was one. Put it on three times with 5 minutes in between. I was told it worked for a friend at one of the “meetings.” Didn’t work at all for pain in any part of my body. Gel was supposed to take away wrinkles however you were told to moisturize after it dried. Heck if I had consistently moisturized those areas I would have had soft skin with fewer wrinkles. It is high priced hogwash.

  14. I came across this yesterday as a friend is an associate, she wasn’t the one to start the conversation, I asked out of curiosity. After the using the products for a day – gel and skin care (renu 28) I noticed my undereyes are less puffier and I didn’t wake up with much joint stiffness – even after a crappy gluten filled dinner the night before. I did have strange and vivid dreams though.

    I think for me it’s too early to tell but I will do some blood tests before and after. Curious to try as I did feel quite energised. I agree with Karley above, there’s so much crap/toxins in our food and agriculture that has been approved by authorities. Then there’s all the foundations that get funded by big industry to approve their products even when it is the cause of the issue – cancer, diabeties etc.
    Check out “what the health” on netflix.

  15. I thought the Redox was what I was supposed to use for my dog. he is partially parilized and I was told by a rep to order a case of it. am going to try it, I thought the product you mentioned was for skin

  16. Hi everyone i am not in this business but my one friend is approaching me? I did join so many companies and i did made in one company in 15years but at end it was shut down to be Ponzy? What is my experience we can find out real Loo Pols after jumping in it, If in some companies we work hard and start making some money as you start making then start happening its not Allow by SEC or their Comp Plan have change so many things start hard to make money after your hard work?Example I was in Market America for 7 years they said need only 2 good but you keep doing and bring 100 people and all left only few left? you start again going and taking your team in meetings and paying fee for room to enter?Make story short all companies use people and from 100 people only one percent people make money?

  17. I feel very sorry for anyone believes in a multi level marketing scam. Some are good products, but the way you have to exploit relationships in order to sell the product is wrong! It’s cool to get peoples hopes up, and then blame them when they don’t make the vast fortune They were promised! I say, find a better way to make money.
    You notice how you said, not afraid to meet people… That’s not the issue, the issue is not afraid to exploit relationships. It’s been a few years since you posted your defense of these bogus get rich schemes, I bet you have a very different attitude now!

  18. I was skeptical too. But after taking ASEA for 6 months I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that it works. My 95 year old mother no longer suffers from chronic back pain and is off pain patches and my husband no longer suffers from Polymyalgia rheumatica and is off steroids. I’m so proud to be an associate with this life changing company as I’ve witnessed many experiences from people whose bodies have healed themselves as well as my own family.
    I recently applied Renew 28 gel on my daughter’s friend who fell from a horse and was dragged. She was in immense pain and I wasn’t sure how much injury she had sustained, but we were in a very remote part of Peru so health care wasn’t an option. The Renew 28 was amazing. She scabbed over within hours and there was NO SWELLING AND NO BRUISING. AT ALL. I could go on, but either you suspend your disbelief or you don’t. I hope you take this opportunity, because it can be a life saver if you follow the suggested methods of use. If you don’t follow the recommendations then you may be disappointed. This is why it’s important to buy this directly through the company with the help of your associate. They will guide you as your body starts to heal itself. You are an individual with a unique cellular makeup so no two people will respond identically. The molecules go where they are needed the most and you need to give them time to do this. You don’t always “feel” your disease and similarly you might not “feel” your healing. But you are. You are healing.

  19. For me, Asea is just a SCAM !!!!
    To begin, in expensive and you need to buy bottle by 4 ! Plus, they tell you to take a lot, at least 3 times a day…
    Nothing get improved. So they said I need time to get better and I need to take more and for longer… After months of just losing money something else happened !
    I didn’t receive my order, 3 months in a row ! I complain and they told me that they will refund me and guess what ? They refund me after many emails… Just the products, not the shipping fees (more Thant 30 euros for France !!!) so I didn’t receive anything and lose more than 100 euros just doing nothing ! How amazing is that ? And of course they don’t answer my emails anymore. THIEFS
    Please give you one favor, stay away from all this business, because it’s just business and marketing ! Nothing else !!

  20. My wife has been takng ASEA for 3 months with an Auto Immune condition. For 4 years she was in constant pain, struggling to get out of bed. She was on Humira and Lyrica and about 4 other tablet medications, can’t remember all the long names but the side effects weren’t great including weight gain and hair loss. We had looked at ASEA 3 years prior but the reviews said it was expensive salt water.

    After one week on Asea, she woke up and said that she felt good. Had not heard that for a long time. After the second week there was no pain. In fact she wanted to exercise. Around the 8 week mark she wanted to go back to the gym and had stopped the medications. A minor flare meant she went back to taking one Lyrica a nigh to help with sleep. He hair was growing again and she was happy.

    12 weeks on and I have my old wife back again. It’s weird as you get used to the person who was always in pain and could’t do anything with you. I’m happy for people to be skeptic and call it just salt water but I can’t believe what it has done for us.

  21. This is just one guys opinion. I don’t know this guy. he’s not an “expert”. its just a guy with a computer who can type. that’s it. If you think it can help you, try it yourself. See for yourself. I do not sell this product or have anything to do with it. My point is: Why should anyone take this guys opinion as anything more than just what it is: Its just like ONE review on amazon, or yelp or any of the others. Just one guy who can type.

  22. Okay this is a honest opinion. For me I saw no difference on Asea, I am using it for a chronic case of insomnia that I’ve been battling on and off with for two years. I didn’t see any change in my body at all. I did find that the person selling it to me was very pushy on trying to get me to sell it. And insisted it would work if I upped the does and used it for a long time. I can’t afford it. And can’t justify using it as it didn’t help. I was really upset as I was told it would be the answer… maybe it works for some. Maybe for others it doesn’t. All I know is it didn’t for me

  23. Hi Catherine,
    I am currently helping a friend review ASEA for his son who is suffering from Autism. I see your post about your daughter also on Autism. Did you end up trying ASEA and it helped?
    Please do let me know about your experience with ASEA. God bless you !
    Kind regards,
    Zia from Sydney Australia.

  24. UPDATE: ASEA does not have a $25 monthly fee. However, there is a $25 annual fee to purchase the product at wholesale.

  25. Interesting read! However, in response to all of the comments listed here, not everyone joins and MLM for the business opportunity. They simply join for the wholesale discount, and nothing more!

  26. Are you laughing now that all the comical “claims” have been proved by independent laboratory testing?

    Brainwashed is something that happens when you have no facts to validate claims. There is too much science now backing this product that completely refute all the negativity put by people on this thread.

    I would suggest it is you who is brainwashed into being suspicious of anything that comes to you via any other way than your doctor. Because they have all the answers of course. As clearly seen by the disease epidemic that is flourishing under the current medical system that only treat symptoms and ignores the cause.

  27. John… those REAL studies now EXIST. The product has been certified independently to be BIO ACTIVE REDOX MOLECULES (not salt and water) by the highest certification body in the US – Bioagilitix. The latest Laboratory results have shown that Asea activates 5 key genetic pathways for repair across the body, improving cardiovascular health, enzyme production, hormonal balance, inflammatory response and the nervous system. Unlike the author of this article – the claims I am making right here can be backed by SCIENCE. To read the reports yourself visit:

    Are you going to try it now?

    Didn’t think so.

  28. How do you even know if the cheap Vitamin C imitation that you buy at the store is even being absorbed let alone UTILISED by the body correctly. ASEA promotes the production of ENDOGENOUS (made by your body) antioxidant production – namely the production of Glutathion (the master antioxidant) by between 500- 800 %.

    That is NOT the same thing.

    Anyone reading through these negative thread with tons of uneducated opinions should look carefully at the DATES these comments were posted. Since 2015 there have been volumes of studies published proving the efficacy of this product, and certifying that it IS NOT SALT AND WATER. This original article is so full of misinformation it actually reveals serious lack of research by the author.

    Dont criticise things you dont understand. We are seeing some incredible health transformations in clinical practice. And it is COMPLETELY VALIDATED BY SCIENCE. Not opinion.

    If you want actual FACTS, visit

  29. The proof of the pudding is Always in the tasting. I mean by this that you do a little research on who is funding THIS site. There are real reasons why the pharmaceutical companies Do NOT want anyone to try this! They actually tried to buy out this technology for Billions of dollars! but you will never hear the balanced, transparent truth.

  30. There are countless positive testimonials using ASEA. I have my own – read below in comments. Regarding autism, one avenue that I recommend is getting your two sons genetics done with A test is $99. After you get the test results, contact genetic who, for $5 will connect with to send you your son’s methylation reports. Your two sons could have the MTHFR genetic mutation, which 40% of the population have as well. According to Amy Yasko, who has done advanced research on genetics, those with this mutation are not functioning on all thrusters, so to speak. If vaccinations (or chemtrail toxins?) are forced into their body without correcting the mutation first, their body cannot assimilate the influx of toxins and instead are thrown into autism. The report you receive from genetic will suggest how to correct mutations.

  31. I read your opinions and need to comment. A couple months ago I could not get off the toilet seat. I had two things going – damaged knees from 23 years of ladder/scaffolding work being a painter and was told by orthopedic surgeon both knees needed replacing – plus a fibromyalgia diagnosis from an arthritis specialist. I have no insurance or money. Someone approached me with ASEA. After years of wasting money on supplements, I hesitated making a commitment. But I had to try for the alternative would be devastating financially. After one week on ASEA the burning pain of fibromyalgia was noticeably reduced. After a month on ASEA my knees quit buckling and the inflammation had gone down. Not even 60 days later I can get up off the toilet without pain. It is stated that “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” Part of the ASEA investigation are hearing and reading about positive testimonials.

  32. This is the first combination of information in all these comments that made me say, “AMEN!!” Kraft? You HAVE to be kidding me! So the Mormon guy can finagle a big business deal. Well, that doesn’t make it a healthy, great for America deal!! I’m really sorry to be so harsh but what are you thinking?
    Once people get involved in the websites and stories to sell them on such products, unless they have True Faith and knowledge and wisdom from The Word of God, The Bible, they WILL be swayed by emotions and filled with stories of grandeur.
    I haven’t tried the product. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. But I sure won’t from someone who happens to sell the product. I think first, I might (might) give it a chance and decide for myself.
    But for all you people who support this product, or are hoping it will support you ($) I’d like to be honest with you. You aren’t helping your product by calling people names or by claiming that the head of this company also did some huge deal for Kraft. You just gave me the BEST info anyone could give, caveat emptor, Buyer beware. Especially where big deal makers are involved and the deals they made had NOTHING to do with proving that their HEARTS are for people’s health and well being. And that’s what’s most important to me, that the heads of this company CARES ABOUT PEOPLE. Thank you so much for that info.

  33. You claim that doctors aren’t qualified to understand the merits of your product and so their opinion of asea can not be trusted but then you go on to point out that because a couple of doctors speak highly of your product that is proof that asea must work!

    So essentially what you’re saying is that any doctor who speaks highly of asea can be trusted but any doctor that has a low opinion of it must be a shill for Big Pharma. Sounds legit!

  34. Hi Peter, I have been taking ASEA and have experienced strong detox symptoms, but I am still not clear as to what it actually is and why it works – could you please explain more about the technology involved as you mention it?? And do you know if a detox response is normal/frequent, like flu for a few days in my case then continuing low energy and runny nose.. Many thanks

  35. little red – Did you try it? What did you think? I just started last week and am so skeptical. I did TONS of research and just decided I better try it. I wish there were peer reviewed studies on the actual product, but then again, these don’t exist on any other supplements and I don’t demand it of other things I take… I don’t know… I would love to hear if you tried it.

  36. My DOG has no opinion, but after he could not walk, at all! Then using ASEA Renu 28 he is running! This is not a juice or antioxidant, and certainly not salt water in a bottle.. go to my talk show Happy and Healthy Living with Darlene Godwin on and hear what doctors, physicist’s, and BioAgilytix, a laboratory that tests all pharmaceutical drugs to ensure that drug has in it what the company claims. And yes, in this Sodium Chloride solution are Redox molecules, ASEA is certified by BioAgilytix. If it wasn’t real than why did a N.J. Pharmaceutical company try to buy ASEA’s formula and patents? The answer is!!!!! They want to bury information that helps the body heal. Keeping you sick and on drugs is a money maker. Ask yourself, how many of my friends are on at lest 1 prescription drug and how many say you can get off drugs with a clean diet? Big pharma can’t make money on real food. These lovely people in MLM companies have a heart and want to help people look and feel their very best. When you share your own experience you can change lives. I believe if you can earn money for good honest work while making people better it is far more noble then willfully keeping people sick and poor.
    Jerry, I don’t know what ailment you have, but yes, you should have doubled the dose. People who have poor diets and life style habits have more internal problems then they think….it takes years to develop a disease or pain, and pain is just a symptom to a long term condition that has now manifested itself. This is your body signalling you, you have a problem. Are you aging more on the outside then should? If so, your are internally aging at a faster rate. By doubling the dose you would have given your body more redox signaling molecules to attack bad cells and repair good cells, within a few days you would have felt a difference because you would be anti-aging inside. I know you love your Harley, but one way or another everyone pays for their health either in medical bills “sick care” or in the organic section at the grocery or products “real heath care”. I encourage everyone to try everything to see what works for you.

  37. Hi all
    I have been on ASEA for 10 days after a friend told me about the product. I have been diagnosed
    with breast cancer for the third time which has progressed to my lungs also bone cancer. I was not looking for a cure or cancer but a product that would help with my very sore feet which have plagued me for the last 8 years. The pain was so intense that my doctor recommended a strong long acting
    pain relief. I did get some relief but the swelling and heat in my feet still was present.
    For the last three days and nights the pain has subsided to such a degree that I have not taken any pain relief. For the first time in 8 years I have gone to bed with no pain or swelling and woken with a new zest to face a new day. I just feel so much better that I wish to thank the gentleman with all my heart for discovering this wonderful product.

  38. Yeah John, and the FDA didn’t tell you and MJ Fox that Aspartane was a carcinogenic killer! like they really are out to look after you!! “A man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man with an argument”

  39. I am scientist in the area of physics. I was very skeptical about herbalife and other stuff. My mom has a serious illness – lung cancer at the last stage. We tried different things. Chemical therapy, chemical therapy combined with heat treatment, new experimental drugs, Russian ASD2, and actually lost any hope that it can be curable or somehow can improve her condition. She was laying on the bed with no energy for almsot 24 hours. After 6 days of drinking Asea it was a miracle. We noticed that she got energy. She starts to walk for a big distances and get sense of humor. There is no effect of placebo in her case. Because we all lost hope. She also was prepared to pass. We bought it only to say we did everything we can. What is this? Do we know mechanism why it happened? But it works for my mom. I don’t know for how long it will work but it works for now and there is no doubt.

  40. I’m trying to find authoritative, independent research on ASEA since a respected colleague recommended it to me (she is a distributor looking to add me as a customer and downline distributor). I have 2 sons with autism and I’m not adverse to trying experimental and alternative treatments; in fact, we have tried many. We are very involved in several autism research foundations and sit on the Boards of many of them. So far we have found no one who is even aware of ASEA. If it is the breakthrough that it is purported to be, having been stabilized in 2010, why has it not exploded within the very networked and communicative autism community after at least 6 years of being stabilized for distribution? So far, the only positive things I’ve read seem to come from ASEA themselves or thinly veiled distributors that seem to want to debunk the skeptics with insults. My next conversation to my “hard sell” colleague is to give me a free (due to our current financial situation) 90 day supply to try on my younger son who is more affected by autism and – through our local, State, and National connections – we have a reputation that can bring ASEA thousands, if not tens of thousands, of customers if we see positive results. If the company is not willing to invest $400 in a 90 day supply for us to try it, see results, and then bring it to the attention of our National research organizations (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories – the discoverers of DNA, Stony Brook University Research Hospital, and Autism Speaks’ research department, to name a few) and many friends with children & adults with autism, then my opinion would be that the company does not even believe in their own product. We’re talking $400 for ASEA to invest in a potential ROI in the realm of tens of thousands of customers through our respected names and positions within that specific community (where 1 in 68 children are now being diagnosed on the autism spectrum). I’ll let you know if they’re willing to take that “financial risk” as opposed to our having to assume the financial risk in our current situation.

    And, BTW, MLMs have always raised red flags for me. I’ve been duped into going on “interviews” that turned out to be a room full of unsuspecting candidates with some company inserted marketers sprinkled throughout the crowd to boost our enthusiasm. There are many holistic products and treatments with a track record of less than 6 years that have not had to resort to an MLM model to get the word out about their products/treatments.

    And having to sign up to be automatically charged monthly instead of ordering as needed is yet another red flag.

  41. I have been using Asea with great results since April 2016. Have seen and heard great testimonies including Lyme disease. I look forward to hearing your testimonies.

  42. Catherine, I hope someone responded to you about Asea. This product is amazing and is helping thousands worldwide. Regarding autism, I know that Asea helps the body heal itself and helps raise glutathione levels. Visit My personal website is . I look forward to sharing more.

  43. What works for one person does not work for another. I personally don’t care what other people say about health products or treatments they have tried. I only care about trying them myself. Over the last 26 years of being sick, 90% of both FDA-approved medications and wacky alternative treatments have not worked for me. The FDA-approved drugs usually make me very ill, and the alternative stuff just has no effect at all, other than reducing my bank balance. So I expected the same from ASEA. To my surprise, ASEA has improved my totally disabling condition by 10-20%. It has not cured me, nor do I expect it to. I’ve been taking 4 oz a day for 6 months. The longer I take it, the better I feel. So why should I stop taking it? Because some other people had bad experiences with it? THINK FOR YOURSELVES, PEOPLE. You can do all the “research” you want, but nothing beats trying the product on yourself. We are not all the same, so if you’re looking for a 100% effective product, forget it. No medical researcher would ever look for that. It’s a pipe dream.

  44. I am not an asea rep, nor have I ever tried the product, but I am a strong believer in alternative medicine. This message is primarily for the people who put so much faith in the F.D.A. You people do realize that the F.D.A. approves CIGARETTES!!!!! You think mim people are all about money and scamming people? That’s exactly what the F.D.A. is all about!!! How many F.D.A. products that we’re approved, have been taken off the market, because they we’re more harmful than helpful, in some cases, even leading to death. Too many to count. My advice would be to try it. If it works great, if not move on to the next thing. Just like F.D.A. medications, some work for people, some don’t(for example, that’s why there are literally hundreds of different blood pressure medications, because one that works for one person, might not for another). The same with alternative medicine, works for some, but not for others.

  45. Thank you Asea You have made such a difference in my life now I am totally pain free My partner is also well on the way to being also pain free Like all we were very septic all but now we are singing this from the rooftops as it has made a huge difference No more pain killers , No more toothaches Feeling of wellness the first for many years Asea thank you again

  46. I would like to address the FDA thing for a moment, this product is not backed by the FDA and there is a very good reason behind that, I want you to stop and consider all things that are FDA approved. Some have lethal side effects and others are just slowly killing us…There will always be pessimists in the world. I am an ASEA user and distributor…I don’t try to “trick” anyone the product sells its self because of results. And the thing that is a true shame is that people like you can get on the internet and spread this type of slander against MLM’s which by the way have been a great avenue of income and help for many people. They offer health and prosperity to many people.

  47. I would suggest to google it. I do believe it would help her as her immune system is obviously compromised. Another option would be to just purchase it and try it. If no results, the company will refund you 100%.

  48. I feel strongly that the individual who wrote this article, as well as the “naysayers” of this product have never even come close to death. Have you? It is NOT the placebo effect either. I have chronic lymphatic leukemia as well as lymphedema on my right side. ASEA literally saved my life. I have no signs/symptoms of lymphedema since I have been drinking ASEA. I was unable to use my right side a month ago. What has changed? Taking ASEA. Furthermore when I went to see my oncologist for blood work results for my leukemia. My white blood cells had increased! What have I been doing since my last blood work and results 3 months ago? Taking ASEA. It has given me hope and has no doubt saved me. Some things work for some people and some things don’t. This is true even with modern medicine. Each one of our bodies is totally different. Real simple….if it didn’t work for you then fine…it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be sold and the company is a farce. For the believers in ASEA, I would also suggest Electro Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. What the medical field doesn’t tell us is our lymphatic system is the most important thing in our bodies. If not taken care of, it will kill you. Do some research and find someone in your area that does it.

  49. my dad bought so many bottles of ASEA and even they’re gel, i personally don’t see any results from it but him and my mom say they feel better after drinking it. I don’t know if its just because I’m a teenager and they’re adults, but i personally don’t see what the big deal is about this water.

  50. Did you just say principle and Kraft in the same sentance!? Do you know the poison that is Kraft foods and the ingredients used

  51. Expensive and they are humanitarians. Trying to help others…
    Let see, they recommend just 4 oz a day or more. A 16 oz bottles would last 4 days. And two bottle cost $75.00 for 8 day supply. A month (32 days) worth would cost $300.00 and a year would be $3,600…
    One mom said they were on it for 4 years… that’s $14,400 to ASEA.
    Most says you will know the effects within days, and yet other say as much as 4 month before they saw any benefits; and this was from ASEA’s testimonials or video stories.
    People in this blog report that it cures cancer, Autism, Lyme disease, etc… If ASEA are really for the people (not just profit) they would find a way to sell it for much less – $14,400 from just one person. That is a real good profit for salt/alkaline water.

  52. I tried the product three years ago, and I do not sell it by the way, however after three days I was surprised to wake up and feel like someone just flipped the switch. I am not sold on things quickly and did not even buy my first bottle my friend GAVE IT TO ME. I had 10 times more energy, my eyesight had improved, my memory was sharper and the best part after 6 weeks my hair was growing like a weed. I still don’t sell it because I’m just not into that , but I have turned on several friends and not one said they didn’t see a difference. Truth is …..its amazing

  53. I tried the product three years ago, and I do not sell it by the way, however after the days I was surprised to wake up and feel like someone just flipped the switch. I am not sold on things quickly and did not even buy my first bottle my friend GAVE IT TO ME. I had 10 times more energy, my eyesight had improved, my memory was sharper and the best part after 6 weeks my hair was growing like a weed. I still don’t sell it because I’m just not into that , but I have turned on several friends and not one said they didn’t see a difference. Truth is …..its amazing

  54. I used this product for 6 months and the only thing that happen is my money was lost and woman representative in AZ try to scam my friends that are not doing good financially , she no my friend is Alcoholic and she still try and take advantage of old people that are desperate and sign him up secretly another account when she find out he is having problem at home , Please do not buy this product …it is a scam and does nothing for health …these sales people take advantage of desperate people with children with Autism also because the parents will do anything to help their kids . They prey on desperate folks .

  55. Go vegan …raw vegan high carb low fat. Do lots of positive meditation and really focus on being healthy. Try to eliminate the c word from your life and all drama. Wish you the very best.

  56. I met a woman today who spoke to me at great lengths about the product: she gave me a bit of literature to take home and read, as well as invited me to her house next week. She went so far as to grab a spray bottle out of her car and said here spray your eyes so I did: what I can’t figure out is how my eye sight( I wear readers and can’t read small print without them) was temporarily restored for 3 hours! If I continued to use the spray for a period of time would my eye sight be completely restored or was this just a temporary fix?

  57. Hello to all, for the reason that I am really keen of reading this web
    site’s post to be updated daily. It carries nice stuff.

  58. You obviously have no idea as to the technology involved. This is not simply salt water. Educate yourself before you criticise.

  59. Ignorance is bliss. Would Governments allow Network marketing companies to survive, 20 30 years if they were a scam? Do your research please.

  60. If you do a little research you will find that Asea is now certified by Bio Agiltix ,a lab in N Carolina ,to contain stabilized redox molecules! Do your homework folks. This product is for Real.

  61. This asea isn’t slat water and tastes much different than salt water trust me. But thats ok why would you know anything outside of the plastic bubble you are living in.

  62. Hey there. I’ve started using asea 2 months ago for intense eczema. Got to say it’s turned my life around altogether. I use the Asea and the Renu 28. From being covered in eczema, with a severe lack of decent sleep and trying to figure a way out of a pressure situation, I was introduced to Asea, which has nearly cleared the eczema, gives me far greater energy , better sleep and I’m personally blown away by it. It certainly isn’t placebo effect either because I thought it was going to be a load of trash when I ffirst started taking it, no belief like, it also benefits plants. The modern day holy water is what it is. Cheers and best wishes. Paul

  63. Theresa, all the hard work in the world is just a waste of time, lf your product is no good. I tried this stuff for several months, and all it did was shrink my bank account by well over $1000. How can you sell something to friends that is no good, I got to the point that I couldn’t give it away. When I complained to the representative, I was told that I should just double the dose. No thank you, for that kind of money, I can make payments on a Harley. Now that really makes me feel good.
    If you want something that really works, try transdermal magnesium, its cheap, and one container will last almost a year.

  64. I can’t say anything good about the company. Not at all. They charged my checking account $390 and I’ve never heard of them. Never received anything, but asea caused my account to be overdrawn and several checks to be returned. Had to spend several hours and wait a long time to get this mess settled.

    They have tried several times to charge me again for something I’ve never wanted, never ordered and don’t want.

    A police report has been made, in addition to constant watching my bank account for their stupid charges.

  65. After reading your blog I have no choice but to take it with a grain of salt for many reasons.

    One, you seem to keep saying it is only salt water, when all the research I have done to try and make an informed decision on what it really is shows me that it is clearly not just salt water.

    Two, you are saying that all MLM companies are bad, no questions asked they are all just bad. It would be helpful for your statement if you gave some clear details as to why every single MLM company is bad. While I am not a fan of most MLM companies, I find that you can’t make a blanket statement such as this, because not all companies are the same.

    Now I will give some details to what I have found upon researching this product for the last 3 weeks:

    They started by giving the product to 40 people who supposedly loved the product so much that they shared it with around 100 other people. During the same time they were in contact with a 10 billion dollar pharmaceutical company in NJ, that company offered supposedly billions of dollars to buy the product. They did however have one catch, the people at Asea had to stop giving it to the 140 people that were taking it. they were supposed to shut it down and walk away and let a big pharmaceutical company take over. If Asea wanted to work with big Pharma they had to walk away and let them take over.
    My first thought here is, I am not a fan of big Pharma. 90% of the drugs they have on the market have numerous side affects, some very bad. Also they are big billion dollar corporations, and i’m not much of a fan big companies controlling the market. I think healthy competition is good, as well as many different options. This is America after all, a place where people have the freedom to create new ideas, come up with new products etc. market them however they see fit and let the American people decide if it is something good or not.

    As far as the FDA here is the actual info I found:
    ASEA manufacturing is FDA registered, NSF certified and meets all FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
    NSF International’s GMP Registration Program enables manufacturers to become independently registered by NSF to meet GMP requirements. The program is open to manufacturers of dietary supplements who want to demonstrate their commitment to public safety.
    These GMP requirements are listed in Section 8 of NSF/ANSI 173 which is the only accredited American National Standard in the dietary supplement industry developed in accordance with the FDA’s 21 CFR part 111. It went through stage 1 & 2 of FDA approval.

    More than 10,000 peer-reviewed papers have been written about Redox Signaling there is even a scientific journal dedicated to its study. Do a simple search on Google Scholar ( for the term redox signaling to view some of the recent research being conducted in the field of redox signaling science.

    To explain it in another way people may understand better I will share this. Glutathione is a substance produced naturally by the liver. It is also found in fruits, vegetables, and meats. Glutathione is involved in many processes in the body, including tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and for the immune system. It keeps us young. Our bodies as babies and young children produce lots of Glutathione, and over time we produce less and less of it until we stop producing it all together. This is one reason why we age.
    Asea is able to enhance the bodies ability to produce Glutathione by supplying redox signaling molecules- making our cells work more efficiently. It is supposed to increase our bodies production of Glutathione by 500%
    You can search Glutathione on Web MD or the Mayo Clinic. Glutathione and Redox Signaling when elevated in your body like when you where young when you had lots of it can help manage or treat and cure many things such as cataracts and glaucoma, preventing aging, treating or preventing alcoholism, asthma, cancer, heart disease (atherosclerosis and high cholesterol), hepatitis, liver disease, diseases that weaken the body’s defense system (including AIDS, Lyme and chronic fatigue syndrome), memory loss, alzheimer’s disease, osteoarhritis, and Parkinson’s disease. Glutathione is also used for maintaining the body’s defense system (immune system) and fighting metal and drug poisoning.

    As far as the science behind Asea and true lab testing of the product, I have found several lab tests that Ases had done and they say they are continuing to have further testing done. Here is just some of what I have found.

    Dr Neiman PhD The VP of the college of American sports medicine has written 9 books and has over 200 peer reviewed publications did a human performance test at Appalachian State University North Carolina research center, here are the results:

    As far as it being just salt water it is not. It is a rearranged molecular structure of salt water. The only way that I have found that you can make this rearranged molecular structure is to have a special machine. And even with that it is only temporary and within minutes it turns back into just regular salt water. here is a video from supposed scientists on the science of Asea water

    As I said I still am in the process of doing my homework on Asea to decide for myself if this product, number one does what they say it will do and two if it will help both myself and my husband. I am sorry to say but I found this blog to be not helpful in any way. It lacked any scientific details to back up the claim that the product was bogus. As far as MLM companies being bad, I can agree with you there, I am not a huge fan of them and I generally steer away from them. But so far from what I see of this company is them not wanting to be in bed with Big Pharma yet needing a way to get their product out to people.

    I will briefly share my story because I feel it is important for people to share and also hear other people’s stories so that we can all hopefully benefit from better health.

    My husband and I have been sick for the past 3 years. We went to doctor after doctor for any help or answers to all our problems. The symptoms ranged from arthritis to hair loss to elevated heart rate upwards of 160 while just resting to fatigue to migraines to hearing loss to brain fog and memory loss to basically you name it we had it. Finally after 3 years we had a proper test done from Igenex lab for lyme disease and we both tested positive. The first thing I did was seek out a doctor that could help us manage or cure us. In this search I found that we can only manage the symptoms but that we can never be fully cured since we have had it for 3 years. I have been nearly debilitatingly sick for several years now but since starting Vitamin IV therapy I am a completely different person. I now have my life back. I went from in bed unable to do much of anything to back to dancing full time as I did before and having a life again. These Vitamin IV treatments consist of numerous vitamins and amino acids. At the end of those I receive a Glutathione IV. The Glutathione is what has for the most part given me back my energy and my far better looking skin. I had lost all color in my skin and everyone says it’s back. The IV treatments are expensive at $230 each and not covered by health insurance so I can not afford to continue getting them every week for life. So I have been looking for a way for me and my husband to get the all important Glutathione into our system. Several people I have talked to that have Lyme disease have all said the same thing. Asea water is helping build up the Glutathione in their body and that it has completely 100% helped them get their life back.
    I am still on my search to make sure this is the product for me. And I was pleased that while I have found dozens and dozens of people with Lyme taking Asea, not one of them tried to sell it to me. They all said check it out for yourself and get it yourself if you decide you like it. That I liked.

    I will continue to do my homework on this product because a wise person will do lots of studying and research on something before making a decision on weather it is good for your body or not. Then if you decide it is safe to try you should try it following all directions for several month to form an actual valid opinion and result. We will all come up with a different opinion and that is ok. It is a choice each of us is allowed to make.

  66. Is there anyone using Asea after chemotherapy? My girl friend has stage 4 ovarian cancer and is looking for anything to detox after chemo. Thank you ,Mark

  67. Why would the FDA need to approve salt in water? This is what this product is, salt in water. Shame on the people selling salt water for $30 a bottle. I can’t believe how gullible people can be! If you really think this product helps you, take a spoonful of salt and whack it in a glass of water. That’s almost free! And there is no way that salt water is going to assist in a neurological developmental disorder such as autism. I couldn’t care less what anyone here is claiming, I’m assuming it’s not used as the primary treatment so maybe the traditional therapies are working and you’re giving credit to a bottle of salt water. I’m actually dumbfounded at how gullible humans are and how simple and clever it is to sell $30 bottle’s of salt water to people and they buy it. They’re laughing all the way to the bank.

  68. My 18-year old son has Autism you say children with Autism are thriving on Asea water. Please email me with all the details you’re aware of including resources that would be useful to me. I thank you in advance and I hope this message reaches you. Re: Your comment on Asea Water on Oct, 22, 2013

  69. Jim, I’ve got some beachfront property for sale out here in the high desert you may like to look at. It’s either 100 miles or 4 miles from the ocean, depending on the San Andreus fault.

  70. I used this stuff over six months, it did nothing for me, and I doubt for anybody else. I thought anything that expensive has got to do some good. The only advice I got was to drink more, but of course that cost more. P.T. Barnum is still alive in Salt Lake City, but hopefully most people will find the egris soon.

    By the way, if you want to try something that really works, try transdermal magnesium. Talk to your doctor first.

  71. I was encouraged by a couple of people including a Physician that I have had a huge respect for to try ASEA. I wanted to try it anonymously. It tasted like food grade hydrogen peroxide that I can get at Whole Foods for under $10 a bottle. I gagged/threw up every time I tried to take it. I did manage to down 1 bottle before I realized that I wasn’t seeing anything GOOD happening. I had purchased the product on line without a distributor helping me, which made me wonder, do they cut out the distributors when they can???? I don’t need the FDA approving something for me with all the drugs they’ve approved that have killed so many people and then are taken off the market, they are the last place I’d look for security of safety. I do have an extremely sensitive body and I recognize things that are good for me and bad for me quickly. I don’t know what ASEA will do for someone else, but as for me, I called the company and asked to return the empty bottle and the full bottle. They took 10/15 minutes to come back and tell me they would refund my $75 for the 2 bottles but not the $15 on shipping. The product was just not for me, unless I used it on skin issues but I think i would just stay with inexpensive hydrogen peroxide.

  72. Couldn’t have said it better!
    BTW…. I am NOT on ASEA, but people who haven’t tried it for themselves have NO BUSINESS replying!!!

  73. I take issue with you Oscar that MLM’s don’t work! Mary Kay, Melaleuca and a whole assortment of MLM’s have worked for people but NONE of them are get rich quick scheme’s! They ALL require hard work and dedication, like ANY independently owned business. However, you have flexibility, time freedom and many other perks! We all buy products in one way or another and the key to a good MLM is a GOOD product and a good independent owner who isn’t afraid of meeting people, working hard and keeping their personal “store doors” open; in other words, sharing the product and opportunity with others. You do NOT sound like a person who has been involved in what I’m describing. By that I mean that you either didn’t try it or….YOU DIDN’T TRY IT! You know what I mean? I don’t believe you have any “business” giving advice after reading your comment. I’m saying that as a person who has made good “extra” money in several opportunities similar to ASEA.

  74. I always find it comical that there is no such thing as Asea not working… it is always that the person “didn’t take it right” etc, etc.

    By the way, you can’t tell all about how Asea allows the elderly to walk again, and then say that Asea doesn’t claim to cure any disease. The whole reason why this thing is an MLM is so the people that sell it can claim out loud that it cures stuff to attempt to flout FDA rules. You folks are entirely brainwashed to believe the fake hype of this product, I just have to laugh.

  75. DEAR JOHN,


  76. I used ASEA for 7 months. It didn’t do jack squat. Its $1.00 an ounce salt water. ASEA is a pyramid scheme. Lemme guess….you’re going to say I didn’t use it long enough. I invested nearly 1k in it. It was a rip-off.

  77. I have used ASEA and was skeptical at first. However, I have sprayed it on my grandson’s eczema and it went away! I sprayed it on a wound that would not heal on my grandma’s arm and her arm healed! I would take it every day if I could afford it but it is just too expensive. It really does work. When I did take it, I slept better and felt better. When I am able, I will buy it again!

  78. Hi Jim, I can assure this site was not set up by a drug company. We do all our own independent research and reviews. 🙂 Thanks, DRW

  79. This site was probably set up by a drug company. They may have created some of the negative comments. After this product was developed a drug company in New York offered the developers several hundred million dollars not to sell it. They refused, because they knew they had a product, that in time would change the world. I had a cancer tumor behind my eye seven years ago. Radiation killed the cancer. Five days after the treatment my retna detached. Ever since then I had a bad problem with dry eyes. I had to use eye drops several time a day to reduce the eye pain. I have been on ASEA for 3 months. I used it as eye drops and drank it. It cured my dry eye problem. When you are 10 to 12 years old you start losing the molecules in your cells. That is why bad things start happening as you get older. What ASEA does is cause the body to replace the molecules. ASEA does not cure anything. It returns the body to good health. The body can then remove the problems and sicknesses we get as we grow older. You wait 15 minutes after eating or drinking to take it. Wait another 15 minutes before eating or drinking. Hold each swallow in your mouth for 1 or 2 minutes. Divide your body weight in half. That is how many oz of water you must drink to wash out and detox your body each day. Never drink out of the bottle. Take 2 oz in the morning and 2 oz in the afternoon. YOU WILL BE BLESSED.

  80. Yo Adrian…. the founder of the company, though he may be a mormon. Was also in charge of the largest corporate merger of all time and probably one of the greatest strategist in the business world.
    Verdis Norton is a man of principle and merit and ran Kraft foods for many years. I’ve meet him and the other founders of this company and have never met more humble individuals in all my life.
    You my friend are a mormon, ps. drop the second m

  81. Bravo Karley, great post!! Everyone who loves the FDA start a steady diet of everything they approve, lets see who lives longer!

  82. As an avid ASEA user (product saved my life), I’ve come to learn that the majority of people on this planet are, well, for lack of a better word, ignorant! We’ve learned all our lives that doctors, government and the FDA are our soul guardians to our health, wrong! Everyone knows, excuse me, those of us with intelligence know the FDA is a big farce, with lobbyists that push harmful pharmaceuticals, and, Doctors don’t study healing they study sickness. Here are 2 doctors that truly understand
    the power of Redox Signaling, Dr Narain Naidu, and Dr. Jagat Narula. Both spoke at a recent ASEA convention, doctors with reputations like this do not align themselves with a product that has no validity. If people really care about there health, they will do there due diligence and take the time to speak with any of a number of Doctors who have committed themselves to this breakthrough product, read the infinite amount of information available and take the time to educate yourself on the proper way to take ASEA. Realize that you will go thru a detox period, that may be awful, but thats a good thing! Think of all the crap you’ve been exposed to, eaten or taken. If more people took ASEA our government wouldn’t be so burdened taking care of all those people who feel entitled to have the government take care of them because they’ve never taken care of themselves. I share this with friends, family and people I’ve come to appreciate and respect, I would never introduce something to anyone if I didn’t feel it was something very special, and truly feel it would be irresponsible of me not to share this with others. My wife, and I have been taking this product for about 22 months, we both feel younger and have a sense of wellness, especially myself as my Lyme symptoms are not present. My Mom, who had breast cancer and lung cancer has been taking ASEA for 19 months, and has come off her blood pressure medicine and her inhaler, saving her $300 per month, her recent scan showed her lung nodes to be shrinking. Her Doctor called me to learn more about ASEA and says her oxygen levels in her blood are the highest he’s ever seen in her, she’s 78. I’ve come to realize this is transformational technology that is changing the way we look at healthcare, and affording many people a chance at realizing an extra income while making a difference in someones life. Quit your whining get your heads out of your ass and realize that great things do happen, and if your to blind to see it, to bad for you!
    Testimonial Videos-these were shot over a year ago, I had been on the product for about 6 months.

  83. John my daughter has autism..arw u saying this should help her??/ dod i Ty really help u? How long did u take it for? Please message me on fb…

  84. I’m a bit torn on this. A friend gave me a free bottle to try on my husband’s leg as he heals from massive blood clots. I haven’t started using it yet on him. I have used it on strange patch of skin on my nect that has bugged me for several months now and beginning to really annoy me with itching and scabbing. I spray it on twice a day for about a week and it’s nearly gone now. Just a small raised place in my skin but no scaling or scabbing now. Makes me wonder. I’ve been using it on my dog’s neck where she has a horrible ugle growth that keeps oozing, the result of sabceaus gland cyst gone wrong. So far I’m not seeing the possitive results on that, but I’ve only been using for a week on her. If it heals that ugly thing, then I’ll be a believer!

  85. What rang alarm bells for me when considering the purported merits of drinking asea is that the people at the top of this business are mormons. If they are so gullible to believe in an obvious charlatan like joseph smith and his phoney writings, then they can believe and expect everybody else to believe literally anything, including the whacky, pseudo-scientific miraculous powers of their redox signalling salt water potion.

  86. I know a man who overcame leukemia on this product. His doctors told him he was probably going to die and after three weeks he could see a change once the cancer was completely gone the doctors gave no respect to the fact that ASEA had changed his life. The FDA is a joke and so are most doctors- trying to treat cancer by killing all of your cells instead of building your cells up to restore your body…. Anyone who thinks the FDA is right should realize all the junk food they approve, and if you do think that the FDA “knows best” you should really go online and research the things they approve started with high fructose corn syrup, or just watch tv and listen to the many side affects with taking any kind of medication. Stop being brain washed by the government.

  87. Well Tim no you can’t get the same antioxidants from taking vitamin C. And John it’s not a placebo effect, children with autism who are thriving on this don’t know what a placebo effect is. I as well am not having a placebo effect. I was a long time sufferer of Lyme, 3 years of antibiotics and IV’s, I tried everything, nothing helped until ASEA came along. You bashers need to get your “heads outta your butts” because this is real life, real results and a real opportunity.

  88. Yes, I experienced the same thing, along with swolen ankles and weight gain because of water retention. Didn’t feel any different – had ravenous hunger. It was a mess!

  89. I have been looking for real, independent research information on this product. Your article makes a lot of claims about how this is a scam. However, you list no references or any indication that you have any real information that this is bogus; it seems to be nothing more than mere opinion. Please include links to actual studies that prove your hypothesis.

  90. I once did a detox before I knew anything about detoxing. At the time, my bowels were not working regularly although my family medical doctor had previously once told me that once a week to eliminate was “my normal.” During the detox I developed an ulcerated throat and a huge red welt on my thigh. I couldn’t eat for 3 days. The only thing I had done differently was the detox so I stopped it. Months later as I was doing research on diet, disease, health etc I found out that when detoxing it’s imperative that you eliminate regularly, 1-3 times a day. It can be dangerous if toxins are being removed and not eliminating. The toxins have to go somewhere.

    My husband, my mom, my cousin and I have been taking ASEA for months now. We have all seen drastic results. My mom who will 85 next month no longer needs her cane after using it and needing it for almost 4 years. She was very unstable and walked very slowly. She now walks normally. She has also lost some weight and her blood pressure which she takes medicine for has decreased drastically. I don’t ever remember it being 126/74 even on the medicine.

    So for anyone to say ASEA is a scam or snake oil either hasn’t tried it or didn’t give it enough time. It’s real science. Because ASEA detoxes the body it’s important to drink lots of water to flush out the toxins and also understand that you may feel worse before better. This was also what my chiropractor had told me when I first went to him. He also told me that my condition didn’t happen overnight and niether would recovery.

    ASEA never claims to cure any disease. What it does is it creates, protects and repairs cells. And it will go to the area of the body first that need it’s most so we may not see the results we’d like because it’s working where we can’t see. Before anyone forms an opinion and says No to ASEA, be sure you understand what you’re saying No to first.

    For those who try ASEA for a week or a month and then give up, please read this:

  91. It is more than likely he IS feeling better because of the anti-oxidants that Asea promotes. You can get the same anti-oxidants for a lot cheaper price by taking simple Vitamin C – 1,000 mg 2x/day.
    Dr Holmes

  92. It like those varies mall scams that get you to pay for salt treatment that’ll keep your skin when in reality it’s just nothing more than typical bath salt. Not only are they trying to get your to buy their low quality product but as mentioned in the review, you can get something similar for way cheaper. Not something one should consider unless their fine with having their money go down the drain.

  93. To be honest I was looking for an answer to a simple question of “Does ASEA Really Work?”
    As an engineer I have a logical approach to find answers. That’s why I began to look for the reasons that cause aging. Where I find out that our body is planned to be able to function properly for more than a century. So what stops it and force it to illness and death?
    The answer was in our cells. As we get older they become less effective. Not because they want to, but because we force them by what we eat and the air we breath. And etc. But if I in my age want to find a solution to correct this, what can I do?
    Eating more vitamins and minerals? Doing sports? Live in a better environment? Change my life style?
    All can help, but what about the recent situation of my body cells? In simple language I gathered a lot of toxin all these years in my cells. Which the stress of modern life and air pollution help them to get worst.
    When I was looking for the answer I come across one word “ASEA”. With a one line description:
    “Scientists around the world are saying this is the biggest Health Science discovery in the last decade, and probably worthy of a Nobel Prize.”
    Did I hear correctly? Biggest health science discovery? Here I needed the help of a friend who is a bio-chemist scientist. Asking her I find out yes! The human old dream came true. ASEA drink is the secret of how to stop aging and how to boost body energy to its ultimate level with quite a natural way. To drink water!
    I began my research where I find out astonishing effects about ASEA water. But is it a simple water? A juice? A vitamin? An antioxidant element?
    Simply not. But it is more than all these. ASEA advancing life is a GIFT TO YOUR BODY CELLS.
    But what is the most important is MY OWN EXPERIENCE. I am using it almost a year now and all my pains I had in my mnees vanished, I feel fully energized and fresh.
    So decide for yourself, but ASEA WORKS FOR ME like nothing before…this is my story.

  94. I have been on ASEA for 2 years. I am not selling it nor building an organization. My husband, older son and I both take it daily. I have researched it, been to meetings and have no doubt that we have had great results. I have even sprayed it on areas where I had skin tags and they were gone in a couple of weeks. Don’t listen to the naysayers; do your own research. Our energy levels are higher, we sleep well, we have had no negative side effects. There is no more salt than our bodies naturally produce. As far as contaminating the bottle, read the directions. Don’t drink it from the bottle, use a glass, pour a couple of ounces, don’t mix it with anything else. I try to take on an empty stomach twice daily. It is difficult to explain all that it does…doe your research. I know that when I had my annual eye exam my vision improved so much that the doctor told me that I no longer need my contacts. I am a professional speaker, 71 years young, going 90 miles and hour working and living my life. I am not naive nor easily duped….I consider ASEA an important part of my daily health care routine.

  95. I’ve used the product. The only thing its done for me is given me many sleepless nights. I’ve ever in my life had problems sleeping until I started this product. I called my rep and was told I’m probably not taking enough of the product(go figure) and don’t drink it before bedtime. I will certainly send the 4 empty bottles back for a refund. I guess it’s all about who you want to believe. The lady I bought this from was very convincing and even had a really good story about her fight with cancer and how it’s in remission nw. I don’t think she scammed me because I think she truly believes this stuff works. Me – not so much. It’s very expensive water. If it makes you feel great then good for you. I’m more apt to belive the placebo effect is the real reason for your health improving. After being diagnosed with cancer four months ago I started to look at everything for a way out – even snake oil products. The real studies of cancer patients have shown over the years the things that you can do to fight cancer, ie – vegan diets, plenty of exercise, organic foods and positive thinking. The best thing anyone can do for themselves is to learn about the products you are putting into your body and the effects they are having on you. When you start finding things out you will be amazed. And even more amazed at how good you’ll feel when you stop putting those unhealthy products into your body. And the best part is it won’t cost you anymore than your time to do the research on the internet. Do your research and form your own opinion as there is tons of info out there for free. Save your snake oil money and send it to your favorite cancer foundation, but do your homework there also. Send it to the one that has the biggest research budget and the smallest administrative percentage charge. Just my thoughts…………

  96. I’ve been using Asea. #1 they don’t tell you how carefull you need to be with the water. I took a swig straight from the bottle and was told that i probably ruined the whole bottle. So I got another bottle and have been drinking the dose in the am and evening. I feel ok I guess. I have noticed big puffy bags under my eyes (have been spraying face also) and this morning my fingers were puffy as well. I’ve been drinking a lot of water as well. I took my dose before dinner, then ate, then a couple hours later did my pilates and it felt like my muscles were jello. I had no extra ANYTHING!!! I will finish the bottle, then finish the bottle that I was told that I ruined because it was $30. Up until now I don’t feel a damn thing. I sleep the same, my workouts are worse and I feel pretty much the same except for the puffiness which sucks. I eat healthy and get plenty of sleep so I don’t know what is going on. I do know that there needs to be WAY more information out there as to how to properly use this product. I think that the water can become destabilised a lot easier than just putting your mouth to the bottle. More information and MAYBE I will try again. As for now. This product is a waste of my time and money.

  97. Not sure what kind of medication your on, but it is not working, you need to up the doseage! Verdis Norton the CEO of ASEA has more class and honesty in his little pinky than you do in your entire body. Get a life!

  98. You may have had a cleansing effect. Did you talk to anyone about your issues? When you take ASEA you have to drink a lot of water to push the old, damaged cells and toxins through your system. It also helps to back off and take less, just start on a lower dose and increase over about a week, or so. I also had some issues when I first started but I knew beforehand that this may happen and I worked with it. Now I have many benefits that I could report. If you did have a cleansing effect, the symptoms would have reversed once you stopped also but possibly if you continued taking it most likely have gotten better as your body was cleansed as well.

    I am sorry it did not help you. Many people I know feel it is a blessing.

  99. I will say that for me the author of this site is correct.
    I used Asea for 4 months with high expectations for it.
    What it did was make me UNhealthy, not well.
    I had several things appear within my physiology while I was using it and they all disappeared when I stopped the product.

  100. I think your article here is pretty good. Most of what is written seems accurate as far as I can tell. However, you don’t address their main (and puzzling for a scam) claim: that they have tested their product in a legitimate lab and those scientists were very surprised at the results of a double blind study. I know that one or two studies don’t prove much, but I was surprised when I looked it up and saw that Appalachian State’s Human Performance Lab is legitimate and lists ASEA tests as some of the recent studies. Note that these are studies of Asea’s effect on the body in an exercise context (and not of any sort of healing), but it was puzzling. I don’t take or sell Asea, but some of my friends do. The claims seem “too good to be true”, so they probably are, but you might review the study as part of your response if you want to be fair to the product.

  101. FDA only approves products for companies that wish to pay millions to get them approved….hummm usually big pharmaceutical companies. Smaller companies cannot afford this and this is why many good products are not FDA approved. I take ASEA and was a skeptic as well. I feel great and have had great results personally, plus the company guarantees the product with a full refund if you are not satisfied.No FDA approval just means that someone didn’t pay them millions to get it their little stamp….By the way, FDA also has approved a lot of dangerous drugs that kill, and cause major side effects to individuals. Sad to place so much trust in a government agency that has tons of lobbyists to make sure certain drugs and remedies never get FDA approved. I think you have to try something for yourself to see if it really works, who cares about their multi-level marketing. All I care is if the product works.

  102. Great review. Thanks. You’re exactly right, all the hype out there and positive reviews are from people that are pushing this “new” gimick supplement. If it actually did anything it’d have FDA approval.
    I’ll wait until I see REAL studies and REAL results over the long haul. Sadly people are always looking for a magic potent or pill, and if there IS one, I’m finding it first!

  103. Probably. Of course, the placebo effect works wonders with colored water and a bit of flavoring these days.

  104. Well Have been drinking asea since 2010. i can really say it works. like many thing you have try to believe. i personally didn’t think it work. But to my surprise it has help me with a number of things. doctor says to keep drinking.

  105. My dad has been having this ASEA for about two weeks now, and he says it’s having great effect on his health. Could this be coincidental?

  106. I really do hope people take your advice and not get in to this!
    This can never be marketed as a viable product with proper results. This is just a money making scheme for those at the top.
    MLM’s don’t work unless you’re the one sat at the top, so please don’t get involved and put any money in to this!

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