Does the iShower2 Really Work?

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Does ishower2 Work?If you are one of those people who really do love to listen to your music while in the shower then you may want to depend on the world of WIFI technology to bring you this great convenience. How well it work remains to be seen but here is some insight into it.

The iShower2 is another entry in the wireless device family designed to do things we only dreamed of just a few short years ago. The device allows the user to play music or use the phone under wet conditions that would normally be the end of a wireless device.

The Claim
The claim is that by using the iShower2 you can stream your favorite music or chat on your phone while in the shower by syncing the device through your smart phone.

The Hype
The hype surrounding the iShower2 is realized by the fact that if you took a smart phone by itself into the conditions that this unit will function under the phone would be compromised as the vast majority cannot withstand wet or steamy conditions.

The Cost
The cost of the iShower2 is a very reasonable $49,95 this price is currently marked down from the normal price of $99.95 so be sure to get one while the discount price lasts if you are so inclined.

The Commitment
Really not much in the way of commitment required for the iShower2 other than changing the batteries occasionally. The unit does not accept A.C power as this would represent a potential shock or electrocution hazard.

The iShower2 is really just a speaker system designed for use in the shower. It recognizes the playlists of up to five users at a time so everyone in the family can listen to their favorite music while taking their daily shower. The other very cool feature of the iShower2 is the ability to sync it to the smart phone so that the user can take telephone calls while in the shower. This is handy if you are concerned about possibly missing an important call when you are prepping to head out. The unit has a Bluetooth range of over 200 feet so you can be sure that it will work wherever in the house you may place your smartphone. The unit comes with multiple mounting options and on device controls so you can change tunes or answer the phone while scrubbing the unmentionables.

Final iShower2 Review

We love the ability to listen to music in the shower and has anyone over a certain age can remember the old fashioned shower head mounted radios that the last generation use to use would recognize the improvement over those scratchy and static filled devices. Great idea, well- built and sure to please the connected generation that is certain. However,there are mixed reviews on the performance of the iShower2 right now, although it seems to be fairly new, so for the moment we will rate the iShower2 as a Try/Buy.

Our Recommendation
If you are really into shower gadgets and you want to give some thought to something unique then check out Shower Wow.

What do you think? Does the iShower2 work or not?

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