Does Shower Wow Really Work?

Does Shower Wow Work?There are many things that we have around the home that we simply need, then there are some items that are just fun to have, and the Shower Wow certainly fits into that category.

Shower Wow is a shower head replacement that once installed creates all different colored lights as the water flows through the shower head. It is super easy to install and really adds a creative feature to the bathroom.

The Claim
The promoters of Shower Wow claim that it is simply a fun gadget to have. It makes a dull shower come to life with all its colors. They are saying that it is great for the young teens as well as for the younger ones that aren’t too keen on having a traditional shower.

The Hype
The hype all focuses around the fun of having the Shower Wow. It is also enticing because its not expensive and there are no batteries to worry about it. It is powered by the water force. It is simple to install, so for those that like things different than this product fits right in with being unique.

The Cost
When you place your order for the Shower Wow it is going to cost you $14.95 plus $7.95 for shipping and handling.Now if you want to add another $5. to your order you can also get the Twinkle Light which is used in the bath water for lighting it up.

The Commitment
You really need to have the type of attitude where you like to add something whimsical to your home, and maybe enjoy having what most other people you know don’t have as yet. It sound simple to install, so there isn’t much work to be done on your part.

While the Shower Wow is most likely going to bring a smile to anyone who uses it, the little ones are surely going to love it. If you have a young one that you are trying to adapt to showering, the Shower Wow may become your best friend for helping you with this.

Final Shower Wow Review

We’re going to give the Shower Wow a Thumbs Up Rating. Mostly because it is just sheer fun. All too often we have to spend money on things that are a necessity. Every once in a while it is just nice to spend a few bucks on something that is fun and makes us laugh. The Shower Wow is really capable of doing this. If it were too pricey then we probably wouldn’t suggest it unless of course as said it is used to entice little ones into the shower.

Our Recommendation
While it is nice to have some fun with a bathroom item like the Shower Wow, it is important to think about the safety features for the tub and shower as well. In the past we talked about the No Slip Mat for the bath tub. You may want to take a look at this if you are thinking about installing the Shower Wow, as the teens may want to add a little dancing in the shower with the light show, and you don’t want them to slip.

What do you think? Does Shower Wow work or not?


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