Do It Works! Body Wraps Really Work?

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Do It Works! Body Wraps work?It Works! Body Wraps are supposed to tighten, tone, and firm your midsection without any special effort on your part. They’re sold through network marketing, or MLM, and you have to go through a distributor in order to buy them. The hope is that you’ll buy it, try it, and then become a distributor yourself with your own success story. So how likely is this?

Health, weight loss, and fitness products are all the perfect candidate for multi-level marketing because the theory is you’ll make a great before and after picture and be able to tell your story to others who will see the proof in you and buy from you.

The Claim
The big claim for It Works! Body Wraps is that you can improve the texture and tightness of your belly without making a mess, and in as little as 45 minutes. They say that the results continue to appear for the next 72 hours, and that it uses all natural ingredients.

They also say that if you end up selling these wraps you’ll get $100 for every person that you sign up under you, and you’ll get $60 for each person that buys a wrap from you, not only now but each consecutive wrap as well.

The Hype
The hype for a product like this is twofold. First, their major sales gimmick here is that this is effortless on your part and you can slim down your biggest problem area without having to do sit-ups or watch what you eat. Second, there are so many people trying to sell it that it creates a lot of skewed information and you might think that it has a really high efficacy rating, when in fact it’s just dozens of people all trying to make the sale.

The Cost
Each It Works! Body Wraps wrap is $100, and if you get into their loyalty program you can get the price down to $70. To become a distributor you’ll need to buy the starter kit, which is $99. This fee goes entirely to your upline (the person you’re signing up under). You can add to it with a Booster Pack for an extra $500 or a party pack for $19. It’s also $20 to get your personalized website up and running. There’s also an undisclosed monthly fee to keep your website going.

The Commitment
If you’re using this just as a body wrap, and you have no intention of getting involved selling them, your commitment level is rather low, since all you’re required to do is wrap it around your stomach and let it do its thing. If you’re thinking of turning this into part-time income you’re going to have to treat it like a legit business and devote the time and expense of running a business, including generating leads, hosting wrap parties, and making sure your customers are happy.

It Works! Body Wraps took a lot of license in putting the answer to Does it Really Work? in their title. Around here it’s our job to see if something actually does what it says, and we won’t be fooled by any clever labels. The only problem is that there are dozens if not hundreds of overzealous distributors all trying to sell their body wraps and all saying that of course it works.

Steer clear of any MLM opportunity that rewards you as much for bringing in new distributors as it does for selling the product. The best ones to go with are the ones that expect you to sell a good amount of the product in order to make your money, not continually bring in more people under you to profit from their efforts. In a large majority of cases, products sold person to person are not worth it, and they are sold this way for a reason. You have to “be sold” on using it. As the manufacturer, why not just put the wraps for sale on your website and cut out the middlemen?

Final It Works! Body Wraps Review

Regardless of whether or not you’re looking at the It Works! Body Wraps as a way to slim down your waist, or a way to pad your pockets, it looks like this is a no-go on both counts. The wraps don’t work 100% of the time, so there’s no guarantee that you will become a success story. And even if you do, there’s no guarantee that you will then be able to convince those in your nearby community to jump on board with you. And even if you do, there’s even less of a guarantee of the same opportunity being available for those underneath you. It’s simply a matter of running out of market space.

Our Recommendation
In a struggling economy it’s natural to want to make more money on the side to cover bills or to give yourself and your family a taste of the good life, like eating out more or buying a few luxuries. Even securing yourself against uncertainties by putting some money away in an emergency savings account would make many people happy. But putting your hopes in a program like this and even investing your money in wraps that you have to sell is a bit risky, and there are other ventures you can pursue that don’t require your money, but rather some sweat equity so you can get started for next to nothing.

What do you think? Does It Works! Body Wraps work or not?

18 Customer Reviews on “Do It Works! Body Wraps Really Work?

  1. Yes I am a distributor, but having recently joined I can tell you this information is completely false. I have never told a potential customer that our wraps will make them lose weight, nor was I told that when I was a customer for 3 years before becoming a distributor. We NEVER tell our customers that any of our products or the results are sustainable without a health lifestyle including diet and exercise. Also the sign up fee is $99 but that does not go directly to the upline. I actually came to this site for an honest review of other products and ours. I have to say I am sorely disappointed. Rave reviews for some and awful information for others. WOW

  2. Lol these facts you say are totally false. You dont make $100 off every person that joins your team and u most certainly dont make $60 off each wrap you sell. I personally lost 5 inches with my first wrap so i know they work. And we have so much more than just wraps. I lost over 75 pounds using our Fatfighters, Thermofit and Greens in about 7 months. Yes i ate healthy and exercised as there is no magic pill. Also our wraps are not for weightloss. They are to tone, tighten and firm up. Which is perfect for those who have lost weight and dont want to have surgery to have tummy tucks. I would love to give people the real facts about our products and being a part of this company. Just email me @, look me up on fb, or visit

  3. Ok SLM, way to make your self sound like a shill. Also, how can you say that your beloved product has anything to do with your new stomach, when you tell us that you are and have been a personal fitness trainer for 20 years? Don’t you think that might have had something to do with your results than wrapping your self in some magic bandage? Someone who needs to lose weight is not going to do it by wrapping themselves up. They are going to lose it by eating less ad exercising more. I suppose the wraps might affect skin tone a little, but reduce weight? Not a chance.

  4. I do not work for ItWorks but I am client and I do receive the body wraps. I do know that not everything works for everyone, but these have worked for me and I love them. There are girlfriends of mine’s who have tried them and they worked for them also! FYI…we only pay 25.00 for a wrap..

  5. Why do I feel like you must be working for this company? LOL~ Maybe you’re not, but I don’t know, you seem very upset by some of the wrong information here. Anyways thanks for the corrections, I was looking into this company to possibly get me one of their body wraps and I’m glad to hear it’s much cheaper than I first thought. I don’t expect this to help me lose fat around my waist for good, but all I’m looking for is temporary illusion anyways.

  6. All of your facts above are incorrect, the prices are wrong, the commission and $99 upline pay are also totally false. You don’t get $60 for each person who buys a wrap. The most anyone would ever pay for a wrap is $30 at retail if purchased directly from a distributor…..There is no way you could make $60.
    I am not sure who you provided you this information, but everything above is incorrect. One box of 4 wraps is $99 retail, $59 as a Loyal Customer, or $25- $30 for each wrap if they are purchased individually – again totally incorrect information. It Works! does not sell one wrap at a time online.

    I have been a personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 20 years. I have recently tried these and yes I loved them so much I became a distributor. My clients are using them and having amazing results. Again, not sure where you got your information from, but it is inaccurate. This is a fantastic company with a truly amazing product that I LOVE!! I would not put my professional reputation on the line recommending these products if they did not work. Feel free to check out my before and after pics. Just an FYI. I am a 4o year old mom of 2 young boys and my stomach looks better now, after using the wraps, than it did before I had my children.

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