Does the Wraptastic Really Work?

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Does Wraptastic work?Wraptastic is a seemingly handy device that will help you avoid all of the perils and pitfalls of wrapping foods the old way. It replaces the box that comes with plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper, and others and apparently takes away the hassle. But how well does it work when used in the real world?

Even though there’s some exaggeration used in the infomercial about how hard it is to wrap up leftovers and other food items, they did get it pretty close to the truth. Between cutting yourself on the sharp edge of the box, and having the Saran wrap bunch up and cling to itself, it can become a part of the clean-up process that you dread. If it really could unroll evenly and cut the sheet with just the press of a button, it should be a staple in most homes.

The Claim
The makers of Wraptastic claim that all you have to do is pull the wrap to your desired length, press down on the unit, and wrap up your item of choice. They say it won’t cut your finger because the blade it uses is hidden between two plastic slats. They also say that it’s easy to change out rolls because it’s spring loaded, so you can switch from plastic, to foil, to wax paper and not skip a beat. And because it has rubber feet it won’t go sliding around on you when you’re trying to pull out the sheet to your desired length.

The Hype
This has an infomercial to show all of its features, and while it’s not entirely over-the-top, it does embellish a bit on how hard it is to use regular wraps. We all can relate to struggling with plastic wrap and aluminum foil, but not to the point where it looks like a circus act. Other than that, there isn’t too much hype involved, and this product does address a real problem that millions of people can relate to.

The Cost
The total cost comes to $25 and this gets you a package of 2 Wraptastic units, and they come with a roll of plastic wrap and foil so you can load each one up and be ready to go without having to switch out rolls for different jobs. Even though this has a 30 day guarantee, since the price of the unit is less than the price of shipping, you probably won’t end up returning it. It’s one of those deals where you’re taking a bit of a gamble on it, so you may want to wait until you can find it in local retail stores like Bed Bath & Beyond or in an As Seen on TV shop at the mall.

The Commitment
The major pitch here is that his is going to reduce the time it takes you to wrap up food, whether it’s leftovers from dinner, or a food dish that you’re taking to a party. Gone are the times when you’ll make a mess of things because of your wrapping tools. If it works just like it’s shown to in its promo video this really would ease up some of the unpleasant tasks in the kitchen, made more unpleasant by not having a reliable way to dispense the wraps needed to keep foods fresh.

The Wraptastic should work because it doesn’t have a lot of movable parts, it’s not battery powered, and it’s not overly complicated. It’s usually these types of products that end up performing as expected because there isn’t a lot that can go wrong with them. There’s also little room for user error. The only area it might falter on is being able to use any brand of plastic wrap or aluminum foil. There are some brands that are better than others, and you’ll probably end up getting better results if you use the brands that have thicker foil and sturdier wrap.

Final Wraptastic Review

The Wraptastic is getting our initial Thumbs Up rating because it’s attempting to solve a genuine problem that many of us have experienced. If you can’t wait to find it in stores, perhaps you can gift the bonus wrapper and keep one for yourself to defray the cost. You don’t really need two of them since one of the features is that it’s easy to swap out rolls. While we’re leaning to it working, there is a chance your experience will vary, and it won’t live up to expectations.

Our Recommendation
We suggest finding this locally, but there may be quite a wait before it ends up being available offline. This would allow you to pay for the item itself and not all of the shipping and handling charges. It would also let you buy just one of them. It it doesn’t work you can simply take it back to the store and get your money back. If you cannot find it locally, or would rather buy something similar online, take a look at the Stretch-tite Wrap’N Snap Dispenser.

What do you think? Does Wraptastic work or not?

56 Customer Reviews on “Does the Wraptastic Really Work?

  1. This product is CRAP I mean they should rebrand it CRAPTASTIC because that is what it is!! Came with NO instructions (although not hard to figure out) so persevered and it didn’t matter every which way I tried it just did not cut jack – cling wrap, baking paper or foil!!! After several attempts and lots of expletives finally gave in not only had I wasted $$$, time in waiting for this CRAP to arrive but also feeling RIPPED OFF!!! My advice DON’T BUYTHIS CRAPTASTIC, I REPEAT DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY N TIME!!!!!

  2. We bought one and really liked it. After using it for a short time, it started sticking. We threw it away and bought a new one. This one did not ever work, it stuck right from the start. So the idea is great, but the construction is poor.

  3. I am trying to get a phone number to call the company to tell them that the pins and posts inside the unit broke off and since there is springs in them, you cannot glue the post back. You need to apply pressure to the post to get them to fit together with the glued part. I did like the way it worked and bought 5 of them. Two for me and 1 for each of my daughters. From what I read here, I guess I wouldn’t get any satisfaction even if I could call the company, (who doesn’t give their phone number on the box like other reputable companies do). I don’t know how long the other 4 will last, but if they ever came out with one that had metal parts, that wouldn’t break so easily, I would probably buy it.

  4. Found this today at Dollar Tree so thought I’d try it. Only out $1 if it’s cr@p, right? So far so good with testing it. I’m going to use it for plastic wrap which I think would be the best use for it. It definitely cuts and I like that the blade is hidden so it is safer. I think it could be a bit heavier or weighted down as it did slide a bit when pulling with 2 hands. I might put some non skidding stuff on the feet to see if that helps with that.

  5. You can get it at the dollar tree for one dollar if you really want to try it. The stonewave for over twelve dollars, you can get there also for one dollar. I went to mine in phoenixville pa.

  6. What do we do with the long piece of plastic arm that is spose to be used inside the wraptastic? It doesn’t stay in place when we pull out the plastic and the plastic goes back onto the roll of plastic when means we have to lift the cover of the wraptastic again to put in place to cut the plastic again.

    Leroy Bosworth

  7. Any thing that bearded idiot sells is junk. Don’t even waste your time watching any thing this yahoo tries to sell you. It’s all junk.

  8. The feet on Wraptastic are slick and slide all over the place on any surface. I contacted customer service and they sent the same feet covers as I had so that was useless. One customer service lady told me to get Velcro to keep it in place! I don’t know how they keep it in place on the infomercial but that’s not what they sent me!! Don’t waste your money!!

  9. This product is a joke. DO NOT BUY IT! It looks like it is magic as they pull the plastic wrap out and wrap their item. YOU WOULD HAVE TO PLACE THIS IN WET CEMENT AND LET IT DRY to work like the infomercial. Oh yeah, once you get it and decide for yourself that it is a piece of crap, it cost more to send it back than you paid for it.

    I will never buy any more of these “As Seen on TV” products. They never are what is promised.

  10. The diameter of the cardboard tubes in all major brands of plastic-wrap I have tried is too large to fit the string-loaded end plugs. As a result the entire plug on each end slides way into the cardboard tube rendering the spring system useless. I have been unable to find a manufacturer’s site for them to ask for replacements. Does anyone have a phone number for them?

  11. I bought a Wraptastic at Wal-Mart recently. I read the poorly written instructions very carefully, assembled the device and tried it out with Glad Wrap. It did a terrible job of keeping the loose end from snapping back and clinging to the roll. I had to pick it loose every time I used it. Second, it didn’t cut very well. I had to pull hard to separate the “cut” material from the cutting area of the device. I was disgusted and threw it in the trash container. Then, I read some positive reviews. These could be false reviews written by the manufacturer. .I decided to give it another try. It didn’t cut plastic wrap any better and the blade guard kept falling off. Finally the blade guard broke during normal use and the lid kept popping out of the rear hinges. Generally, I now consider the Wraptastic to be a cheaply made, poorly designed piece of non-functioning junk. I am just going to throw it away and write it off as a bad investment. I do not recommend that anyone waste their money.

  12. What a scam!!!! You all need to be reported for misleading the public!!!! I will tell all my friends not to waste their money on a product that should be taken OFF the market! Shame on you!!!!

  13. What a joke on how great your product is!!!!! I feel that you all are misleading the public! You can’t even cut the wrap off because it slides all over the counter. I wish I never bought your product and will tell all my friends don’t waste your money on a dud!!!!!!!

  14. The government should have but won’t go after 99%+ of the crap sent over here from China including drugs that aren’t what they are supposed to be but the silence from that end is deafening.

  15. Very disappointed in product…more like JUNKtastic. One must press 3 or more times for “very sharp” blade to cut…what a joke….doesn’t cut evenly. JUNK DO NOT BUY

  16. Now available at Walgreens for $10.99 each. I almost bought one until I read these reviews. Thank goodness I didn’t buy one. What put me off was reading the instructions that you have to press down at both ends and not the middle of the product – definitely not the way it was advertised on TV, especially since I have rheumatoid arthritis. All of you should get a full refund somehow. Thanks everyone for taking the time to alert future customers.

  17. Here’s why they give you a free roll when you purchase direct from them: After waiting for months for this to arrive at Bed Bath and Beyond so I didn’t have to pay S&H and get 20% off, I bought one for each roll I had of foil, plastic, wax , etc. How happy am I to find when I get home that the spring-load inserts DON’T FIT in the Cardboard TUBE Ends!! They are way too big for Reynolds tubes. They only fit in the wax paper tube, which I hardly ever use. That’s why they give away a roll with each when you buy it from them. (Bed, Bath doesn’t give you a free roll.) They figure by the time you finish off the free roll then try to refill with your own brand and find out that it won’t fit, it’ll be too late to return them. Brilliant marketing!! These are going baaack!

  18. This gadget is a rip-off. It doesn’t work and returning it isn’t worth the expense and trip to the Post Office.

    To begin with, the carrier of the unit doesn’t fit the roll of wrap because the inserts are too small. So pulling wrap from the roll deforms it worse than pulling it from the original box. The cover must be pressed so hard to cut the wrap it locks in place and is difficult to open.

    Overall, trying to use this gadget is equal to trying to bathe a cat. Using the box the wrap came in is much easier and the result is much better. It’s obvious the tv demonstration that sold me on this device is rigged, so I’ll call it another tv rip-off.

  19. For the price of this, you can learn: Buy the commercial grade plastic wrap that you see in restaurants and food service. Yes, the box is big, about 6″x6″ and you get thousands of feet of wrap, but that box doesn’t go anywhere (I put it behind my cutting board) and the box is sturdy enough so the cutter on top works great, just pull down. Same with foil. Everyone I’ve told about this has converted to commercial box sizes of wrap. They work because they have to. Wraptastic? Garbage. They feed on the midnight suckers who are so tired it seems like a good idea. Yes, I was one of those suckers, and every ten years or so, I buy something stupid. This was one of them. Try: Reynolds 910 m 2000′ wrap. Costco has it too if you have one near you.


  21. Mine won’t cut at all. It’s almost like the blade or cutter is missing or something. I tried it several times and it just made a stuck-to-itself mess of the plastic wrap that I had to shred to separate from the unit. Sounded like such a great idea, but in my opinion, it is craptastic.

  22. Just got mine…looked very convincing & thought I read good reviews {??}Wrong, more like
    CRAPTASTIC..Sending bck even though I forfeit mail costs…Second time this month I succumbed to some advertising gimmick…First was Garcinia Cambrogia endorsed by Dr Oz [diet stuff]…t/g got a ttl refund on that..Done with trying crap that doesn’t work….

  23. Rubber feet fall off and do not stop it from sliding on counter. Does on fit in drawers. Wish I had not ordered.

  24. I hate using the traditional cutters on plastic wrappers, so this thing looked wonderful to me initially, but it’s a good thing I decided to check out some review LOL~ because well, just look at the user reviews hahaha~ Thanks guys for leaving all your reviews, it really helps to make purchase decisions when there are multiple reviews by different users.

  25. Well I mistakenly bought 7 thought the website on my cell phone. Problem was the purchase screen did not respond and I hit it again. When I saw the actual receipt 2 days later I was floored. All they would do was refund the $$ less the processing. Finally worked out a partial, small refund and I kept the units and figured I would give them to my kids so did not mess with them until tonight. Wish I had read all the reviews first. Our rolls do not fit and have written the company to see if the have smaller “ends” that will hold 99% of the store brands. Shame on me for being so gullible. Moral of the story is don’t buy it. Pure gimmick and not worth the money.

  26. What did any of you expect from a T.V. only product? Ask yourself, ‘Why aren’t these great deals flyng off of store shelves?’ Also how come they aren’t in stores. period?

    Of course it is cheap and a gaff. A Grifter’s dream. Of course it will not be of good quality. They buy them from China or some awful place by the thousands for next to nothing and then boiler room market them on t.v. to Rube’s and Mooch’s hypnotized by the flickering television screens and who have never seen or been to a side show or a carnival only to be duped and bamboozled by by highly skilled ‘optical delusions’ and a host of “grind pitches” by their head Shill.

    After all, how many of you know that on each end of a roll of aluminum foil and any good wrapping like plastic wrap, wax paper and parchment paper that comes in a sheet rolled product there is a hidden “secret” tab that you push in on each end and it forms or becomes a device that holds the roll in place in the package as you pull it through and over the cutter blade? I’ll bet there are a lot of you who didn’t realize that little tidbit of fact.

  27. Thank you for all your reviews. You have saved me from a horrible purchase. While I was watching the commercial I noticed that all wraptastic dispensers are staged so that the plastic or aluminum foil is already “staged” or in other words prestarted for the next use, making a person wonder how difficult is it retrieve the plastic or aluminum for the next wrap job. Thank you all again for taking your time to write your reviews.

  28. I have no idea if this is any good or not. All I know is they have terrible customer service. I ordered this product at the beginning of January. The website says “allow 2-3 weeks.” For one thing, most companies that say that get the product to customers CONSIDERABLY faster – they’re just covering their bases and practicing “under-promise, over-deliver.” For another, it has now been nearly six weeks, and despite numerous unanswered emails, I haven’t received the product. I requested a week ago that the order be cancelled – no answer. I just got an email saying it had shipped… to the tune of another 7-10 business days before arrival. I don’t care how good a product is, if the customer service is so bad as to be non-existent, the product isn’t worth it.

  29. I agree, Craptastic, is a much better name for this. The claim that it grips the counter top so that you can pull out the material with both hands is very false. The rubber feet on the bottom are quite slippery on every counter top I tried it on. I am sure they enhanced the friction for the commercial.

    Also, it takes quite a bit of force to cut the plastic wrap and often does not cut completely through. All in all, it is certainly not worth the $25. And after getting it and trying it out, I can say its not worth any amount of money really.

    My 2 cents.

  30. I agree this product is a phony. Where are the rubber feet to keep it from sliding on the counter.
    They must have it glued down with double back tape. This piece of garbage is not what it is wrapped up to be.

  31. This product is not up to the promotion on tv or as bad as many of the reviews here suggest. The holder is too light to allow plastic or foil to be pulled easily from the dispenser, which is not attached to the surface. If you hold the dispenser with one hand it is fairly easy to pull the material out with the other hand and then you have to let go of the wrapping material to press both sides of the cutter to achieve a clean cut. I still prefer using it to using the packing boxes but you can never achieve the tight effortless wrap that they show in the commercial

  32. Wraptastic – what a scam !
    The unit ‘feet’ do not hold it still in one place so you can use it.
    The blade does not cut easily (i had to punch it hard 3 times to get it to cut) and the plastic wrap still bunches up on itself. :Horrible- don”t waste your money.
    In order to return it you lose the $13.98 they paid to ship it to you and have to pay return postage on top of that- they should be reported for false advertising and unfair business practices which I am doing.

  33. This thing is junk……….CHEAP plastic and my GOOD plastic won’t fit……….SUCK becasue of the S&H. I will throw this thing out!!

  34. Agreed! This is what is so nice about the ones from QVC, they are properly weighted and so easy to use, I admit I made a big mistake wasting money on this crap

  35. Just received my wraptastic dispensers. Have to say I have never seen a product that is so misleading. These things are pure junk! They don’t stay closed they don’t cut the first time. I’m very disappointed because I had bought similar products from QVC previously in my other home and they worked beautifully. When I saw these advertised I thought why not give them a try.

    I would send them back in a heartbeat but its not worth the additional expense I would be charged for P&H since that was the major portion of the bill.

    Very disappointed and would not recommend….go to QVC and buy the ones they sell – now they are FANtastic! I should have just done that but tried to save a few bucks – big mistake!!

  36. Total junk! I ordered the upgraded “aluminum” units. What a joke! It’s grey plastics with specks. As for how it works…it doesn’t. The ad shows pulling the wrap out easily, it doesn’t. The ad shows just pushing the top and it clicks, releases and you grab your wrap. What happens is you push down and the top stays down and you have to pry it up to get it to release. Keep in mind this is with the wrap they supply so god only knows how it will work with other wraps. In the end you fight the wrap so you might as well not bother paying for this cheaply made, ugly counter eyesore. Save your money. The people on here raving about it are obviously paid to blog. You have been warned.


    The commercial is deceiving, which is the same as lying. It shows the cheap plastic container staying in place as the plastic is pulled out. It does not and cannot stay in place. It will move and will take twice as long to use than if you did not have this contraption.

    14 dollars paid for for shipping and handling, at least 5 to return the plastic junk, 11 dollar refund, so I would be out 18 dollars if I were to go this route.

  38. Yep, it’s a rip-off. Took forever to come and doesn’t stay put. Still need 3 hands to do a neat wrap job. I’ll probably recycle mine. The marketers should be ashamed. Glad I found this web site, though.

  39. Short of accusing them of false advertising – which I think is a fair assumation – I bougth this because it shows how it stays in place, the saleperson makes it look so easy. They way he just “grabs” and it just flows easily and the unit DOESN’T MOVE. I put mine on the counter and it did nothing but flip flop all over! Just what did they use to actually hold down the unit because it wasn’t budging on the video. They will sell a lot more if they included what they used to hold them down on the counters as seen on the sales video. Truth in advertising – Wraptastic is not telling the whole truth. Every comment on this website is true because I am experiencing the same thing. We could do one report and just add our names.
    Bottom line – DON’T BUY.

  40. Just received mine today. (Two for the price of one – big deal, so what.)

    COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY as my rolls of plastic wrap and tin foil DON’T FIT. These dispensers are TOO SMALL. I’m not able to comment on use because I am not able to use them!


  41. Not sure why people after reading of all the problems others have had with customer service, credit card issues and refund issues still insist on ordering items through the informercial provided telephone number or the company directly. Just wait until the item shows up at your local CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Costco – or any other local outlet where you can easily take it back and get your money refunded if it doesn’t work out. – Besides, one look at the cheesy, corny, greasy, car salesman people they have in their commercials is enough incentive to know something’s just not right.

  42. agree Larry. Doesn’t work well and can’t even get thru to customer service to complain. It costs too much to send it back. It’s a real rip off.

  43. Don’t waste your money. Doesn’t cut plastic wrap. If you push real hard it will kinda shred it. Shipping is more than the product so it won’t pay to ship it back.

  44. My Wraptastics arrived today. First, the tube on my roll of Reynolds Wrap is too small for the Wraptastic. So much for it holding your favorite brands. My 200 foot roll of Glad Wrap is so tight in the Wraptastic that it’s really difficult to rotate. And the grip rubber feet that will keep it steady on the counter? They may be rubber, but they don’t stick!! The thing glides over my kitchen counter like it was made of ice! The good news. Once I was able to get some plastic wrap dispensed, it did cut it just like on tv.

  45. Agree with all of the above! Took forever to come. I finally had to call after 6 weeks and they said that it had just been mailed out. It does not stay put on the counter as shown in the infomercial. My chief reason to get this product was for my 84 year old dad so he wouldn’t fumble with the plastic wrap. I guess if you know you have to hold onto the product with one hand as you pull the wrap with the other you can make it work.

  46. Wraptastic is very poor quality. Ordered Nov 11th, received Jan 3rd. Had to call and complain to get product. I believe they are NOT inventorying this product. You order, they “call” China to manufacture. Crazy. The product is poorly made. It works very marginally. Junk.

  47. Just got two today. One of the pegs on one of the lids was broken. Super glued it because It’s too much trouble to send back. I think they must know this. We’ll see how that works. Agree with it staying in place (doesn’t) and agree the quality is not the best, also not the best product of wraps included. Took a VERY long time to receive…thought the order had never gone through it was so long ago???

  48. I am not pleased with the wraptastic. It is so light that when you grab the plastic the whole thing flops all over the counter. The cutter gets stuck and is hard to pry back apart. I’m trying to figure out how to maybe attach suction cups to the bottom to at least hold it still. I wasn’t expecting too much, just wanted to not have to struggle to get a hold of the plastic, and I thought the cutter would be nice, but it’s still hard to get a hold of it even with the guard in place and like I said, the cutter gets stuck.

    Very disappointed.

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