Does Jamorama Really Work?

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Does Jamorama really work?Jamorama claims to be able to teach you to play the guitar quickly and easily with their software. Who wouldn’t want to learn to play the guitar like a pro? If you’re not musically inclined it might feel like a pipe dream to learn a new instrument, even with years of practice and private instruction. Let’s take a deeper look at what Jamorama has to offer, and see if it’s worth the price tag or not.

It’s common knowledge that it’s no easy task to learn instruments like the piano and guitar. Some people spend their entire lives trying to master the skill. That’s why we’re in awe whenever we see a super-talented musician make melodies with a musical instrument. But can some of these skills be taught, and if you’re a total newbie to the world of music and guitars, can a program like Jamorama really take you from zero to hero, all for a reasonable price?

The Claim
They claim to have over 200,000 students already on board. They say that their system lays things out in a step-by-step manner so you just follow along. You can watch the lessons on video, sort of like a monkey see monkey do way of learning, and not get bogged down in a lot of book learning.

They say their system is the best on the market, but all of them say that so it’s not too big of a claim. This program is downloadable, so you don’t have to wait for it to arrive in the mail, and once you download it you don’t have to worry about having an always-on Internet connection.

One of their bigger claims is that you don’t need any previous guitar experience. That’s pretty amazing, being able to teach a brand new student from scratch. They claim that this program works no matter if you want to learn acoustic or electric guitar.

The Hype
The hype is that so many people out there would love to be a rockstar and know how to play guitar. This is evident by how popular video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are. That’s just people choosing an easier way out of learning to play.

The Cost
It’s a one-time fee of $50 to get the complete beginner to advanced Jamorama system. The best part is you have a full 60 days to try it out, and since it’s digitally delivered you don’t even have to worry about getting stuck with the delivery fee.. You should be able to see marked improvement in this time, and be able to make a solid decision as to whether or not you want to keep it. You’ll either be playing tunes on your guitar, or you won’t be.

The Commitment
Even with a roadmap of what to learn next, you have to be committed to sticking with the process of learning guitar. It’s not easy, and with so much practice people have been known to form calluses and blisters from strumming away for hours. If you love music this will be a labor of love, but if your heart’s not in it you may want to pick a different hobby altogether.

They say that this is the system for you if you’ve ever wanted more confidence when doing the following

  • Tune your guitar
  • Clean your guitar
  • Change your strings
  • Check your guitars intonation
  • Protect your guitar from moisture and heat
  • Buy a new guitar to suit your style of playing
  • Discuss your guitar set up with your local music store
  • Select new parts for your guitar to improve its sound

This is pretty much on the checklist for anyone that’s just starting out with a guitar, or who has had one for a while now but hasn’t gotten much use out of it, either through fear of starting something new, or just being unclear about how to get started the best way possible.

By starting with the basics, and setting a good foundation, you’re setting yourself up for success later on down the road when you get into the more advanced programs. Competing guitar learning programs out there sort of just dump a bunch of lessons and songs on you and expect you to sort it out. We like how they have it mapped out in steps so you don’t have to try to learn how to learn.

From their official page:

Instead of throwing a mountain of individual lessons at you and leaving you to figure out the rest, the Beginner to Advanced Course continually answers the question of ‘what should I learn next?’. It takes the stress out of learning the guitar.

One thing we like about the folks at Jamorama is they make it pretty hard not at least sign up for their weekly newsletter. We like when companies offer a lot of value for no up front cost. Sure, they’re not doing it out of the kindness of their heart, and they’ll include their promotional message along with the updates and info, but getting some free lessons and updates on learning guitar is a nice gesture.

Final Jamorama Review

We like the Jamorama system and are giving it our Thumbs Up designation. We were unable to find too many complaints about it, and the positive feedback was pretty convincing. Not everyone that tries it out will become a guitar whiz, but that’s can’t be the goal when making a program like this. You have to make it so that most of the people that try it will reap a good amount of benefit from it, and we believe they’ve done just that.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar, but for whatever reason you haven’t gotten around to it, this system can help you do it faster than you thought possible. It’s pretty comprehensive, compared to other competing products, but it’s also laid out in a manner that is easy to follow, so you don’t get overwhelmed throughout your journey.

Official Website:

Jamorama - Learn Guitar

What do you think? Does Jamorama work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Jamorama Really Work?

  1. Like the commenters above me have said, learning how to play guitar is difficult when you’re just looking at text. The videos are great because you can hear the sound of what they’re trying to show you as well as see it in action. I’ve learned guitar in private lessons, but after only a couple lessons, you would pay just as much as this product. I’ve also learned songs and things from videos, so I believe this would be a good system for people who want to learn how to play. Also, the tips about caring for your guitar is really great.

    The only thing you need to think about before buying this is if you have the motivation to make yourself learn this system. It really comes down to commitment when you are teaching yourself something, even when you have tutorials. So if you think you’ll really stick with it, this is probably a great product!

  2. I learned to play the guitar watching online tutorials. So, in my opinion, Jamorama can help you to learn something. As I can see the final review says it has a lot of positive feedbacks. Then you should at least try it if you have a passion for guitars.

  3. I’ve always wanted to play the guitar….or should i say learn. I bought a guitar last year and tried using the ‘learn guitar for dummies’ ipad app, which taught me some basic stuff, but it was a little text heavy, i seem to learn better by seeing things so Jamorama seemed to fit the bill nicely. I’ve used it now for a few weeks and it’s great, i’m much further down the line now than i ever thought i would be.

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