Does Silver Lotto System Really Work?

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Does Silver Lotto System really work?If you’ve ever dreamed of winning the lottery and stumbled upon the Silver Lotto System pitch page, you probably wondered if something like this could really work? Of course everyone knows that if there was a lottery system out there that could tip the odds in your favor, it wouldn’t be kept a secret for long. But for a minute there you turn off your rational mind and think maybe, just maybe this could work.

Lottery systems have probably been around just about as long as the lottery has. Of course there will be people out there that want to beat the system, and if someone can convince them that their system does just that, they will soon have sales and people wanting to know more about how it works. But should you believe someone that says they can help you win the lottery, or should you turn around and run in the opposite direction?

The Claim
The claim is that you can use the same system that Ken Silver has used to win the lottery 98% of the time.

The Hype
The hype comes from the pitch page that makes allusions to you winning the lottery and never working again. This is a dream for many hard-working Americans, and to tap into that dream in order to sell a lottery winning system is a bit of hype.

The Cost
The Silver Lotto System is pretty complicated when it comes to how much it costs. Honest to God I’m a college graduate and I still can’t figure out how much it costs. There’s different programs and memberships, as well as profiles you need in order to play the specific games. If someone can figure it out and explain it better than I can, please do so in the comments at the bottom.

The Commitment
Even though the system will guide you to which numbers to play and when, you’ll still have to be the one that makes the actual purchases and follows through with things. If you already play the lottery this won’t be any extra commitment on your part, aside from learning how the system works and receiving the numbers. If you’re new to the lottery, you may have a bit of a learning curve as you figure out how to play the numbers. But it’s pretty easy, and most lottery attendants will help you through the process if you ask and there’s not a lot of people waiting.

Some people might ask what a guy from Wellington, New Zealand knows about winning the Mega Millions lottery in states like California and Michigan. It seems you would have to live in a state and practice your system in the actual games to be able to say that it works or not.

But perhaps the most baffling claim is the one about a 98% win rate. Why would someone with the key to winning the lottery 98% of the time be slumming it up with an information product collecting paltry sums from total strangers? Why not just continue to play the lottery until you have enough money to take over the world?

The lottery is a game where millions of people need to lose in order for one person to win. If two students of the Silver Lotto System were squaring off in the same lottery, they’d have to split the pot, making it not as advantageous to either. And that’s just if there are two students in the same pool. If there are dozens or hundreds, it wouldn’t be as much fun splitting up the winnings so many different ways.

Their disclaimer states that “…the system acts only as a guide to more accurate playing…” but this doesn’t make any sense. Either the numbers are right or their wrong. There’s either accurate or not accurate. If they tell you to play 12-16-24-35-40 and the numbers are 5-14-21-27-38 how does that help you in any way? All it means is that you got the wrong numbers, just like 99.999999% of the other people that played.

Final Silver Lotto System Review

We’re giving this one the Thumbs Down. Unproven and unlikely claims, and the most confusing order page we’ve ever seen. Although it’s highly unlikely that the Silver Lotto System actually gives you an advantage or an edge, it could be fun to have it in your corner and explore all that it has to offer, especially if you live in a state where it is designed for, we just can’t give it our recommendation.

Our Recommendation
You can safely pass on the Silver Lotto System, or give it a shot and see what happens. Just keep your sense of humor and have fun with it instead of thinking that it will be the answer to your prayers and have you sipping Pina Coladas on a tropical island all the rest of your days.

What do you think? Does Silver Lotto System work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Silver Lotto System Really Work?

  1. I have used this system for close to 2 years and it does not work.There have been some minor wins.The biggest I have had is $300.00 a few times. Not enough winners to make it profitable or even close to breaking even.I have made sure the system was used correctly…followed all instructions…Definitely not worth the investment …A week after I stopped playing the system I played a quick pick and hit it for $4600.00….go figgure

  2. Wow! I have never heard about this. But it is definitely a scam. How could someone believe this??

  3. I think i’ve only ever come across one gambling system that worked and that was for online casinos.
    I can’t see how there can be a system that predicts completely random number draws like the lotto. i like their disclaimer too that basically says “this won’t actually help you win”. complete was of money in my eyes

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