Does Vision Without Glasses Really Work?

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Does Vision Without Glasses really work?A minority of people with bad eyesight have come together to try out Vision Without Glasses. This uncommon program educates consumers about the adverse effects of wearing glasses and contacts in addition to training their eyes to heal themselves naturally. Duke Peterson, creator of Vision Without Glasses and has allegedly been in the ophthalmology business for over 25 years He bases his program on the controversial theories of Dr. William Bates, so this was definitely a program we just had to dig deeper on.

Research conducted by the Vision Council of America suggests that approximately 75% of Americans use some form of vision correction, whether it be glasses or contacts. There are different categories of visual impairments: myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness), strabismus (cross-eye), glaucoma and astigmatism most of which require visual aid in order to see well. Eye doctors have issued a number of prescription eyewear, and now a product such as Vision Without Glasses could greatly impact and change the lives of those with bad vision.

The Claim
Dr. Bates’ theory proposes that wearing glasses and contacts throughout the years will only do more harm than good. Vision Without Glasses claims they know the secret to restoring 20/20 vision without the use of eyewear or undergoing any type of medical eye procedures like laser eye surgery.

After careful examination, Dr. Bates was able to conclude that eye problems are mainly due to our bad habits and by understanding this particular program, you will be able to practice the correct way of seeing, if there is such a thing.

The Cost
The whole program outlined by Duke Peterson is yours for the price of $37. You can have the entire method laid out in front of you within minutes since it comes in a digital format making it quick and easy for you to obtain via direct download. It also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you can feel free to try out all of the methods without stressing over whether or not you’re getting your money’s worth.

The Commitment
Vision Without Glasses is not a miracle method. What we mean by this is that you won’t see instant results, literally speaking. It is a long term program you must follow if you’d like to properly correct your vision. The official website for this product claims that results should be noticeable within 1-3 months, therefore you must incorporate the method into your daily ritual and make it a habit that you continuously follow.

Vision Without Glasses is comprehensive program already set up for you to try. The package includes 3 bonus items: Dr. Bates’ original program, the pioneer of Duke Peterson’s method, a wide assortment of eye charts and unlimited email support from none other than Duke Peterson himself.

Many who’ve tried Bates’ program claimed to have improved their vision, but not to the extent that they were expecting. All the recommendations included in the methods used were significantly helpful, however they didn’t completely get rid of the problem of poor eyesight. Many would probably have better luck eliminating the use of eyewear if they went in to have medical treatments such as Lasik eye surgery done, even if the procedure is more risky and expensive.

There is plenty of controversy surrounding Bates’s methods, and no conclusive proof has been found that they actually work, other than perhaps a placebo effect. Also, there is some thought with in the optometry community that some of these practices could in fact be detrimental to your vision. That’s why you should be careful about what you do with your eyes, since it’s the only pair you’ve got for life.

Duke Peterson is claiming to have improved on the Bates method, but he would have to pretty much overhaul it in order for it to be something that provided real, measurable results in the majority of people that use it. However, he doesn’t claim to do this, in fact many times he says that he has just taken it to a new level, and he also states that the Bates method worked wonders for him, so he probably didn’t’ feel the need to change the program too much.

The one good thing about the method offered by Vision Without Glasses is that they are simple techniques you can use during your whole lifetime. Maintenance for glasses or contacts must be done yearly and can burn a decent sized hole through your pocket. Using Vision Without Glasses may prevent you from having to do that because of worsening eyesight. You will be given 60 days to try out the program and if it doesn’t work for you, then you may return it and receive a full refund.

Final Vision Without Glasses Review

Anything is better than having to wear a steel frame on the bridge of your nose forever. That’s why many who wear glasses have a strong motivation to get rid of them and get their eyesight back to its natural state. However, you shouldn’t let that push you into getting something like Vision Without Glasses. Keep a level head, and if you do try it out, don’t set your expectations too high, and be happily surprised if the techniques work.

Our Recommendation
Vision Without Glasses would probably work better for those who have a mild case of visual impairment. More serious circumstances may require further or other, more traditional forms of relief and correction.

Official Website:

Vision Without Glasses

What do you think? Does Vision Without Glasses work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does Vision Without Glasses Really Work?

  1. I have been wearing glasses since high school. And believe me, it isn’t comfortable at all. I would definitely love to get rid of them. I am strongly thinking to try the Vision Without Glasses product.

  2. this can’t be serious can it? Do you really think that if somebody came up with a cure for bad eyesight that they would be selling it for $37 a pop? The guy would be a genius praised by the world! try it out if you believe this may be true but i’ll stick to my glasses.

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