Does the Jolly Roger Telephone Service Really Work

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Does the Jolly Roger Telephone Service Work?Everyone appreciates the value and benefits that their telephone communications offer. But, almost everyone will agree that those incessant calls from telemarketers can be a real pain. There may be a solution for getting rid of these, and that’s with the Jolly Rogers Telephone service.

The Jolly Roger Telephone company has created a bot that is made to put the telemarketers in your shoes. It is designed to take the call from the telemarketer and waste their time just as they are doing with yours.

The Claim
The promoters of the Jolly Roger Telephone company are saying that their bot will talk to the telemarketers just as if it were you. Which means you don’t have to spend endless time telling the caller that you are not interested. Or go to the point where you feel guilty about being rude because you hung up on them.

The Hype
The hype is that the Jolly Roger Telephone company can handle these types of calls both on mobiles and landlines.

The Cost
The cost for the Jolly Roger Telephone company is going to vary depending on the number of calls you are responding to. For example with the pay as you go using the Summon a Pirate service you could get 200 minutes of service for about $8.

The Commitment
The only commitment that you have to make is to decide to add this service to your telephone communications. You will need to sign up for the subscription. Then you will be able to configure the service to meet your specific needs. You can choose which bot you want to use, or the company will choose one for you. Then when you receive a telemarketer’s call, you can simply activate the bot.

You don’t have to feel guilty about using the Jolly Roger Telephone company service for this purpose. The bot has a fun, friendly attitude and is very realistic. The bot can carry on an interesting conversation with the telemarketer who is going to spend a lot of their time pitching their product without realizing they are dealing with a robot. You also will get recordings of the call so you can hear what is going on. When you visit the Jolly Roger site, they have some examples of how these calls work with the bot. They really are amazing, and it will be hard for you to believe that the bot is not human. The bot uses all kinds of distractions to put the telemarketer off their script and in the end wastes all their time. Which means that while they are busy with your bot, they are not bothering someone else.

Final Jolly Roger Telephone company Review

We are going to give the Jolly Roger Telephone company a definite thumbs up. Especially for those who get a lot of these types of calls and just don’t want to deal with them. There is no doubt that this service is a real “ real thorn in the side of the telemarketers. But the majority of them don’t even catch on that they are talking to a bot.

Our Recommendation
If you don’t want to handle your unwanted telemarketer calls in this fashion you may want to take a look  Block Box.


What do you think? Does the Jolly Roger Telephone company work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does the Jolly Roger Telephone Service Really Work

  1. Any spam call answered has the _potential_ to increase the value of your number on a call list. But this is not ordinary answer and hangup. The more time wasted in a call center the more skewed the agent stats. An agent is super motivated to stay on top of his stats _and_ he is very likely to have the same number return to his own queue. Once he identifies he is being screwed with he is motivated to protect himself by striking the number

    I have worked in a call center but nothing shady. You don’t have the patience to demotivate a call center employee. A robot does.

    I have a second phone. I switched it to Tello. A recycled pool number was assigned. A deadbeat debtor owned it prior. The number receives HUNDREDS of spam and debt calls a week. While my plan is to port-in a clean number I have added jolly roger telephone company service to spite them for wasting my time.

    Although I am not impressed by how unoriginal the starting script of most of their bots are their AI bots are a bit more dynamic. Once I am able to create my own bots and randomize their selection this will be an epic service. As of now it is useful WHEN there is a high volume of undesirable calls.

    If jolly roger telephone company is as wise as they seem they will implement an option to publish custom bots for every other subscriber to employ. Together we can torment away car insurance scammers.

    It has its uses. I appreciate it for me. When I port-in a clean number I will convert the service as a front end to a web-published number instead.

    For most best results combine jolly roger telephone company with VOIP and IVR pin screen and approved contacts. This can be your middleware for mobile phone, too, prior to hitting voicemail.

    To improve your excellent jolly roger telephone company service:

    + consider calling patterns hitting your side as a weighted factor to spam score

    + exposing spammy weighting to advanced users to explicitly request this

    + dig deeper into received SIP calls

    For a few extra bucks I purchased a second number. When I interact with obvious scammers I provide them a voip number that forwards to jolly roger telephone company. Scammers provide a good deal of dark entertainment when you opt to record spam calls

    DO record all spam calls

    Being able to share these frustrated scammers with friends is a huge perk. It might be the best feature.

  2. After joining Jolly Rogers free trial period, the spam calls increased every week until now I’m receiving 7.5 times the amount of spam calls I did before Jolly Roger. Did Jolly Roger sell my number to spammers to encourage me to keep using them? I have no proof, but I believe so. The service does what it says does and does it well. I can’t complain about the service, only their business practices. Good luck!

  3. I thought the idea was great as soon as I saw them on Shark Tanks. Now that I have it about 10 months, I find they intercept about 85-90% of my scam calls.
    They have a spam % and will divert calls based on a score I selected (mine was set to 80% which means there is an 80% chance this is a scam call). Scammer have become wise and now do # spoofing and I have blocked entire areas from getting through to me.
    The rare false positive; I listen to the recording of the conversation and mark that number as whitelisted and it goes through.
    For $12 it’s been a great deal.

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