Do Juicebar Solar Chargers Really Work?

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Do JuiceBar Solar Chargers really work?If you’ve ever wanted to harness the power of the sun to give life to your favorite gadgets, Juicebar Solar Chargers were invented for you. They use solar cell technology to power the sort of devices we all love, smartphones, iPads, iPhones, iPods, and all the rest.

Running low on your battery can render your favorite piece of technology into a paperweight. It’s just no fun, and there’s not always a ready power source, especially while traveling or on the go. By having a solar charger handy, you open up a whole new realm of possibility, and that’s what makes Juicebar Solar Chargers different from most other outlet-based charging solutions you can buy.

The Claim
They say that Juicebar Solar Chargers offer the highest quality available on the market. They have extra capacity in their batteries that you can charge one of two ways. By putting it in the sun, or by plugging it in to a USB port on your computer. Once charged up it will hold its charge for a month or more. This allows you to charge it up and store that juice until you need it.

Since it is a solar product they also claim that it is eco-friendly and it help you reduce your carbon footprint. They also state that when you use the sun rather than the USB option, you will be saving money by not using up electricity. They claim that charging these devices, and leaving idle charging units plugged into walls accounts for 5% of your total electrical costs.

The Hype
The hype is that it is a solar product, and therefore will be jumped on by all of the eco-friendly promoters out there. Although we don’t yet have solar-powered cars like they said we’d have in the future, perhaps we’re moving towards our technological gadgets being solar powered, and this is just the first step.

The Cost
When you think about the convenience factor, the price is not bad for Juicebar Solar Chargers. You can get the original model for $50 and other products in their line-up go for anywhere from $30 to $150

The Commitment
The only real drawback to using the Juicebar Solar Chargers is that they represent another thing you’ll have to carry around. They don’t attach to your gadgets, they’re a separate unit, and if you’re traveling or just always going from place to place it can be a bit clunky and inconvenient to add yet another thing to a pocket or purse.

It’s hard to argue with the quality of manufacturing that is in these units. They are all well-built and you can tell that they have put some high-quality solar panels in them. Solar panel manufacturing has come a long way in the last decade, and it’s nice because products like these are now available at an affordable price.

The Original – This is the product that started it all, and it’s already gone through a few different upgrades to its current incarnation. It provides a lot of versatility, and allows you to either sun charge or USB charge depending on what’s more convenient or what’s available.

Mini Charger – This is great if you think the original is just a bit too heavy and bulky and you’re willing to sacrifice a little power for a smaller size. It will only get you an extra 2 hours of talk time on your mobile, but most times that’s all we need.

Laptop Charger – This is the most expensive charger that they make and it is a bit of a misnomer because it charges more than just the laptop, you can charge up to 12 other devices with it. They call it a powerhouse, and I guess it better be because it’s 3 times the price of the original.

In-Car Charger – This one’s a real no brainer. Just suction it to the windshield on your dashboard and it’s ready to go at all times. This is the perfect place to collect the sun’s rays, and your car is a place where you’re always using your phone or the kids are using their portable games.

Daytripper – This is a charger and a light, and it works instantly. It transfers the sun’s rays right to your portable device, or it illuminates a room by itself for up to 5 hours just with one charge. Not bad!

Expedition – This one is like the Daytripper, but it lasts longer and lights up a bigger area. Either one of these would be good to bring on a camping or hiking trip, and should be added to any conscientious traveler’s arsenal.

Common Complaints and Fixes
Many people have commented that the Juicebar Solar Chargers don’t charge enough to justify the cost, and that they only work well in case of emergencies. One of the main reasons for this is that there is a reset switch that needs to be engaged between charges. Many people miss this part in the instructions and therefore don’t experience the full capacity of the product.

Final Juicebar Solar Chargers Review

Although the reviews are mixed, it is clear that Juicebar Solar Chargers work, it’s only a matter of opinion as to how well. When the directions are followed, most people report that they work great. Others complaining about the longevity of the battery, or its charging capabilities most likely forgot to reset the switch in between fill-ups.

From our own evaluation we were pleased with the results and are giving them the thumbs up. They’re great to have around in a pinch, and the next time there’s a blackout or a brownout we’ll be glad we’re fully charged and ready to go.

Our Recommendation
The entire line has been re-designed and upgraded recently so you really can’t go wrong with a company like this. Most just rest on their laurels and don’t bother making improvements to something that already makes sales. The folks that make Juicebar Solar Chargers keep striving to make their products better, and that’s why they get our recommendation. Grab the original and keep it handy for emergencies and other times you find yourself without a charge.

What do you think? Do Juicebar Solar Chargers work or not?

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