Does the Knight Hawk Pen Really Work?

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Does the Knight Hawk Pen really work?If you’ve ever hoped that they would stick a magnifying reading glass onto a pen, the Knight Hawk Pen was made for you. It combines a pen, a magnifying glass, and a flashlight all into one device that they encourage you keep with you at all times. If it works, maybe you’d want to. But does it actually work, or will it be relegated to the trash heap moments after you open it?

There is a growing market of people that need the help of a magnifying glass to read everyday items like crossword puzzles and menus. As the baby boomer generation gets older they will need more and more products that help them cope with the struggles of aging. It’s only natural that products like Knight Hawk Pen will come around that promise to knock out as many problems as they can with one punch.

The Claim
The claims made by the makers of Knight Hawk Pen are made on three distinct areas in one product. First they say that their magnifying glass enlarges printed text up to three times bigger. This may be enough for some but not enough for those that need a larger magnification.

They also speak volumes on the LED light. From the ads it appears that the light itself is nothing spectacular. There are mini Mag lights that have an impressive beam of light, as if you’re using a flashlight. They claim that it lights things up like a flashlight, but we’ll have to see how it measures up to other small flashlights on the market.

The third thing that they sing the praises of in the ads is the actual pen. They claim that it writes smoothly and evenly on any surface. So rather than admit that they just made a triple hybrid with an ordinary pen, an ordinary magnifying glass, and an ordinary light source, they try to say that they’ve revolutionized all three, and have combined them into one product.

The Hype
It’s a pen with a magnifying glass and a LED light on it. It’s not the most cutting edge of products, not is it very imaginative. When they list its features they are basically trying to sell you a suped-up pen.

If you find yourself nodding along with the different scenarios they’ve come up with where you might need a device like the Knight Hawk Pen, you probably have been caught up in all the hoopla.

The Cost
The original infomercial had 2 Knight Hawk Pen sets for the usual TV price of $19.95 plus shipping and handling. If you don’t want two of them you can order them singly online for just $10. If you keep your eye out for it, you can find it at discount shops for as little as $5. The price is all well and good, if it actually works, so let’s find out how it does.

The Commitment
If you’ve built up even a small desire to use the Knight Hawk Pen, it probably means that you have situations in your life that you related to the TV spot, and thought that it would be something nice that would help you in your plight. This means that there isn’t really a commitment involved, just that you’ll have to get used to using the pen regularly so it becomes a habit.

You’ll also want to keep it in the same place so that if the lights do ever go out, you’ll know where to find it and you can use the light that it’s equipped with to find your way around.

Due to the small viewing window for the magnifying glass you’ll have to move the pen over the words that you are reading, which can prove to be a pain compared to using a full sized viewer. In a pinch it works, but it’s not as subtle as they make it seem when you are waving your hand all round trying to read a sentence.

The LED light is pretty powerful, much more powerful than it seems like in the commercials. It will not only light up what you’re trying to read, you could rightfully use it in lieu of a full sized flashlight in a time of need. When you use the light combined with the magnifying glass in a low light situation, you’ll still be doing alright and able to get by.

The pen writes well, but it’s unlikely that it will be able to write on any surface as they say in the ad, but for a pen it’s not bad. It’s nothing like a Cross pen, although it claims to be similar.

Does Knight Hawk Pen Really Work?

The Knight Hawk Pen gets the green light, and for the right person is something they’d find handy. If you’re already carrying either of the three items around with you, you might as well carry this and have some other tools at your disposal within the same size.

Our Recommendation
It’s not our job to tell you whether or not you need it. If you find value in having the three products in one then pick yourself up a Knight Hawk Pen.

What do you think? Does Knight Hawk Pen really work?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does the Knight Hawk Pen Really Work?

  1. This is something that my father would absolutely love. I can hear him now. “Look, it’s a pen, and a light! And a magnifying glass!” It would turn him into Inspector Gadget all of a sudden. For me, the Knight Hawk Pen is much less useful. First of all, I don’t need a magnifying glass since I don’t solve crime or read tiny print in research books. And I have a flashlight app on my phone. And I can write notes on my phone. So, for $10, this might make a nice gift for the right person, but I don’t think it applies to the modern man.

  2. I bought one of these a while back after seeing them on TV.
    The magnifying glass is pretty pointless to be honest, as the viewing window is just too small.
    However, the light works wonders.
    The reason i bought one is because i make a lot of flights around the world and invariably they’re at night, so when everybody else is trying to sleep i can carry on doing my puzzles using the light on the pen, so i don’t disturb anyone 🙂

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